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"Dropships" redirects here. For the 100's camp, see Delinquents' Camp.
Pilot dropship reentry

Delinquent Dropships descend to Earth

Dropships, also known as Exodus Ships, are dedicated reentry vehicles allowing return to Earth from space.

On the Ark, after using one Exodus ship to send down the 100 and losing another to Diana Sydney’s mutiny, the Ark’s dropship capacity was reduced to 600 people, however, the damage to the Ark was too catastrophic to be able to use the remaining dropships.

  • Exodus ship – A large, 100-person dropship.
  • Escape pod – A small, 2-person dropship
  • Space shuttles – At least two shuttles can be seen docked to the Ark.

The Delinquents' DropshipEdit

Pilot delinquents dropship

Dropship deployed its parachutes for landing

Main article: The Camp

The dropship was quickly put together as part of the 100 Project, following instructions from Project Exodus[1], after a catastrophic life support system failure was discovered on The Ark in 2148. It was launched in secret from restricted B' dock, with all 100 Delinquents and Bellamy Blake. It was intended to land on Mount Weather but suffered system failure, landing twenty miles away on the wrong mountain. In the rough landing, it lost communications with the Ark, leaving the Delinquents' wristbands as the only form of monitoring the Earth's habitability.

The Delinquents then established their Camp around the dropship and used it as a shelter. During the Battle at the Camp the Delinquents made their last stand in the dropship, igniting its remaining rocket fuel and blowing up the attacking Grounder force.

Raven's PodEdit

Screenshot 2014-05-15 17.16.02

Raven's escape pod

"They must have found this thing when they salvaged Mir-3 in 2102.  You want me to get a 130-year-old escape pod ready to stand up to the inferno of re-entry in nine days?"
- Raven Reyes to Abby[src]

Raven Reyes rebuilt a 130-year-old escape pod to help her and Abigail Griffin get to earth. Raven was in need of a pressure regulator but was unable to get a working part by the time she needed to launch from The Ark, causing her to have to wear a spacesuit instead. Abby remained behind on the Ark to create a distraction giving Raven time to launch. Once on earth, Raven's pod was then used for spare parts to create flares for the Ark to see the Delinquents were alive.

Suicide by EarthEdit

According to Bellamy Blake, pods similar to Raven's were used in years past by Sky People as a form of suicide. Lincoln encountered one of these people still alive when he was a boy and for three days tried to help him before his father made Lincoln kill the man.

First Exodus ShipEdit

Screenshot 2014-05-15 16.32.23

Diana Sydney's stolen dropship.

Main articles: Project Exodus and Unity Day (Events)

The intended first Exodus Ship after learning that Earth was habitable was initially going to include farmers, doctors, and engineers for Earth re-colonization. After learning of the Delinquents' conflict with the Grounders, however, the Ark planned on sending down mostly the Ark Guard first.

Council member Diana Sydney staged a rebellion and stole the dropship instead. When the dropship was launched, it never decoupled fully from the Ark and effectively crippled the Ark, leaving it without power. As the Exodus ship approached earth, Mount Weather's jamming frequency caused their navigation to malfunction, making it crash into the ground and killing everyone on board.

Polaris Escape PodEdit

Thirteen 072

Polaris Escape Pod

Main article: Polaris

When the Ark first formed, Polaris refused to join due to the unknown potential danger A.L.I.E. 2.0 presented. Becca refused to destroy A.L.I.E. 2.0 and injected herself with a serum before implanting A.L.I.E. 2.0 into her neck. She then escaped Polaris moments before the Ark blew the 13th Station out of the sky. The escape pod landed in the area that would later become Polis, named after her dropship with the letters "A" and "R" missing.

Gallery Edit

  • The dropship used to send the Delinquents to Earth.
  • Raven in her escape pod.
  • Raven's escape pod on Earth.
  • Diana launches the Exodus from the Ark.
  • Diana's exodus before it crashes.
  • The crash site of the Exodus Ship
  • The Polaris escape pod on Earth.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • In We Are Grounders (Part 2), a Russian flag can be seen on the Delinquents' dropship, indicating some of it might have been created from the Russian station, Mir-3, or Russian satellites.


  1. Jason Rothenberg at WonderCon, "The ship that the kids were sent down on was quickly put together following instructions from Project Exodus"[1]

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