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  • Hi!

    I know it's been a while since you've been on this wikia, but I'm leaving this message here so you'd be able to read it if and when you log on. 

    I just wanted to inform you that, in order to clean house in the userrights, I've taken away your rollback rights. We're really grateful for all the amazing edits you've done and perhaps will continue to do, but it won't be as an enforcer anymore.

    Kind regards,


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  • Hey,

    I know that you've done previous episode updates for Jasper's page and have done an awesome job. I was wondering if you wanted to look over the recently updated episodes for him and add any information that was missing, it would be incredibly helpful. The entries for those episode were made by another girl and I went over and cleaned them up just a little while ago, but I was mostly looking at spelling, grammar, and sentence structure and not focusing on the actual content that is necessary. 

    Get back to me when you can and thank you

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  • Hello Lightstone!

    First of all, how amazing is S2 so far? Thanks for continuing to be part of our wiki in the second season.

    I wanted to mention to you that we could use some members on the Update Team. I saw you did a great job on Tristan and I also saw you have a liking for Kane. If you'd want to, you could join the update team and edit Kane, or any character that still has an open spot.

    Thanks for considering

    TotallyTinkerbell aka Taya :)

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  • LightStone123,

    On the Miller page please stop changing Derek to Drew. It is intended to be Derek because in the show they talking about the two taking shifts together. Please stop changing the edit.

    This edit has been reverted every time you make it. By now you should understand that it is meant to be Derek.

    Best regards,


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    • Ah understandable. I'll let the other admins know. Right now we are currently "Cleaning house" of all the older inactive staff members. Currently we are trying to get active users involved to help better the wiki.

      The new layout guide, media guide and others have been announced on the forums. The Category guide, Manual of Style and policies are still being redone. Right now our current focus is updating all the characters, and getting the twitter feed up on the main page. Once this happens a notice on the forums will be posted explaining the new changes the admin and council and community decided on. We have new achievements coming in thanks to Rim of the Sky.

      Yes! I actually fixed it. Both have been added to his page under the relationships. :D

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    • Okay, good to know. I'll be checking out all of the new guides and stuff when possible. These new achievements actually soon quite interesting. 

      And I'll keep helping edit pages (obviously) and help with anything else I can. 

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Hey LightStone,

    I wanted to message you to let you know I did a rollback your newest edit on "Jones". Jones has not yet been confirmed to be dead.

    There is no official rule on this, yet, but so far everything has been done in present tense and characters that are alive are shown to be in present tense.

    So far past tense on this wiki has been used for deceased characters.

    I am going to talk this over this Taya and see if maybe we can get a definitive rule on how our tense or tenses should be. :)

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  • I wanted to ask if you would be interested in being our Photographer (responsible for episode stills & other pictures), Engineer(responsible for technicalities such as redirects, special page layouts, coding,...), Doctor(Fixing ill pages that have been vandalised or marking stubs as unfinished pages...) or Councilor (basically a spot in our admin-conversations. This leads up to being an admin, potentially...)?

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  • You have 420 of them, hehe, nice.

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  • Hi can you please edit Kane and use spell check grammar and the same layout? Thanks. If I had time to do it then dont bother but if you do it then thanks.

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  • Hi, welcome to The 100 Wiki! Thanks for your edit to the Monty Green page.

    Please leave me a message if I can help with anything!

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    • A FANDOM user
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