• So after 4 seasons of watching all these characters grow I think we can all agree some characters are more/better developed than others. I'm going to make a list of what characters I believe are the best developed main characters. For my list I'm counting both living and dead characters, also recurring characters like Lexa, or Miller don't count as they are listed under also starring. Our main cast is what holds our story together, and without them our other characters wouldn't exist.

    16. Callie - Now Callie was only in the series for the pilot, but I'm still counting her due to the fact that she was listed as a main character for the episode. Since she was only in one episode their was little to no development for her character, other than she was a friend of Abby's. I'm honestly glad she was killed off because I feel her character wasn't really needed. Also on a side note her death had little to no effect on the development of any other character, to the point of not even being mentioned.

    15. Wells Jaha - Now Wells was a very interesting character, but his short time on the show didn't give him much development. The only things we know about him is he's Jaha's son, liked Clarke, and let her hate him. I wish they kept him, and abated his story arc of being related to Bellamy and Octavia.

    14. Echo Now she definitely is an interesting character on the show. However we know next to nothing about her, I have liked what they did with her story do far. Right now though I feel she shouldn't be a main character due to a lack of development. However they could develop her more in season 5 so I'm not just giving up on her character. I hope we learn more about her backstory, and more about the ice nation. However I'd be really mad if they put her with Bellamy, and say it's development.

    13. Abby Griffin - Now Abby is the mother of Clarke, and a doctor. However that's about all we know about her. Sure she has a relationship with Kane, but it didn't really change her. Also her story arc about her turning in Jake, didn't affect her one bit. So many things should have changed her, but she is still the same.

    12. Monty Green - Monty has pretty much been a character that has just been there. He had no focus for the first 2 seasons. When his mom was introduced he got some, but he was pretty much the same weak character. After he was forced to kill her he began to develop. You could see it had a big impact on him, and his relationship with Harper also helped. Now he became stronger, and had something to fight for which he really never had.

    11. Jasper Jordan - Jasper started out goofy and somewhat weak. However in season 2 he got a lot of development into a great leader. After Maya died we saw a character trying to cope, but couldn't. What hurt Jasper's development is keeping him around another season, when he should have died at the end of season 3. After that he didn't change, and they could have developed other characters.

    10. Raven Reyes - Raven had a lot going for her being the best mechanic, and her relationship with Finn. However she keeps getting hurt, and every time it's used as a way to develop her character. Honestly I'm expecting her to get hurt again in season 5. The thing is they can't use the same issue to develop a character, because it becomes too repetitive. They did give good backstory in season 1, but other than her and Finn being poor neighbors that's it. I would love to know more about that.

    9. Clarke Griffin - Now Clarke has had great development her relationship with her mother and the situation regarding her fathers death was great. Her realization at the end of season 2 that she was just as bad as the mt men was good. Her relationship with Lexa was good too. However this last season her development has lessened. Like Raven her development is repetitive with this is for my people. It's too the point where it's gotten old. They need to change it up a bit.

    8. Bellamy Blake - Bellamy has had great development from starting out being selfish jerk to becoming a selfless leader he is greatly developed. Sure his development in season 3 was horrible, but at least they gave him a redemption arc. They could have just had him change sides with no guilt. His backstory, and why he's so protective of Octavia was great.

    7. Octavia Blake - Her arc has been good great development with Lincoln. For the most part she's been good except for her relationship with Ilian. I liked her not knowing her place between grounders and skaikru. Also I feel they could have done better backstory about her sheltered upbringing.

    6. Thelonious Jaha - Jaha has always cared about his people. Season 1 he was trying everything to save everyone. In season 2 they gave him a goal to find something he thought would save his people. Even brainwashed it was still for his people's safety in his opinion. Again in 4 he did everything he could to find a way to save his people. Unlike Clarke though his development feels more real.

    5. Roan - Roan started out mysterious, but ended up a friend. Even in season 4 we didn't know half the time if he was friend or foe. We knew why he was banished, why it caused him to rule the way he did. My only annoyance was he died before getting more development. His people not trusting him mad him, always made his decision making more important. He was a character who constantly had tough decisions to make, and was constantly doubting himself which made him a good leader.

    4. Marcus Kane - Kane started as the ruthless second in command, but as time has gone on you can see it was just to save his people. He had great interaction with Indra and the grounders, even working with them to try for peace. He has had great interactions with Abby which complicated due to him murdering her husband. The only thing holding him back is the lack of backstory.

