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T H E 100 L I V E S A N D D E A T H S

The 100 Trailer04:18

The 100 Trailer

Rubicon 072 (Lincoln)

The 100 haves had lots of deaths some were brutal some did suacide

Others were killed from radiation or because of something they did (ex:Clarks dad- he knew something he wasn't suppose to know so they killed him by sending him to space and die) clarks mom was also going to die for something she wasin't suppose to do but she still did others died because loved ones wanted them dead (ex:Clark killed fin so he couldn't suffer all the pain they ware going to give him so she killed him by stabbing him in his hart)

now let's talk about Lincoln he died by someone shooting him in the head wile Octavia was there Bellamy was working for the guy who killed lincoln but Lincoln did something he wasting suppose to do so he died in front of Octavia (O).