There are many forms of education on The Ark and Earth, which are listed below.

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Earth Skills Edit

We see a flashback on the Ark in Join or Die where the 100 were preparing for the ground by taking an Earth Skills class taught by Charles Pike. These are the delinquents we see in Pike's class:

Join or Die 035

Jasper, Octavia, and Harper in Pike's class.

Mentioned to be in Pike's other classes:

As well as several other unnamed delinquents.

Screen Shot 2017-05-01 at 5.36.50 PM

Raven in engineering.

Engineering Edit

In Spacewalker, we see Raven Reyes's flashback on the Ark where she was being mentored by Jacapo Sinclair. Also, when we are introduced to Kyle Wick, it was revealed that he knew Monty Green and Raven from Engineering.

Medical Edit

Clarke was a Medical student on the Ark.

Mount Weather Edit

Pre-School Edit


The Mount Weather Pre-school.

As of Coup de Grace, Mount Weather has an education system for kids, a pre-school with little kids at the age range of 3-6. Although, some Mountain Men have weak grammar which is why it's assumed that their education system isn't very advanced. Maya Vie said, "None of us is innocent." and Dante Wallace said, "None of us has a choice here, Clarke."

Grounders Edit

Art Edit


Lincoln's drawing of Octavia.

This is the most category of education that we know of the Grounders. Starting with Lincoln's drawings, it is possible that this is a gene that runs through the Grounder blood, but may also be an education method for Grounders. Lincoln had many drawings in his book and this may indicate that he doesn't know how to write in English so he draws instead.

In Polis, we also see drawings of Becca and spiritual writings on the wall down in the cave with many candles to light up the room and the drawings become clearer.

In the aftermath of Praimfaya, Clarke gains Madi's trust by drawing a picture of her.

Combat Edit

Grounders also trained for combat in many ways. For example, we were introduced to nightblood training in Ye Who Enter Here where we see Lexa training Aden, a young Nightblood, in combat. We also see many other young nightbloods that age range from 11-16.

When Octavia and Indra gain mutual respect, Indra wants to help Octavia in combat training and even makes her her second. Halfway through season two, we see Octavia growing into a warrior and it is assumed that when it comes to combat, Grounders are very fierce and strict.

Children are trained from a young age to become warriors and are taught English and trained to fight. Most children begin to learn from a young age how to be warriors and are taught English, weapon skills, and their people's customs. For Trikru, a young child named, Tris was Anya's Second, who was in the process of training to become a warrior.

For Azgeda warriors, they kidnap and snatch many children from their families, to make them warriors through cruelty, while they grow up.[1] Ontari was one of them.

Languages Edit

Main article: Trigedasleng

The Grounder warriors are known to speak their native language, Trigedasleng and American English (Gonasleng). Only the Warriors speak English, which makes them bilingual. Trigedasleng is a universal language, meaning most if not all Grounder clans know this language.[2]

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