Diana Sydney's Rebellion was an event that occurred during Season One, taking place on the orbital space station known as The Ark.

Former Chancellor Diana Sydney attempted to overthrow The Ark's government. To that end, she arranged for Bellamy to attempt the assassination of Chancellor Jaha. Later, Diana leveraged The Culling event to gain support among the working class. Later after failing to kill Chancellor Jaha and all council members during Unity Day celebrations, Diana and her followers takes over the Exodus ship.

The rebellion ended with the Exodus ship crashing into the ground and killing Diana and all her loyalists. Diana actions resulted in The Ark loosing power and air, which forced the remaining Sky People to come to the ground.

Factions Edit

Notable members among the factions include:

Ark Government
Sydney's Rebels

Events Edit

Assassination Attempt on Chancellor Jaha Edit

Former Chancellor Diana Sydney attempted to overthrow the Ark's government. She enlisted high-ranking officer of the Ark's guard, Commander Shumway, who convinced Bellamy to assassinate Chancellor Thelonious Jaha in exchange for getting to go with The 100 to the surface and protect his sister.

Jaha survived.

Commander Shumway convinces Dax to silence Bellamy in exchange for ensuring his mother gets to be on the dropship to Earth.

Dax fails.

Jaha pardons Bellamy in exchange for information about the assassination attempt. This leads to the arrest and imprisonment of Shumway. Diana then has Shumway killed in his cell.

Diana's rise to Power Edit

After the Culling Diana discovered that Jaha was reviewing the Project Exodus.

Diana painting herself as a voice of the 'lower classes' who would otherwise not be given the chance to return to Earth as the Ark's resources are depleted.

After Abigail Griffin is stripped of her council seat, with help of her people she steered the Station Representatives meeting to secure Abby's seat on the council for herself.

Later during Unity Day Diana arranged for a bombing with goal of killing Chancellor Jaha and all of the remaining council members. Two Arkers and four Council members died, however, the bombing was unsuccessful in killing the Chancellor.

Exodus Ship Hijacking Edit

The next day, With Diana's plot uncovered, she and her followers stole the Exodus ship meant to send down to Earth the first Ark citizens. The ship crash lands, however, and she is dead with her accomplices on board. It is later revealed that Mount Weather caused the exodus ship to crash.

Aftermath Edit

Diana actions left The Ark crippled and an estimated 1,500 Sky People dead, and forced the reminder to come to the ground.

Casualties Edit

Main article: Body Count

Notes and Trivia Edit

  • This is the first of the two known internal conflicts between Sky People, the second being the Arkadian Civil War.

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