It is human nature to need vengeance.
Bitter Harvest

Titus was a recurring character in the third season. He was portrayed by actor Neil Sandilands and debuted in Wanheda (Part 2).

Early life

No information was given about Titus' childhood. At some point in his adult life he became the Grounders' Fleimkepa. He served as Lexa's adviser after her ascension. He served four previous Commanders, none were successful in uniting the 12 Clans, like Lexa has.

As the Fleimkepa, it was Titus' responsibility to oversee the Conclave and the selection of the next Nightblood to become the Commander. He was also responsible for the retrieval of the Flame from the previous Commander and implementation of the Flame into the new Commander.

His duties and responsibilities tied him to the Grounder capitol, Polis, where he spent time overseeing and protecting the sacred temple.[1]

Throughout the Series

In Wanheda (Part 2), Titus stands next to Lexa's throne when Roan brings in a bounded Clarke as his bounty. Lexa orders her guards to arrest Roan. Titus inquires what should be done with Wanheda, but Lexa orders everyone out of the room so that she may speak with Clarke privately. Titus hesitates in leaving, but Lexa again orders him out.

In Ye Who Enter Here, Lexa enters the throne room in Polis where the representatives from the rest of the clans have gathered. All bow before her except for the Ice Nation representative. Titus confronts him and the Ice Nation representative tells him the Commander should bow before him because they don't make treaties with enemies. Titus tells him that the Commander bows before no one. Lexa switches to English in honor of the Skaikru who have yet to arrive and tells Titus to stand down. The Ice Nation rep asks why Wanheda is still alive and calls Clarke Lexa's "weakness." Titus asks about the Ice Nation army that moved in close to Polis and he excuses it as "military exercises." Indra calls him out on crossing the border of Trikru lands. Lexa calls a halt to the argument and invites the Ice Nation representative to join her to speak in private on the balcony where she has a message to deliver to Queen Nia. She kicks him off the balcony, killing him, and turns around to ask if anyone else wants to question her.

Outside Polis in the woods, Lexa is training with Aden while the other "Nightbloods" watch. Aden gets a hit just as Titus announces the Sky People have arrived. He orders the Nightbloods to pair up and continue training. Lexa tells him that Aden is better than she was before her Conclave. They discuss the summit and Titus warns her about antagonizing the Ice Queen by offering the Sky People a seat at the summit. He asks why she is having the Sky People join the Coalition when they are there for a treaty and the rest of the clans will not agree to it. Lexa says everyone will agree when they see Wanheda bow before her. He tells her if she wants Wanheda's power, she needs to kill Clarke.

At sundown, the summit begins with the Grounder Anthem as Clarke strides into the throne room and takes a stand before Lexa. Clarke pauses in front of Lexa before dropping down on one knee and bowing to her. Roan is the first to bow to Lexa after Clarke and the rest of the people follow suit with Kane and Abby and the rest of the Skaikru as the last kneel. Lexa orders everyone to rise and welcomes the Skaikru and Clarke to the summit. She tells the rest of the clans she is initiating them into the Coalition and the leader of the Skaikru will bear the mark. Abby passes the leadership over to Kane and he offers his forearm to be branded with the mark of the Coalition.

Octavia, Bellamy, and Pike barge in, holding a guard captive. Bellamy warns everyone the summit is a trap. Ivon, the Ice Nation representative, tells them it was the Skaikru who barged into the summit with guns. Pike says they are right because two Skaikru guards are already dead. Lexa asks how they came by the information and Octavia realizes Echo is no longer with them. Bellamy realizes Echo betrayed them as Kane tells him to stand down. Raven comes across the radio and tells them that the Grounders attacked Mount Weather and it is completely gone with only her and Sinclair surviving. Ivon tells them that is what they get for moving their people back into Mount Weather and the Ice Nation did what Lexa was too weak to do. Lexa declares war and orders the Ice Nation delegation along with Prince Roan to be arrested. Abby worries that Arkadia might be under attack next and Lexa commands them to go. Indra offers to escort them and tells Octavia she hopes she kept up on her training because she will need it before giving her back her sword. Bellamy tells Clarke they need to leave while Lexa offers Clarke protection if she remains as Skaikru ambassador. Clarke tells them she is staying to make sure Lexa keeps her word. Bellamy warns Clarke that Lexa will always put her people first and tells her to come home but Clarke apologizes and stays. Later, Titus leaves Lexa and Clarke alone in the summit room.

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Titus is an embodiment of the Old Guard, who works to preserve and protect his Grounder civilization and the fate of his people.[2] He was very loyal to Lexa.

Physical Appearance

Titus is of average height with a slender build and pale skin. He is bald and has tattoos on his head. He also possesses significant fighting skills, as demonstrated when fighting Murphy and when killing Semet.


Season Three
Episode Appearance Status
Wanheda (Part 1)Absent
Wanheda (Part 2)Appears
Ye Who Enter HereAppears
Watch the ThronesAppears
Bitter HarvestAppears
Terms and ConditionsAbsent
Stealing FireAppears
Join or DieMentioned
Red Sky at MorningMentioned
Perverse Instantiation (Part 1)Absent
Perverse Instantiation (Part 2)Absent


Titus: "You mean well, Heda, but now is not the time for good intentions. Your enemies are circling and Nia moves against you. Our focus should be there; instead, you antagonize her further by offering Skaikru a seat at your table."
Titus (to Lexa): "I've been the Flamekeeper for four Commanders. No one has done what you have."
-- Ye Who Enter Here

Titus (to Clarke): "You killed her. I pulled the trigger, but it was you."
-- Stealing Fire

Killed Victims

  • Semet (defending Lexa)
  • Lexa (accidentally)
  • Himself (caused)

Notes and Trivia

  • Titus was the third leaked audition tape, although, a different actor than the one who auditioned was chosen to portray him.
  • Planned to kill Clarke and frame Murphy for the act, but wound up shooting Lexa instead.
  • Helped Lexa ascend, trained her from the time she was young, knew she’s special and loved her. For all intents and purposes, he was her father.[3]


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