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Clarke I was born in space. I’ve never felt the sun on my face or breathed real air or floated in the water. None of us have. For three generations, the Ark has kept what’s left of the human race alive, but now our home is dying, and we are the last hope of mankind, desperate mission to the ground. Each of us was sent here because we broke the law. On the ground, there is no law. All we have to do is survive, but we will be tested by the earth, by the secrets it hides, and, most of all, by each other.
Clarke “Previously on "The 100"…”
Jaha “Who shot me?”
Kane “Bellamy Blake. He stowed away on the dropship. We’re still investigating who helped him.”
Shumway “Kill the Chancellor.”
Clarke “That’s why you took the wristbands; you needed everyone to think we’re dead.”
Bellamy “The Ark finds out we’re alive, they’ll come down, and when they do, I’m dead.”
Jaha “Earth is survivable. Mankind is going home.”
Bellamy “Hey, why were you defending him?”
Octavia “Because he saved my life. I never wanted any of this to happen to you.”
Lincoln “Thank you.”
Scene 1 - The Dropship
- [Hatch opens as Miller walks in]
Miller “Did you talk to the Ark? I told Digg’s mom the news, John’s dad. I’m supposed to talk to Roma’s parents later.”
Bellamy “Thanks for doing that. I owe you.”
- [Miller turns to face Lincoln]
Miller “Telling all these parents that their kids were murdered by Grounders, I just wish I could say we were getting some justice.”
Bellamy “We’re not killing him.”
Miller “You were a lot scarier when you had that face paint on.”
- [Miller smears something on Lincoln’s face]
- [Lincoln headbutts Miller, knocking him to the ground]
- [Bellamy looks up at Lincoln while Miller groans in pain]
Scene 2 - The Camp
- [Clarke is using video chat to attend a council meeting]
Jaha “Tell me about the Grounder. Can he provide any insight on how to survive winter?”
Scene 3 - The Ark
- [The Council talks to Clarke]
Clarke “We're doing everything we can to prepare here. We’re gathering nuts and berries, curing meats, digging for roots, but the truth is, we’ll freeze before we starve.”
Kane “There’s good news on that front. According to civil defense plans from before the war, there’s an old emergency aid depot not far from the landing site. Here are the coordinates.”
Jaha “In addition to supplies, it could provide shelter for the hundred and for the citizens coming down from the Ark.”
Clarke “And what makes you think it’s intact?”
Kane “It was designed to withstand nuclear warfare.”
Clarke “All right. It’s worth a shot.”
Sydney “Chancellor, I have to object. Project Exodus is under way. The kids should sit tight in their camp until the first dropship launches.”
Jaha “Even if everything goes without a hitch, the hundred would die from exposure before relief arrives. I’d like a moment with Clarke alone, please, and I know there’s a line of parents waiting to talk to their kids. Clarke, we all are very proud of what you’ve done down there.”
Scene 4 - The Camp
- [Clarke is talking with Jaha]
Jaha “Your mother…”
Clarke “I don’t want to talk about my mother.”
Jaha “Please, Clarke. It’s time to forgive. Let me schedule a time for you and Abby to sit down…”
Clarke “Look. I know you both think that betraying my dad, killing him, was an unavoidable tragedy, but I don’t see it that way, and I never will. So just tell me who's next and let someone who actually wants to talk to their parents have a turn.”
- [Clarke leaves the tent looking for the next person in line]
Clarke “Dax.”
- [Clarke walks up to Jasper and Monty who are busy sorting, cracking, and eating nuts]
Clarke “Hey, you guys seen Dax?”
Monty “Over there on the meat crew.”
- [Clarke walks over to the meat crew]
Clarke “Dax. You’re up.”
- [Dax looks up to see Commander Shumway in front of the video instead of his mom]
Dax “Where’s my mom?”
Shumway “You can see her after you and I have a little talk. Are you alone?”
Dax “Yeah. Why?”
Shumway “If I remember right, you beat a man to death.”
Dax “He stole from me.”
Shumway “Relax. I have a problem, and I think you can help me fix it, and in return, I can guarantee your mom a spot on the first dropship and for you a choice assignment when I get to the ground.”
Dax “What do you want me to do?”
Shumway “Kill Bellamy Blake.”
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Scene 6 - The Dropship
- [Bellamy climbs down the ladder and sees Octavia sitting nearby]
Bellamy “You’re still here?”
Octavia “I’m not moving until you let me up there to see him.”
Bellamy “Get comfortable.”
- [Bellamy looks away and then back at Octavia]
Bellamy “I let him live. Isn’t that enough?”
Octavia “He saved my life and yours.”
Bellamy “I know you see it that way, but...”
Octavia “That’s the way it is.”
Bellamy “He’s still dangerous.”
Octavia “Only because of what you did.”
Bellamy “Whatever twisted connection you think you have with that animal, forget it. You don’t get to see him. End of conversation.”
- [Bellamy turns to leave but stops when Octavia questions him]
Octavia “Why do you even care if I ruined your life? You should want me to go up there. Maybe you’ll get lucky and he’ll kill me, problem solved.”
Bellamy “Octavia, you know I didn’t mean that.”
- [Clarke enters the dropship, unaware of the fighting siblings]
Clarke “Bellamy.”
- [Bellamy walks with intent to leave the dropship]
Bellamy “The answer is still no. I’m not talking to Jaha.”
