Don't worry I got your back.
— Jasper to Harper [src]

Jasper and Harper is the relationship between Jasper Jordan and Harper McIntyre. They are portrayed by cast members Devon Bostick and Chelsey Reist, and début in the tenth episode of season one.

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Harper and Jasper first met on the Ground when they both join Bellamy's Militia. They did not have much of a relationship throughout Season One, only being in a few scenes together. In Season Two, while they are trapped in Mount Weather they work together to try and escape.

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In I Am Become Death Harper flirts with Jasper but he doesn't go for it telling Monty afterwards she is "low hanging fruit" because he's into Octavia, even though later that episode he flirts with Harper.

In We Are Grounders (Part 2) they're in the same foxhole shooting at Grounders.

Season Two Edit

In Long Into an Abyss, along with Monty and Miller break into Dante's office to look for evidence against him. Later when Harper disappears from Dante's office, Jasper and the others are shown to be deeply concerned.

In Coup de Grâce, Jasper is seen asking Maya to check the Harvest Chamber again for Monty and Harper. Jasper and Dante later find them and stop Harper from getting her bone marrow extracted again.

In Rubicon Harper tries to fight Mount Weather guards when Jasper is selected for bone marrow extraction. Jasper and Harper, along with Monty and Miller watch as Dr. Tsing dies.

In Resurrection, Harper is seen helping Jasper defend the floor by getting buckets of water after he asks her to. After Maya is put in a suit with only 20 minutes of oxygen, Jasper calls her over to help him.

In Blood Must Have Blood (Part 2), Harper is tied up along with the other delinquents, ready for harvesting. After Level 5 is irradiated and Jasper runs off to check on Maya, she calls after him to come back.

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  • Chelsey Reist said in an interview that there was a kiss between Harper and Jasper in the season finale stating she wanted to "go out with a bang" that scene never made it into the episode, though.[citation needed]

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