This is how we save our people.
Marcus Kane after he and Jaha gassed the bunker.

The Second Culling was an event that was necessary for the Sky People's over-population crisis caused by Bellamy Blake letting in 1,100 Grounders to share the bunker equally.

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Back in Die All, Die Merrily; when Luna announced that she was going to compete in the Final Conclave, Clarke Griffin and Jaha improvised a plan to secure the bunker for the Sky People since they feared that Luna would easily win the Conclave. After Bellamy took down Echo from cheating in the Conclave, he was attempting to sneak back to Polis without being caught. However, an unidentified person snuck from behind and made Bellamy pass out. Later in the episode, Bellamy wakes up and to his confusion is in the bunker seeing Clarke, Jaha, and, Abby. Bellamy questions Clarke, and Clarke says that she did what she needed to do by securing the bunker for the Sky People's survival. 
The100 S4 The Other Side Bellamy Octavia
In The Other Side, Bellamy starts to furiously accuse Clarke and Jaha of the unfairness of the act and demands that they let everyone in. Jaha then tells Bellamy that if they open the door, they will be killed by the Grounders. Bellamy then states that the only way that they can stop him from opening the door is by killing him. Then Jaha cues Nathan Miller to shock Bellamy and locks Bellamy in the turbine room. Later, Clarke asks Murphy to try to talk to Bellamy. Murphy goes to the turbine room and sees that Bellamy's wrists are bleeding due to him trying to escape. Murphy talks to Bellamy and Bellamy tries to tell him to set him free, but Murphy ends up leaving the room and Bellamy screams in anger. Later, Abby comes down to aid Bellamy's wrists and than Bellamy coaxes her to help him escape. A little later, Murphy comes down to check Bellamy and is knocked out and injected by Abby, unconscious. Bellamy runs to the bunker entrance door, and simultaneously, Clarke realizes that Bellamy escaped and rushes towards the bunker entrance. Then, when Bellamy was going to open the door, Clarke aims the handgun at him and tells him to not open the door. Bellamy refuses and Clarke fires a stray bullet to show she was being serious. Bellamy says that the only way to stop him is to shoot him. Clarke shaking aims her gun at Bellamy, but gives up and lowers the gun down letting Bellamy open the door. Bellamy then proceeds to go outside and sees Octavia and Indra. Bellamy hugs Octavia and tells her that he loves her and, Octavia says "I knew you could do it."

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Less than 24 hours away from the second nuclear apocalypse, Jaha, Kane, and Abby struggle to choose a hundred people to fill their spot in the bunker. Finally, Kane decides on hosting a lottery where people's names will be drawn randomly from a bowl and whoever's name is pulled will get to survive and live in the bunker. Jaha was against this method and tried to convince Kane to fight for their rightful spot, but he refuses to start a war with the Grounders. Later, there is a line of Sky People waiting outside Kane's office each entering and writing down their names to join the lottery. Miller comes in and writes his name down followed by his dad who also puts Miller's name down to give him the best chances of survival. After that, Hardy confronts Jaha asking him to take care of his son if his name isn't picked and Jaha is inspired and tells him that they have to fight for their spot and they make a plan.

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Everyone was gathered around as Kane draws a name which was Nathan's and he turns to his dad telling him that he won't stay if his dad doesn't either. As Kane draws more names he notices Jaha secretly going somewhere so he asks Jackson to watch the bowl and takes off following Jaha to a supply room in which he finds Jaha packing gas grenades and he attempts to stop him, but they end up coming up with a better plan, using the gas on their own people and using Clarke's list of the hundred. The Grounders along with Indra and Octavia, enter shocked at what has happened and some Grounders start to assist in the process by carrying unconscious people who were not on the list aside.

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