Zoran is a minor character in the second season. He is portrayed by Finn Wolfhard and debuts in Many Happy Returns.

Zoran is a Nomadic Grounder, living in the Dead Zone with his parents, Sienna and Osias.

Early Life Edit

Zoran was born with a birth deformity on his face, and because of this, he was cast out of his clan and left to die in order to remove the "stain" from the bloodline. However, his mother loved him too much and left her home with him in hope that he may live.

Throughout the Series Edit

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Personality Edit

Zoran is a kind and caring young boy which is evident from the budding friendship with Thelonious Jaha after rescuing him in the desert. He was deeply saddened when Jaha decided to give himself up to the Grounder guardsman.

Physical Appearance Edit

He has a birth deformity on his mouth and cheek, that he keeps covered with a cloth when he is outdoors.

Relationships Edit

Thelonious Jaha Edit

Zoran finds Jaha unconscious in the desert and takes him back to his home. His mother is hesitant to have the outsider stay amongst them, but his father insist that he stays. Jaha is startled when he sees Zoran's face but later apologizes to him. The two bond over the game of chess. Zoran is upset when he's father trades Jaha's life for a horse. But, Jaha tells him that he must obey his parents and that he will be alright.

Appearances Edit

Season Two
Episode Appearance Status
The 48 Absent
Inclement Weather Absent
Reapercussions Absent
Many Happy Returns Appears
Human Trials Absent
Fog of War Absent
Long Into an Abyss Absent
Spacewalker Absent
Remember Me Absent
Survival of the Fittest Absent
Coup de Grâce Absent
Rubicon Mentioned
Resurrection Absent
Bodyguard of Lies Absent
Blood Must Have Blood (Part 1) Absent
Blood Must Have Blood (Part 2) Absent

Gallery Edit

Notes and Trivia Edit

  • The fate of Zoran and his family is still unknown, due to Praimfaya.

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