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This page contains a chapter by chapter summary of The 100. We hope this summary will make it easier to find specific areas of the book, as well as providing a quick plot refresher for anyone who doesn't want to take the time to reread the entire book.

Chapter 1: ClarkeEdit

A guard enters Clarke Griffin's cell in Confinement and she believes she will be executed soon. Dr. Lahiri, her mentor from when she was a medical apprentice, comes in, but instead of giving her the execution drugs, he puts a metal bracelet on her wrist. When Lahiri tells her that she can make things up for her "parents' appalling crime", she punches him in the face. Lahiri then tells her that she about to make history, as she and 99 other delinquents are going to Earth.

Chapter 2: WellsEdit

Wells Jaha sits across from his father, Chancellor Jaha. His father questions him, trying to figure out why Wells set the Eden Tree on fire during the Remembrance Ceremony. However, Wells refuses to tell him that he did it for Clarke Griffin.

Flashback: Wells leaves the hospital after visiting his ill mother. He goes to the library and looks through the books while thinking about her. Unnoticed to him, a girl comes in. She tells him how to sneak a book past the exit scanners so he can read it to his mother. Wells asks for her name and learns that it is Clarke.

The Chancellor tells Wells that he is being sent to Earth. When Wells exhales, his father realizes that going to Earth had been Wells' goal. The Chancellor tries to argue that Wells' mother would not have wanted this, but Wells retorts, "She's not who I'm doing this for." His father figures out that Wells had done it for Clarke. Their time is up and a guard comes to take Wells away.

Chapter 3: BellamyEdit

Bellamy Blake waits in the storeroom for Colton, a former friend turned guard whom he had been bribing for information regarding his sister, Octavia Blake. When Colton finally appears, he informs him that the delinquents are being sent to Earth that day. Bellamy knocks Colton out and steals his uniform.

On the launch deck, Bellamy watches the Chancellor give a speech as the prisoners board the dropship. He spots Octavia and after a moment she notices him too. Just as the launch countdown reaches 2 minutes, Bellamy steals a gun and grabs the Chancellor. He tells everyone to back off and let him onto the dropship or he will shoot. The guards point their guns at Bellamy and there are thirty seconds remaining until launch.

Chapter 4: GlassEdit

Glass Sorenson is just getting into her seat in the dropship when there was a big commotion outside near the entrance to the dropship. The guards moved away for a second, and Glass could see that the Chancellor was being held hostage. Seeing this as an opportunity to escape, she unhooks her harness and sprang to her feet. There was a gunshot, and she chose that moment to make a run for it. The guards seen her and chased her, but she climbed into an air vent and lost them.

Chapter 5: ClarkeEdit

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Chapter 8: GlassEdit

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Chapter 16: GlassEdit

Glass Sorenson and her mother are trying out dresses for the comet viewing party, which is meant to be Glass' return to Phoenix' society. Glass actually gets a little bit annoyed by her mom's indecisiveness, and finds a welcome escape when they receive a message. The message is from Luke, supposedly addressing her mother for a lost item that needs to be collected. In fact, it is a secret message from Luke to meet him at 1600 in the solar fields that covered the top of Walden.

Glass sits down on the ledge of an overview when Luke joins her. He says he has been thinking about what happened and what she could have been confined for. He says he heard a rumor of a girl getting arrested for a certain crime, but says he'd never believe she'd keep something like that from him. Glass tells Luke she is sorry. She explains she didn't tell him because she didn't see a reason for both of them to die. Luke asks her what happened, to which Glass gives no direct reply, but that isn't needed. Luke admits she is the one girl that makes him happy, and he tells Glass that Camille is just a friend. They both kiss, and Glass tells him she loves him.

Chapter 17: WellsEdit

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