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Azgeda symbol

The symbol of Azgeda

The Azgeda, or Ice Nation, is a Grounder clan with no current leader. Previous leaders were Queen Nia and King Roan.

Trikru and Azgeda were at war with each other before the creation of the Coalition. Lexa tells Clarke how the Queen of the Ice Nation[1] killed her former lover, Costia because she believed that Costia knew all of Lexa's secrets. In retaliation, Lexa banished Prince Roan as part of the conditions[2] of allowing the Ice Nation into the Coalition[3].

The Ice Nation stretches for thousands of miles. The Ice Nation borders Arkadia at Sector 8, but the ice is farther to the north.

Society Edit

Many Azgeda have distinctive facial scarring. Roan went so far as to hiding them when he was on his mission to find Clarke and bring her to Lexa, indicating that these scars are often used to identify members of the Ice Nation.

Ice Nation warriors are known to wear white war paint.

Languages Edit

The Ice Nation speak the native Grounder language, Trigedasleng. The warriors also speak American English, Gonasleng. This makes the Ice Nation warriors bilingual.

They are referred to as the "Azgeda" in Trigedasleng.[4]

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Notes and Trivia Edit

  • The Ice Nation are militaristic and expansionist.[5]
  • Lexa forced them to join the Coalition.[6] Azgeda did not like the deal that they made to join Coalition and only agreed to it because Mount Weather was a large a threat to them.[5]
  • In Rubicon, the Ice Nation sent two members to Tondc for the Coalition gathering that Mount Weather blew up, resulting in the death of their War Chief[7].
    • Atohl was the first member of Azgeda introduced when he arrived in Tondc with the Ice Nation's war chief. The war chief died when Mount Weather blew up Tondc with the missile.[8]
  • Farm Station crashed in Ice Nation Territory.
    • Only 63 people out of 189 survived the four months isolated from the rest of the Ark.
  • Carl Emerson joined forces with the Ice Nation after the Sky People wiped out the rest of the Mountain Men and provided them with the information necessary to blow up Mount Weather, killing 49 Sky People inside.
  • There were a thousand Ice Nation warriors in Polis when A.L.I.E. was terminated.
  • Echo is only known living member of Azgeda.

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