Seiku was a recurring character in the fourth season. He was a member of Azgeda. He was played Jarett John and debuted in Echoes and he was killed in We Will Rise.

Early Life Edit

Seiku was a member and loyal warrior for the Azgeda clan.

Throughout the Series Edit

In Echoes, Seiku can be seen with a gathering of Azgeda warriors lead by Echo announcing that Polis is now under Azgedan rule.

In A Lie Guarded, after Roan announces that Skaikru and Trikru are enemies and orders his warriors to kill everyone except Octavia and Indra, Seiku follows orders and kills numerous people.

In The Tinder Box, Seiku can be seen marching towards Arkadia with the rest of the Azgedan army to take Alpha Station from Skaikru until they are confronted by Clarke and are pinned down by the Guards from Arkadia and are forced to talk.

Later, when it is announced by Roan to the Azgedan army that they will share Arkadia an explosion is heard and they rush to Arkadia. When they arrive Seiku, along with Roan and Echo, watch as Arkadia burns and explodes after Ilian set aflame Arkadia.

In We Will Rise, Roan orders his guard detail to help securely protect the last ten barrels of hydrazine for Becca's Island to fuel the Rocket to create Nightblood. When Bellamy stops to deal with a situation with some Trikru villagers, a boy goes to the back of the truck and sees Roan and the security detail and alerts them that they are Azgeda. The rover and truck races off after.

Later, when they are halfway to the island, they stop when they see that an ice melt created a river in their way. Bellamy and Roan decide to see if there is a way around it. Before they leave, Seiku asks Roan if he should go with him but, Roan says "nothing is more important than that fuel" queuing that he wants his security detail to stay and protect the truck. However, when Bellamy and Roan return to the spot where the truck was they find out that the truck is gone and find out that Seiku was stabbed and bled out.

Personality Edit

Seiku was a part of Roan's security detail and was shown to be very loyal to Roan and took his orders without resent or questioning.

Physical Appearance Edit

Seiku is of an African American descent with a broad nose, muscular build, a shaved head, brown eyes, and, a beard. He can be seen with carrying car licenses connected together like a strap on his shoulder.

Appearances Edit

Season Four
Episode Appearance Status
Heavy Lies the CrownAbsent
The Four HorsemenAbsent
A Lie GuardedAppears
The Tinder BoxAppears
We Will RiseAppears
Gimme ShelterAbsent
God ComplexAbsent
Die All, Die MerrilyAbsent
The Other SideAbsent
The ChosenAbsent

Notes and Trivia Edit

  • He can be seen with carrying car licenses connected together like a strap on his shoulder.
  • He was a part of Roan's security detail.

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