You're one of the Hundred.
— Monty to Octavia in Nevermore

Octavia and Monty is the relationship between Octavia Blake and Monty Green. They are portrayed by starring cast members Marie Avgeropoulos and Christopher Larkin.

Throughout the Series Edit

Octavia and Monty first meet during the Pilot, from there on they grow closer and closer as friends. Monty is shown to be very worried when Octavia gets attacked in the lake and is seen carrying her back to the Camp in Earth Skills. They both look after an injured Jasper in Earth Kills and Monty tries using Octavia's wristband in order to communicate with the Ark.

They're often seen having heart-to-heart conversations, especially when Jasper is "popular" and leaves Monty behind. Octavia is worried when Monty disappears in The Calm.

In Season Two, they don't have much interaction, due to the fact that Monty, alongside the other 47 Delinquents, are trapped in Mount Weather. She is one of the people looking for him and the others. In Blood Must Have Blood (Part 2), they meet again. Octavia hugs both, Monty and Jasper, commenting she knew they were "too scrawny to drill".

Octavia and Monty are both trying to help Jasper, who is devastated after Maya's death, in Season Three. Octavia is angry at Monty when he sides with Charles Pike. The two make amends when Monty aids the resistances escape from Arkadia in Stealing Fire, and turns against Pike.

In Nevermore, Octavia volunteers to get an electromagnet from the dropship with Monty. Once they arrive, Monty confronts her about leaving but she says she is nothing. He tries to talk her into staying but she is unconvinced. Octavia leaves while Monty is inside the dropship. She comes back to help Monty after he is attacked by his mother. She fights her and when Hannah is about to kill Octavia, Monty shoots his own mother in order to save Octavia.


Notes and Trivia Edit

  • In "Nevermore", Hannah, while under A.L.I.E.'s control, attacks Monty. Octavia tries to save Monty but Hannah attacks Octavia and nearly kills her. This forces Monty to shoot his own mother to protect Octavia.
  • In "We Will Rise", when Octavia was about to execute Ilian, Monty tries to convince her that she is not a murderer, but Octavia tells him that he is wrong.
  • In Shifting Sands Monty and Octavia wave to each other after six years of not seeing.

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