Shifting Sands is the fifth episode of the fifth season of The 100.[2] It is the sixty third episode of the series overall.

CHALLENGES - Octavia leads her people towards Shallow Valley against the advice of Clarke and Bellamy. Meanwhile, Kane and Abby adjust to a new set of challenges.[3]

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Despite being injured, Octavia is determined to lead Wonkru to take the Valley. Clarke, having learned the pattern of the sandstorms, advises against it. If they have to go, she suggests using a longer but safer path. But Wonkru doesn't have enough food to last more than six days. So, Octavia boldly rejects Clarke and Bellamy's ideas and marches her people down the dangerous path. A journey that would take six days. However, on the way, they face not only a dangerous sandstorm but deadly attacks from an unknown species living in the sand. One of Octavia's people dies. Octavia is attacked but luckily Clarke saves her.

Meanwhile, at the Prisoner's ship, Diyoza is testing Abby's medical skills and Kane's (dis)loyalty while Paxton McCreary is torturing Raven to unlock the launch codes for the missiles. Shaw had told them that Raven is the one who hacked the system. Raven is clueless because she's innocent but no one seems to believe her. When McCreary becomes impatient and is ready to kill Murphy for Raven to talk, Shaw uses force to send everyone out so that he's left with Raven and Murphy. He explains to them that he lied about Raven locking the launch codes to save Octavia's people from a missile attack. The option is to either let McCreary beat Raven and Murphy to death or tell the truth and have Diyoza launch the missiles and kill all of Wonkru.

Raven comes up with a plan in which Shaw agrees to let Murphy go (and warn his people about the missile attack) while Raven "unlocks" the system. Shaw lets Murphy go but to avoid others becoming suspicious, he lets them put a tracker / collar on his neck. Raven and Shaw then pretend to be working on unlocking the codes but instead they are tracking Murphy to make sure that he's in a position to communicate to Octavia's team about the missile attack. Their plan progresses forward until Murphy is shocked by the shock collar still around his neck. He is forced to stay behind to be out of the shock collar’s range while the others move forward to warn Wonkru. Once the rover gets in range to communicate with the others, Monty explains to Wonkru what is happening, giving them an opportunity to shield themselves. Shaw then launches the missiles. Octavia's people survive by huddling together under a tarp in the sandstorm, returning to the bunker with 11 fatalities. Diyoza knows that Octavia survived and is impressed by Wonkru's loyalty to their leader. She starts confiding with Kane about it and empowering him to help with her plans.

Madi and the survivors from The Ring who had been hiding in the valley decide to drive to join with Wonkru and hide from the prisoners. Murphy is unable to join them because of the tracker on his neck. Emori chooses to remain behind with him.

Bellamy admits to Octavia that he should have never doubted Wonkru. Octavia, Clarke and Bellamy are almost about to have a good moment when Echo arrives and Bellamy starts kissing her.

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  • Christopher Jordan Judge as Obika
  • Neil Webb as Wonkru Warrior

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Murphy (seeing Madi): "Who's the Hobbit?"

Octavia Blake (to Bellamy Blake): "I'm glad you're alive, big brother. But if you ever speak out against Wonkru again, then you are an enemy of Wonkru. And you are my enemy."

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  • Obika killed by parasite worms and fire
  • 11 members of Wonkru killed by the sandstorm

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Writer Nick Bragg, tweeted a warning about this episode, saying "Remember not to eat beforehand!" [5]

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