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Polis is a location featured in Season Three. It is the capitol of the Coalition and where the Commander resides. In February 2150, Polis, along with Arkadia and the Floukru Rig, was under the occupation of A.L.I.E. and her followers during the war against her, with the Commander's throne at the highest level of the main tower being A.L.I.E.'s seat of power and base of operations during the short conflict.

Throughout the Series

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In Blood Must Have Blood (Part 1), Commander Lexa tells Clarke that Polis might change the way Clarke thinks about the Grounders.

In Wanheda (Part 2), Roan delivers Clarke to Polis for the bounty offered on Clarke. Lexa receives Clarke in the throne room at the top of the tower and tells Clarke she needs her help.

In Echoes, Polis is forcefully taken by Azgeda and King Roan takes rule. He adopts the Coalition as formed by Lexa, including Skaikru as the 13th clan. Kane, as Skaikru's ambassador becomes a resident of Polis.


The settlement looks to be located on the top of some rolling hills, lush with vegetation. The tallest building is the high tower where the Commander resides. It is unknown where the capitol is located exactly, but based on travelling distance from and to Arkadia, it is possibly located near of what was Baltimore.


Notes and Trivia

  • The name is not the shortened name of an American location, unlike Tondc.
    • It is the shortened name of the thirteenth space station, Polaris.[1]
  • Polis has been added to the opening credits of Season Three.
  • The location of Polis was out of the range of any direct missile blasts during the Nuclear Apocalypse[2]
  • The tower of Polis, a relic from before the war, is the tallest structure shown on the show as of Season Three.[2]
  • On a population list seen in "Heavy Lies the Crown", Polis is listed having 4,000 people including 400 children.


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