    3. Lincoln - was a very interesting character you knew he wasn't a traditional grounder. He broke his people's own rules to help their enemy. He risked his own life to bring Octavia to get help. His story as a reaper was great too because as one he was a savage something he never wanted to be. After being cured he was constantly fighting the urge to go back. He even got a good backstory about finding a sky person who tried to commit suicide. It gave insight to why he didn't hate skikru. Even to his death he died saving not just his own people, but the skikru rebels too. The only bad thing was he was killed off early.

    2. John Murphy - Murphy started out a selfish jerk, who everyone hated. However after learning his backstory, and how he was effected due to his parents deaths. Him raising himself caused him to always just to see survival as something you can only ensure. Murphy is more of a loner/outsider not selfish. When he found Emori he found someone like him. Both always had to take care of themselves surviving by anyway possible. Murphy helping Ontari was him making sure he lived, and she didn't kill him. As of season 4 he is more into helping others he didn't want to leave Raven, and even saved Monty. Now I see him more as a team player.

    1. Finn Collins- Finn started as a reckless kid. However he always cared for everyone friend or not so much like Murphy. He was the first to try for peace putting himself in danger to try and get Lincoln to help. After losing Clarke he made it his mission to find her. After the first fight he suffered from PTSD, which was causing him to be more reckless. Even kill innocent people something against his nature. Finn however recognized his horrible act, and gave his life to save everyone. Finn had great development yes he changed but never forget his true beliefs. Even to the end he still was selfless and caring for everyone.

    These are my picks for best developed main character, but what do think. Leave your opinions below.

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    • I read the spoilers section about Octavia and Clarke exchanging posts. That worries me because I dont want clarke to be the new commandor. Now i can see this happening if Madi is raised to become the commandor.

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    • I'm not into spoilers so please don't post any towards me if so please put a spoiler warning before your post if your posting spoilers

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    • Jasper didn't really develop and change for good but I find his story so beautiful and heartbreaking and I'm so glad for the way it played out, so he would be prett up on my list.

      Also, I agree so much with your Finn one. He was such a great and well developed (as you said) character. I hate that he most people hate him and refuse to see that because what he did with Clakre and Raven.

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    • Yeah Finn isn't given as much credit as he deserves, and is very underrated by most fans. Also agree about jasper, except for me he losses points because he was kept around longer than he should have. In my opinion he should have died in the season 3 finale, but keeping him around for season 4 just made me hate him and I couldn't wait for him to die. In the end I just saw him as reckless and selfish.

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    • Thee series has done an amazing job at developing characters. From season 1 to 4, you how much they've changed and it's clear that they've developed. Man I hope to have this much development in my story I'm creating.

      I would love to see how Wells would've been in season 2 3 and 4. Man I miss him.

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    • I would enjoy knowing more about Murphy. We have heard a lot bot haven't seen anything. For instants we see flash backs with Octavia and Bellamy. I would really love to see that with Murphy also.

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    • Yes completely agree they should do flashbacks for Murphy, but only if it's done right. Also I disagree with Madi dying to push Clarke more I think I'd be better story telling for her to be commander and Clarke be her adviser. I know I'm probably going to get hate from people who say Clarke should be commander, but I don't agree with her taking that role it should be Madi since she is a true nightblood.

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    • Thanks for replying so quickly. I do agree with Madi taking commander, im not that big of a fan of Clarke. It would be intertesting to see Madi's past. 

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    • Yeah we should most definitely see Madi's past too. I don't understand why fans think Clarke should be commander, I think it's just because they think we'll see more Lexa but we won't ADC isn't coming back.

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    • It will be very interesting to see how come Madi's a Night Blood. Aren't you suppose to be trained by the Commander from birth when you are a night blood? Maybe she was kept a secret? Im not sure but it will be exciting to see.

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    • Madi was most likely kept a secret by her parents. Also there is no way to become a nightblood it's something in a grounders genes that make them a nightblood. You can make someone a nightblood like Abby did with Clarke, but the grounders don't except a nightblood made through science as their commander.

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    • Yes I understand that, I men't how did we just hear about her now, and why wasn't she being trained by the commander. 

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    • Like I said her parents most likely kept her identity as a nightblood a secret similar to how Nia kept Ontari's identity as a nightblood a secret. This is why we need more backstory from her either her explaining her past or through flashbacks. They already cast someone to play a young Madi so most likely through flashbacks.

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