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Genevieve Buechner portrayed Fox in CW's The 100.

Life and Career Edit

Genevieve Buechner was born in Edmonton, Alberta, to single mother Tea Buechner. She began to pester her mother about acting lessons when she was three. Her mother was very reluctant to encourage this interest.

Still Genevieve persevered and finally her mother allowed her to take a small course in acting from the local theater — Vancouver Youth Theatre. After completing the course, Genevieve was selected as the youngest member of the cast for the youth theater's local acting tour. Buechner got her first lead role at the age of ten, in the film Saint Monica The film was a huge success and played across North America. She was nominated for a Canadian Leo Award for Best Lead performance by a female in 2003 for that role.

Since then she has been cast in various roles, including a recurring role in the Battlestar spin-off Caprica as Tamara Adams.

For full filmography, see IMDb.

Trivia Edit

  • She and Richard Harmon (John Murphy) were both on the show Caprica.
    • Genevieve portrayed Tamara. Richard Harmon portrayed Hercules/Tad Thorean.
  • She was briefly in a relationship with Richard Harmon, but the two have since broken up.

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