Son... there's thousands of them. Even if we could kill hundreds, they'd still wipe out this camp and your friend would still die.
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Kane and Bellamy is the relationship between Marcus Kane and Bellamy Blake. They are portrayed by starring cast members Henry Ian Cusick and Bob Morley, and debut in the first episode of Season Two.

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Kane and Bellamy first meet in The 48, after Kane saves Bellamy and Finn's lives from a Grounder by shooting him in the back of the head. Afterward, Finn and Bellamy lead Kane, Abby, and the other Ark survivors to the Dropship. Kane then arrests Bellamy for attacking Murphy and informs him he is not in charge anymore. In Inclement Weather, Kane interrogates Bellamy fo information on the grounders but finds it is of no use. They seem to have become somewhat closer in Spacewalker, as Kane refers to Bellamy as "son." In the third season, Kane and Bellamy have grown closer, however this bond is severed when Bellamy aligns with Pike and Kane forms a resistance against Pike. They have begun to mend their relationships as of the end of season three.

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Kane and Bellamy first meet in The 48, after Kane saves Bellamy and Finn's lives from a Grounder by shooting him in the back of the head. Afterward, Finn and Bellamy lead Kane, Abby, and the other Ark survivors to the Dropship. Upon arriving, Bellamy and Finn enter the dropship camp to find it deserted and immediately conclude that the Grounders took their friends. Kane and Abby enter the dropship and find and gravely injured Raven and Murphy. While Kane helps Murphy out of the dropship, Bellamy attacks Murphy and Kane has the guards restrain him before informing Bellamy that he is not in charge anymore.

In Inclement Weather, Kane interrogates Bellamy about the Grounders but Bellamy doesn't give him any useful information. Later, while Kane is speaking to Abby, he tells her Bellamy can't wait to get back out there to which she remarks, "he wants to help his friends."

In Spacewalker, while the Sky People watch the Grounders prepare for Finn's execution Bellamy tells Kane they're going to rescue Finn. Kane, however, gently tells him they can't because even if they could inflict casualties on the Grounders, they'd still lose and die.

In Remember Me, Kane holds Bellamy back when he tries to get Raven from the Grounders.

In Blood Must Have Blood (Part 2), following the irradiation of Mount Weather, Kane reassures Bellamy "he did good."

In Wanheda (Part 1), Kane enters the Chancellor's office to ask Kane if he can sanction a mission to Sector 8. Kane agrees, as long as he sticks to the non-lethal engagement rule. He then reminds Bellamy that he think that they have reached real peace with the Grounders and urges him not to screw it up.

Later, Kane radios Bellamy and tells him to meet in sector 4. When Bellamy and Monty arrive, they find Kane with Indra who informs them that Clarke has a bounty on her head and is known as Wanheda, the Commander of Death.

In Wanheda (Part 2), Kane, Bellamy, Indra, and Monty are still trapped in the rover. Bellamy sticks his head out of the sunroof and is taken hostage. The person threatens to kill Bellamy is the other's do not leave the rover and Kane quickly surrenders. However, this person is revealed to Charles Pike and the other Farm Station survivors. While the other survivors head back to Arkadia. Pike and Monty's mother Hannah join Kane, Bellamy, Monty, and Indra's search for Clarke.

Later, after Bellamy disguises as a grounder and goes after Clarke on his own only to be stabbed by Roan, Kane goes after him. Bellamy says that they can't lose Clarke but Kane tells him they'll have to try another day.

In Ye Who Enter Here, Kane is mentioned by Bellamy as the only reason Bellamy is not attending the summit is because Kane is trying to teach him a lesson. Kane is later shocked when Bellamy, Octavia, and Pike burst into the summit with guns claiming it's a trap.

In Watch the Thrones, Bellamy resigns from his guard position and returns his uniform to Kane. Kane tries to reassure him he did what he thought was best but Bellamy is unconvinced. Later, Kane finds Bellamy leading Pike's regime out to kill the grounder army. He shows great disappointment towards Bellamy and is later greatly concerned when Bellamy cheers for Pike with the Farm Station survivors.

The next day, Kane gives Pike the Chancellor's Pin and Pike sets out to go kill the army like he had planned to before. Kane stops Bellamy on his way out of cell telling him it's not too late to chose the right side. To Kane's dismay, Bellamy responds that he already has.

In Hakeldama, Kane confronts Bellamy about massacring the army saying he's started a war that will kill them all. Bellamy tells Kane they've been at war since they landed and Pike understands that.

In Bitter Harvest, Kane again tries to convince Bellamy to join his side but Bellamy brushes him off before driving off with Pike's Regime to the grounder village. Later, following the failed attack, Bellamy and Pike are discussing a leak within the walls of Arkadia. Bellamy knows it's Kane but says they can't arrest him until they have solid evidence.

In Terms and Conditions, Kane meets with Bellamy once more. Bellamy tells him spying on Sinclair was an easy call and wasn't much of plan. Kane asks Bellamy whether it really was easy since he arrested his friend. Bellamy says that because of [Kane] the camp is losing focus. Kane tells him the threat is inside the walls and Pike is tearing them apart. He then asks Bellamy to join him and tells him it's not too late the chose the right side. Bellamy tells Kane that is exactly what he came to tell him.

Later, while Kane is carrying out his plan to kidnap Pike and hand him to the grounders. Monty radios Bellamy informing him the riot in lockup is a distraction and Bellamy beats Kane to the gate. Kane demands Bellamy get out of the way but he refuses and Kane forced to surrender and is arrested. However, after Pike sentences Kane to death, Bellamy looks upset and asks Pike if killing Kane is really the right way to go about things. Pike tells him that it is and dismisses him.

In Fallen, the resistance arrives in the cave to find a chained up Bellamy. Octavia beats him blaming him for Lincoln's death and Kane turns away, unable to watch. Later, while Kane and Octavia are planning to retrieve Monty from the dropship Octavia says Bellamy is coming as well. Kane agrees, saying that Bellamy is the enemy. However, after Bellamy seemingly betrays Octavia and Kane to convince Pike he is on his side he then tricks Pike into leading his guards to the blockade line. The grounders kill Pike's guards and prepare to take Pike to Polis. Kane asks to join the grounders and before he leaves asks Bellamy whether he did this for his sister of because he believed it was right. Bellamy flippantly replies, "you're welcome." Kane, however, tells him it matters and until he realizes that, he'll still be lost.

In Perverse Instantiation (Part 2), a chipped Kane enters the throne room and begins choking Bellamy. He nearly succeeds but once Clarke pulls the kill switch is awoken from the City of Light in horror of what he has done. Bellamy gives him a nod of forgiveness and Kane reaches out to touch Bellamy but is unable to.

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