The people of the Ark deserve to know what we're working on, before we bring it on board. Today is Unity Day.
— Peri Gordon, to Becca [src]

Peri Gordon was a minor character in the third season. She was portrayed by Yasmine Aker and debuted in Thirteen.

Throughout the SeriesEdit

In Thirteen, Peri Gordon is Becca's lab assistant on Polaris. She assists Becca with work on A.L.I.E. 2.0. Two years later, just before Polaris is to join The Ark, she informs commander Cole McAdams of their research. Gordon begs Becca to destroy her research, but Becca refuses, leading to the destruction of Polaris and the death of Peri and Cole.

Physical AppearanceEdit

She has a tan complextion, brown eyes and black hair.


Season Three
Episode Appearance Status
Wanheda (Part 1)Absent
Wanheda (Part 2)Absent
Ye Who Enter HereAbsent
Watch the ThronesAbsent
Bitter HarvestAbsent
Terms and ConditionsAbsent
Stealing FireAbsent
Join or DieAbsent
Red Sky at MorningAbsent
Perverse Instantiation (Part 1)Absent
Perverse Instantiation (Part 2)Absent


Peri (about A.L.I.E.): "What is she doing?"
— "Thirteen"


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