The Ark needs unity now more than ever.
— Diana to Chancellor Jaha [src]

Diana Sydney was a recurring character on The 100. She was one of the antagonists of the first season.

Diana was a former Chancellor of the Ark, who plotted to seize power. After the Culling, Diana painted herself as a voice of the 'lower classes'. She regained a seat on the council, and later with her supporters stole the Exodus ship to get to Earth. However, during the launch, it had an open service hatch, and that coupled with Mount Weather's jamming frequency, as it caused the dropship to crash. She and everyone onboard died in the resulting explosion.

Throughout the SeriesEdit

In Contents Under Pressure, Diana first introduces herself as the former Chancellor, she meets with Chancellor Thelonious Jaha about the questions that the people in the working class (who she called 'her people') were asking. She then notices that Jaha has activated Project Exodus, the program to bring the people on the Ark back to the ground. She comments that Jaha and she have had their "differences", but unity is needed. She then walks away. Later, at the Station Representatives meeting, she watches Jaha's outburst about the loss of his son and gives a speech about the sacrifices that everyone has made. At the end, Jaha then offers her seat on the council to foster trust. It is indicated earlier that she had wanted a seat, but was not given one. At the council meeting, Jaha lists the problem with Project Exodus, and Diana makes it known that she knew about those problems when she was chancellor also.

In Day Trip, after Commander Shumway is revealed to be a traitor, he is placed in lock-up until he can be floated. Diana comes into his cell, Shumway gives a sigh of relief and says, "Oh thank god it's you, I thought I was going to be floated." Sydney, however, has a guard, Lieutenant Graco, with her who murders Shumway, and stages it as suicide.

In Unity Day, Diana is seen at the Unity Day celebration talking to Abby. She remarks that Jaha had cut his speech short and that she'd helped him with it. Diana then leaves and a bomb goes off, killing 6 people and injuring a few others. Kane and Abby suspect that she was responsible for the bomb but she tricks Kane by telling him Cuyler Ridley is responsible and sends Kane to interrogate him. She later goes to the Exodus ship and has some of her followers to kill the guards and close the ship and tells them to search the ship for any traitors. Jaha arrives with reinforcements and attempts to open the door to prevent the ship from launching. Diana explains to the 'reinforcements' that there were not enough dropships to carry everyone on the Ark, which convinces Red, a mechanic to get onto the dropship removing his jack from the door in the process. She then launches the ship crippling the Ark, due to it being connected to the main power grid.

Her ship is then seen shooting down to the ground. It descends too quickly and doesn't deploy parachutes. The Exodus ship then crashes near a mountain and Sydney and everyone on board the ship are killed in the resultant explosion.

Personality Edit

Diana showcased very manipulative behavior and attitudes towards others. She was very secretive and willing to kill for her cause. Being the former Chancellor she knew more than the average citizen, especially about secret Ark programs.

Physical Appearance Edit

Diana had blonde hair with dark roots. She was of average height and had light hazel/green eyes.

Relationships Edit

Thelonious Jaha Edit

Chancellor Jaha and Diana seemed to disagree often, even though they respected each other. Oftentimes, Diana liked to brag or act like she was better than him. People seemed to like Diana more than Jaha, which sometimes made Jaha frustrated and jealous. In Day Trip, it was revealed that she was the one who orchestrated the attempt on Jaha's life.

Commander Shumway Edit

Shumway was presumably one of Diana's followers. Before he was to be floated for the conspiracy to assassinate Chancellor Jaha, Diana had Shumway killed instead and staged it to look like a suicide.

Abigail Griffin Edit

Diana and Abby seem to have a semi-professional relationship. Diana apologized to Abby for taking her Council seat, which Abby forgave. After the Unity Day explosion, Abby mentions that Diana left the celebration early, which raises her suspicions. Diana later offers Abby a chance to go to Earth to see Clarke. However, Abby instead tries to help Jaha so Diana has her guards shock-baton Abby.

Appearances Edit

Season One
Episode Appearance Status
Pilot Absent
Earth Skills Absent
Earth Kills Absent
Murphy's Law Absent
Twilight's Last Gleaming Absent
His Sister's Keeper Absent
Contents Under Pressure Appears
Day Trip Appears
Unity Day Appears
I Am Become Death Absent
The Calm Mentioned
We Are Grounders (Part 1) Absent
We Are Grounders (Part 2) Absent

Quotes Edit

Diana to Cuyler Ridley and Lt. Graco: "We should have built a bigger bomb!"

-- Unity Day

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