She's my friend. We have to do something!
— Sterling to Finn about Mel. [src]

Sterling was a recurring character in the first, and second seasons. He was portrayed by cast member Keenan Tracey, and debuted in the Unity Day. Sterling served as a member of Bellamy's Militia.

Early life Edit

Sterling was originally from Factory Station. At some point while on The Ark, Sterling was sent to juvenile lockup for an unknown crime. While on The Ark, Sterling was good friends with a girl named Mel.

Throughout the Series Edit

In Unity Day, Sterling celebrates Unity Day with the rest of the 100. Sitting at a table playing a drinking game, he complements Clarke on her skills.

In We Are Grounders (Part 1), he is first seen guarding The 100's base. During an argument with Raven and Bellamy, Sterling fires off a bullet. Bellamy then throws him against a tree out of stress. Sterling tries to explain to him that he was tired and had been on watch all day, but Bellamy scolds him and says that is one less dead grounder.

In We Are Grounders (Part 2), Sterling is sent to the south foxhole to fight with the Grounders. For a while, he is heard over the walkie-talkies shooting at the Grounders.

In The 48, Sterling appears alongside Monroe. The two had survived the explosion in camp because they left to find the Ark survivors in hopes of bringing reinforcements. When Bellamy comes out of hiding to save Finn, Sterling doesn't follow him like planned. However, after Bellamy is also captured by Tristan, Sterling appears and tries to attack Tristan. Before Sterling and Tristan fight, Tristan is shot to death by Marcus Kane much to Sterling's relief. After being rescued by the Arkers, Sterling is sent with the adults to Camp Jaha.

In Inclement Weather, Sterling stands watch as Monroe and Finn break Bellamy and Murphy out of confinement. Sterling accompanies the remaining Delinquents on a search for the rest of the 100.

In Reapercussions, Sterling is seen along with Bellamy, Murphy, Finn and Monroe hunting the Grounders in search of the 100. As the hunt goes on, they stumble upon a group of grounders and take one of them prisoner. He is then seen with the group extracting information from the grounder in order to find out where the rest of the 100 are.

In Many Happy Returns, Bellamy, Finn, Murphy, Monroe and Sterling stumble on the second crash landing of the members of the ark. As they search for survivors, they stumble across a young girl named Mel, who is caught on a branch on a steep cliff. Sterling quickly recognizes his friend, and grabs a rope and climbs down to save her. As he gets closer to Mel however, the rope breaks, and snaps from the stump it was tied to. This causes Sterling to fall to the bottom of the cliff, killing him on impact.


Sterling is shown to be caring, as he's willing to delay his current mission in order to save Mel. He falls to his death trying to save her.

Physical AppearanceEdit

He has brown hair, brown eyes, and an athletic body.


Sterling and Monroe appear to be good friends. They escaped the battle in We Are Grounders (Part 2) together, and went to search for the Ark when it crashed landed. After reuniting with Bellamy, Sterling and Monroe team up to free Finn, and later also Bellamy himself. Sterling and Monroe work together again to free Bellamy and John Murphy when they were held prisoners by the Ark guards. In Many Happy Returns Monroe's agree with Sterling that they should stop and help Mel, and is clearly upset when Sterling falls down the cliff and dies. After his death, she becomes even more determined to save Sterling's friend Mel, stating "he was one of us".

Mel was Sterling's friend from Factory Station. Sterling and a group of Delinquents came across the wreckage of factory station. When Sterling realized his friend was in danger, he tried to repel down and save her. However, his attempt at saving her ultimately lead to his death.


Season One
Episode Appearance Status
Pilot Absent
Earth Skills Absent
Earth Kills Absent
Murphy's Law Absent
Twilight's Last Gleaming Absent
His Sister's Keeper Absent
Contents Under Pressure Absent
Day Trip Absent
Unity Day Appears
I Am Become Death Absent
The Calm Absent
We Are Grounders (Part 1) Appears
We Are Grounders (Part 2) Appears
Season Two
Episode Appearance Status
The 48 Appears
Inclement Weather Appears
Reapercussions Appears
Many Happy Returns Appears
Human Trials Absent
Fog of War Absent
Long Into an Abyss Absent
Spacewalker Absent
Remember Me Absent
Survival of the Fittest Absent
Coup de Grâce Absent
Rubicon Absent
Resurrection Absent
Bodyguard of Lies Absent
Blood Must Have Blood (Part 1) Absent
Blood Must Have Blood (Part 2) Absent


Sterling (to Clarke): "What do you know? Her highness can actually party. I like it."
-- Unity Day

Sterling (to Bellamy): "We saw the Ark come down and thought we'd go get help. Pieces of it came down this way."
-- The 48

Sterling (to Murphy): "Shut up, Murphy."
--- Many Happy Returns
Sterling (about Mel): "She’s my friend, we have to do something."
--- Many Happy Returns

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • In We Are Grounders (Part 2) he left the battle along with Monroe.
  • He is one of the 6 original delinquents who were not taken by Mount Weather.
  • Sterling is one of nine people to survive/escape the explosion at the delinquent's camp. The others are: Bellamy, Monroe, Tristan, Finn, Raven, Murphy, an unnamed delinquent, and an unnamed Grounder.
  • Sterling died trying to save his friend Mel from the Factory Station crash site.
  • Sterling is his first name. The writers never gave him a last name.[1]

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