Clarke “Hey, relax.”
- [Bellamy stops walking and faces Clarke]
Clarke “That’s not why I’m here.”
Bellamy “What, then?”
Clarke “The Ark found some old records that show a supply depot not too far from here.”
Bellamy “What kind of supplies?”
Clarke “The kind that might give us a chance to live through winter. I’m gonna go check it out. I could use backup.”
Bellamy “Why are you asking me?”
Clarke “Well, because right now, I don’t feel like being around anyone I actually like.”
- [Bellamy looks down and huffs with a smirk]
- [Bellamy glances up at Octavia and then back to Clarke nodding his head]
Bellamy “I’ll get my stuff, meet you in ten.”
- [Clarke nods her head and leaves while the two Blake siblings glare at one another]
- [Bellamy leaves the dropship]
Scene 7 - The Camp
Jasper “What do you think they’re gonna do with the Grounder?”
- [Monty and Jasper both look towards the Dropship and see Bellamy walking out]
Monty “I’d rather not think about it.”
Jasper “Well, it’s been days since Bellamy captured him. How long till his friends come looking?”
Monty “Cheer up. In that time, we’ll all be dead from hypothermia.”
- [Monty pops a nut into his mouth and makes a gesture to throw one in Jaspers mouth; which makes it]
Jasper “Hey, hey, hey.”
- [Monty and Jasper do a secret handshake]
- [Clarke inspects Finn’s wound as Raven watches]
Clarke “How are you feeling?”
Finn “Weak, bored...”
- [Finn winces]
Finn “Grateful to be alive.”
Clarke “Well, if you want to stay that way, you should rest.”
Raven “I’ll tie him down if I have to.”
- [An awkward silence falls over the three]
Clarke “I’m gonna be out of camp today. Can you change his bandages in a few hours?”
Finn “Wait. Where are you going?”
Clarke “It’s a little assignment from the Ark. It’s nothing to worry about.”
Finn “It’s not safe out there.”
Raven “Finn, Clarke is a big girl. She can take care of herself.”
Bellamy “Clarke...”
- [Bellamy peeks his head into the tent]
Bellamy “Let’s get a move on.”
- [Finn rolls his eyes and lays his head back in displeasure when he sees who Clarke is leaving with]
Clarke “Make sure he stays in bed.”
Raven “It sounds like a plan.”
- [Clarke gets up and leaves the tent]
- [Clarke notices Bellamy taking more rations than he should]
Clarke “That’s a lot of rations. You realize this is a day trip.”
Bellamy “A lot can happen in a day.”
- [Octavia steps out of the dropship and sees Clarke and Bellamy leaving camp]
- [Bellamy looks back at camp and Octavia, until she goes back inside the dropship]
- [Bellamy turns and follows Clarke out of camp]
- [Dax sees Clarke and Bellamy leave camp and follows them; pocketing a hunting knife]
Scene 8 - The Dropship
Connor “Hey, Miller, Roma’s parents are waiting for you on the radio.”
- [Octavia, who is still in the dropship, listens in]
- [Hatch opens and Miller walks out of the dropship and Octavia hides from Miller]
- [Octavia quickly climbs the ladder after Miller leaves the dropship]
- [Octavia opens up the hatch and enters the room were Lincoln is held]
Octavia “Hi. We don’t have a lot of time.”
- [Octavia closes the hatch and then walks over to Lincoln]
Octavia “I brought you some water. Here.”
- [Octavia holds up the water and Lincoln drinks]
Octavia “It’s good, right? Sorry I haven’t seen you since everything happened.”
- [Octavia gives Lincoln more water]
Octavia “My brother has been keeping me away. He’s a total dick, which you probably already figured out.”
- [Lincoln chuckles]
Octavia “You do understand me. I knew it.”
- [Octavia walks away, takes off her jacket]
Octavia “Well, at least let me get you cleaned up quick.”
- [Octavia picks up a rag and begins wiping away the blood and marvels at his tattoos]
Octavia “This is all my fault because I freaked out so bad when you locked me up in that cave. You’d totally understand why if you knew how I grew up.”
Lincoln “My name is Lincoln.”
Octavia “Lincoln. I’m Octavia. Well, is that it? Is that all you’re gonna say?”
Lincoln “It’s not safe for us to talk.”
Octavia “Well, if we shouldn’t talk, then why did you tell me your name?”
Lincoln “I want you to remember me after I’m dead.”
Octavia “You’re not gonna die. Don’t say that.”
Lincoln “Octavia, this only ends one way.”
Octavia “Just talk to them. Tell them you’re not the enemy.”
Lincoln "I am."
Miller "Octavia, get the hell out now. Bellamy is not even here. Get out, or he gets the beating I've been aching to give him."
Octavia "Okay, okay. I get it. I'm gone."
Scene 9 - The Wilderness
- [Clarke and Bellamy are making their way towards the supply depot.]
Clarke "You know, the first dropship is gonna come down soon. Pretty sure you can't avoid Jaha forever."
Bellamy "I can try."
Clarke "The depot is supposed to be around here somewhere. There's got to be a door. Maybe he'll be lenient."
Bellamy "Look. I shot the man, Clarke. He's not just gonna forgive and forget. Let's just split up, cover more ground. Stay within shouting distance."

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