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The Update Team is the team that updates the pages after a new episode has aired. They are responsible for making sure that the information of character, episode, relationship and many more pages are completed with the most recent information. Members of the Update Team are meant to improve the quality of information on the pages. Please make sure to review our updated Policies and Guides.

All members of the Team must respect the edits of other users and are not allowed to delete good content made by another member without a valid reason. The update team is simply a back-up to make sure all pages are covered.

Note: You don't have to be a member of the Update Team to make edits. Every user is free to contribute to the wikia. The Update Team is just a default system to backup all pages, especially those who don't get done.

Current members of the Update Team & pages

  1. TotallyTinkerbell
  2. LightStone123
  3. Skyzy
  4. Moneytree33!

Character Pages

Episode Pages

  • General lay-out : TotallyTinkerbell
  • Recap :
  • Summary :
  • Plot : Skyzy
  • Body Count : Skyzy
  • Quotes :
  • Gallery :

Location pages

Relationship pages


There is a checklist to be found here. Members of the team are expected to comment on that page after they have updated a character, to maintain an overview.


The deadline is Sunday 10PM CET (UTC+1). If you fail to meet this deadline 3 times you can no longer be considered a member of the update team. If you won't be able to make the deadline, notify an admin as soon as possible. There is also a maximum of 5 pages per person, and Update Team members are not allowed to delete perfectly fine contributions made by others. Teamwork is the key word here.

How can you become a member

Application rules: 

Please make sure to follow these carefully.

  • No apllications when they're not open: There will be a highlighted post wheneve the applications for update team positions are open , and it will be on top of this page. If they're not open , please do not apply.
  • No spamming of other members of the Update Team. (I think this rule speaks for itself)
  • Applying can be done in the forum post that's been created. Make sure you meet the requirements below and mention the following things in your application ;
    • Edit count (to be found on your profile, needs to be at least 100.)
    • Preference for pages (it's not a guarantee that you will get this page, and you are allowed to edit others too)
    • motivational reason of why you would be a good member of the Update Team


The 100 wikia has a few requirements for aspiring members of the Update team :

  • 100 edits : We require at least 100 edits before you can become a member of the team.
  • Support : We find it important that other members of the community agree. Therefore you should have at least 2 people supporting your application. 
  • A member of Enforcers (bonus) : We choose people who are active members in our community. Being on the Enforcers assures you are doing great work, so you'll be far more likely to be chosen.

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