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Earth, also referred to as "The Ground", is the original home of humanity. The planet had been affected by radiation for 97 years after a devastating nuclear apocalypse. After the Ark's life support systems were found to be failing critically, the 100 were sent to the surface in a last ditch attempt to determine if Earth is habitable again. The 100 lived on the planet along with the Grounders, as well as the rest of the Sky People from the Ark.

Recently, Earth has been destroyed by the Second Nuclear Apocalypse, known as "Praimfaya". What used to be a lush green planet has now become a charred place left in ruins. Fortunately, Praimfaya only destroyed 96% of the Earth's surface, and an area of the planet did manage to survive the apocalypse. This area is known as the Shallow Valley.

On April 26, 2156, the last survivable land was destroyed by the "Damocles" bomb, launched by Paxton McCreary. The planet became completely uninhabitable.

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Over the course of a century, Earth has become a very different place in the wake of the Nuclear Apocalypse that left much of the world devastated and drove mankind to near extinction. Ecosystems have changed, landscapes have been reshaped, and life has adapted.

As of now, the infrastructure that had existed throughout the land had been mostly destroyed. Any evidence of human civilization as we know it is almost non existent. Although survivable, the worlds natural flora and fauna are almost extinct.

After the last survivable land was destroyed by the bomb, Earth became completely uninhabitable forever.

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BunkerRescueTeam2 2x03

The bunker

Also known as Finn's Bunker, it is the name given to a bomb shelter discovered by Finn Collins. The bunker's original purpose was to serve as a shelter from nuclear bombs in the case of an apocalypse, but the owners never made it. The Delinquents used it for supplies as well as a place to take shelter.

Because of the instability of the Delinquents' society, Finn convinced Clarke Griffin to keep the bunker a secret in order to have a place to hide if the needs arose. In Murphy's Law, when John Murphy was out to get Charlotte, Finn and Clarke hide Charlotte down in the bunker. After Clarke and Finn fall asleep, they wake up to find that Charlotte ran away. Later, Clarke and Finn sleep together in the bunker. After Raven Reyes arrives on Earth, Clarke takes Raven to the bunker in His Sister's Keeper to look for a transmitter to fix the radio. Raven found a remote-controlled car and used it for parts.

Delano 2x06

Delano's corpse in the bunker

After capturing Delano in Reapercussions, Finn takes Bellamy Blake, Murphy, Zoe Monroe, and Sterling to the bunker to question Delano, ending in Finn executing him. Finn returns with Clarke to the bunker one last time in Fog of War when they flee from Acid Fog, coming face-to-face with Delano's corpse.[1]

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Linc 1abd UD explosion4

Lincoln in his cave

In His Sister's Keeper, Lincoln brings Octavia Blake back to his cave to treat her injuries. After Lincoln is captured and tortured by the Delinquents, Octavia helps him escape and he returns to his cave. Octavia meets up with Lincoln again in his cave in Unity Day and together with Finn Collins, they arrange the bridge meeting between Clarke and Anya. In I Am Become Death, Octavia finds Lincoln in his cave, packing up his belongings. He asks her to leave with him but she ultimately refuses and decides to stay behind with the Delinquents. Lincoln returns to the cave in We Are Grounders (Part 2) after outrunning Reapers and runs into Finn who convinces him to use the Reapers as a distraction to help the Delinquents during the final battle.

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The100 S3 Join or Die Floukru
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Located away from the mainland, the Floukru‎‎ live on the oil rig.

Seen in Join or Die, Red Sky at Morning

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According to Becca, about 6.5 billion people were killed in the aftermath of the Nuclear Apocalypse. However, some survivors remained, these included the ancestors to the Grounders, the Mountain Men, and the Sky People. The Mountain Men took refuge in Mount Weather and the Sky People survived in space for 97 years isolated from their former natural environment.

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  • At the start of the series, 97 years after the Nuclear Apocalypse, Earth was still irradiated. However, Grounders and Sky People can survive on the ground due to having greater immunity to radiation than pre-apocalypse people.
    • Sky People gained immunity due to genetic engineering and growing up in space exposed to solar radiation.
    • Grounders gained immunity due to natural selection and Nightblood serum.
    • Mountain Men did not go through this process and are extremely vulnerable to the atmospheric radiation on the ground.
  • In Season Four, Earth was ravaged again by the death wave (also called Praimfaya). After five years, in 2155, the atmospheric radiation reduced to habitable level for Grounders and Sky People.
    • During the five years, Nightbloods were the only ones who could live on the ground. Clarke and Madi spent those years living in Shallow Valley while all other survivors either hid in the Second Dawn Bunker or escaped to space.
    • It is unclear how the people from Eligius IV gained increased radiation immunity. While six years after the second nuclear apocalypse radiation is habitable for Grounders and Sky People, it is still significantly higher than it was before the first nuclear apocalypse. Unlike those from Eligius III, they were not given the Nightblood serum. However, they were exposed to solar radiation during their hundred year space journey.
  • In the Season Five finale, Earth was completely destroyed and became fully uninhabitable.

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