Season Five is the fifth season of the CW television series The 100. It will consist of 13 episodes[1]. It was announced on March 10, 2017.[2] It will air in 2018 as part of the CW's midseason schedule.[3] Shooting began on August 14, 2017.[4]

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For four seasons, The 100 have fought to survive. That fight has torn them apart, turned them against each other, and taken the lives of their closest friends. Season Four introduced our heroes to the harsh truth that the human race is doomed to face an unbeatable enemy: the remaining nuclear reactors on Earth have melted down and are setting the atmosphere on fire. Our heroes had very little time to prepare for the worst, with every possible solution disappearing almost as quickly as they were able to come up with them. With a literal countdown to the end of the world, our heroes will be forced to go to unimaginable lengths to make it out alive – with or without each other. In the aftermath of Praimfaya, they must begin again, and with Season Five our heroes will have to examine their responsibility to the new place they call home, and the future generations who will inhabit it. Can they begin again and celebrate what remains, or will the frailties of human nature cost them their one chance to rise from the ashes?[5]

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  • Jordan Bolger as Zeke Shaw

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  1. Eden [6]
  2. Red Queen [7]
  3. Sleeping Giants [8]

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  • The season is expected to premiere sometime in January - February 2018.[citation needed]

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The 100 hosted a panel during the San Diego Comic-Con 2017. The following people attended:[9]

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Production Notes:

  • On March 10, 2017, The 100 was renewed for a fifth season.[2]
  • The writers started to work on the season on April 4, 2017.[11]
  • Kim Shumway, one of writers of the show, announced on her Twitter that she will not be returning to the show for season five.[12]
  • Isaiah Washington (Thelonious Jaha) will not return as a series regular.[13] However, he will appear as a guest star in the third episode.[14]
  • On May 26, 2017, it was announced that Tasya Teles, who portrays Echo, would become a series regular.[15]
  • It was announced at The CW TCA panel that this season will have 13 episodes,[1] just like Season 1 and Season 4.
  • Filming began on August 14.[16]

Plot and Character Notes:

  • This season will start six years and seven days after death wave.[citation needed]
  • Rothenberg teased that this season will be a "Battle for Eden".[17]
  • This season will have multiple flashbacks from the six years between the day that the Second Nuclear Apocalypse hit and when Clarke and Madi spot the Gagarin spaceship. There will be flashbacks of Clarke and Madi as well as the groups on the Ark and in the Second Dawn Bunker.[18][19]
    • The flashbacks will focus on pivotal emotional moments to show character development.[20]
  • Showrunner Jason Rothenberg teased that the prisoners onboard the Gagarin prisoner transport will, at first, be antagonists.[21] Unlike the juvenile delinquents, these arrivals are "real hardened criminals"[22] and will be a threat.[23]
    • Rothenberg teased that the new arrivals are from before the first nuclear apocalypse and they were in hypersleep.[20]
    • Rothenberg stated that the name for the spaceship, "Gagarin", as well as the company, "Eligius Corporation", were intentionally selected.[19]
  • As far as Clarke is aware, she and Madi are the only two people still alive on Earth since they were unable to contact the bunker survivors.
    • Clarke has been telling Madi stories about her friends for years. For Madi, Clarke's friends are her heroes.[20]
  • Rothenberg teased that fans would be surprised of where Octavia will end up.[23]
    • Octavia will keep peace within the bunker in peace and has "special way to reprimand people".[20]
    • Octavia will have a new look,[24] including different hair.[20]
  • Rothenberg teased that Bellamy and Octavia will reunite.[25]
  • Rothenberg revealed that Raven will learn to fight.[26]
  • The group in space will have relationships issues.[20]
  • Rothenberg teased there will be interesting Raven-Murphy interactions.[27]
  • At Comic-Con, Rothenberg announced that there will be three "really powerful" new characters.[28]
    • One will be the leader of the group from the Gagarin spaceship.[29]
    • August 18, it was announced that one of the characters that was a space explorer and a member of the Eligius Corporation which name is Zeke Shaw. [30]
    • August 22, it was announced that another new recurring character name Charmaine Diyoza, she is one of prisoners of Gagarin. [31]
  • Lola Flanery tweeted a video of the Comic Con season 5 promo, with caption "Want me to tell you a story?" In the video Madi tells the story of the Clarke's life. She was re-cast as Madi for this season.[32]
  • Marie Avgeropoulos teased that Octavia and Clarke will have to work together to lead everyone safely as they switch posts.[33]

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