The Valley is located on Earth. Following the Second Nuclear Apocalypse, it became one of the sole populated places by vegetation reminiscent of that which existed prior to Praimfaya.

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The valley is located on Earth, near the Mid U.S. East Coast, it is lush, with growing vegetation. According to Clarke Griffin, the rest of Earth that she has been seeing remains biologically ruined due to having undergone another nuclear cataclysm. Regular precipitation is seen falling above the valley, indicating that Earth has begun to heal from the second apocalypse.

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Clarke Griffin, along with a young Nightblood named Madi, have traveled to the valley in an attempt to communicate with Bellamy Blake and the others on The Ark. She has little hope of achieving this, as it's been over 2000 days. All of that changed when a ship enters Earth's orbit above the valley, with Clarke assuming it was bringing everyone back from outer space. Enthusiastic, she rushed over to Madi who notices the ship's size to be far bigger than what Clarke had anticipated it to be. Immediately thereafter, Clarke ordered Madi to bring her the rifle, which she uses to inspect the ship, which was revealed to be carrying prisoners from the Asteroid Mining Penal Colony, commissioned by the Eligius Corporation.

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  • The view of Eden from space.

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