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This article is about the novel character. You may be looking for the tv series character.

Octavia Blake is a character in The 100 book series. Her TV series equivalent is Octavia Blake.

Early life Edit

Throughout the Books Edit

Flashback Scenes (chronological):

Main storyline :

Flashback Scenes (chronological):

Main storyline :

Flashback Scenes (chronological):

Main storyline :

Personality Edit

Octavia is a young free-spirited girl. She is also quite confident and has been shown to be flirtatious.

Physical Appearance Edit

Octavia has black hair and big blue eyes. She often wears a red ribbon on her head.

Relationships Edit

Quotes Edit

Notes and Trivia Edit

  • Octavia has a drug addiction, revealed after she was discovered stealing Clarke's medical supplies. This was because the drugs made her sleep better.

See Also Edit

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References Edit

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