I love you, Clarke. Don't ever forget that.
— Abby to Clarke [src]

Clarke and Abigail is the relationship of Clarke Griffin and Abigail Griffin. They are portrayed by Eliza Taylor and Paige Turco.

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Clarke is Abigail Griffin's daughter. Before Clarke is sent down to Earth in the Pilot, Abigail tells her to be safe and that she loves her. After, Abigail closely watches over Clarke's vitals. While on Earth, Clarke learns the truth about her mother's involvement in her father's death in Earth Kills. This causes a rift between Clarke and her mother. To punish her mother for her father's death, she takes her wristband off, letting Abigail believe her to be dead. When Raven Reyes makes contact with the Ark in Contents Under Pressure, Clarke confronts her mother and tells her she knows the truth. Abigail tries to apologizes explain his death was never supposed to happen. Clarke truly believes she will never be able to forgive her mother for turning in her father. When Clarke believes her mother to be dead in the Exodus ship crash, she is devastated.

When they are reunited in Human Trials, Clarke is happy to see her but their relationship is strained. Clarke goes behind Abby's back to the point of usurping her authority on numerous occasions. Abby often disagrees with the decisions Clarke makes in regards to the people. Tensions escalate in Coup de Grâce when Clarke tells her mother that even though Abby is the Chancellor, Clarke is the one in charge. In Rubicon, when Abby finds out that Clarke knew ahead of time about the bombing of Tondc, she is appalled that her daughter would do such a thing and begs her to not forget they are the good guys. By Blood Must Have Blood (Part 2), Abby has come to realize the difficult choices her daughter has had to make are not so different than the choices she made on The Council and tells her daughter that maybe there are no good guys.

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In the Pilot, Clarke and her mom appear together in when Clarke gets taken out of her cell in prison. She is in panic and Abby comes to assure her and tell her that she has been chosen to be sent to Earth. Clarke gets sedated and wakes up in the dropship.

In Earth Kills, a flashback from 1 year prior to the Delinquents landing on Earth, shows that Clarke, Abby, and Jake had lived an "Apple Pie Family Life". When Jake had found a flaw in the engineering of the Ark, he planned to tell the community but Abby disagreed and informed the Council of his treason. When he was floated, Clarke and Abby were present to see it. Clarke was later thrown in jail for the knowledge of the Ark's flaw and had devastated her mother.

In Murphy's Law, Clark figures out it wasn't Wells who told the council about Clarke's father's plans, but it was her mother Abby. In rage, Clarke gives Monty her wristband to experiment on, telling Abby that Clarke's signal had been terminated. Doing this Clarke makes her mother know how it felt to lose her father.

In Contents Under Pressure, Clarke makes contact with her mother over the radio Raven had repaired and is guided through Finn's surgery by her. After successfully saving Finn, Clarke confronts her mother about her father's death. When Abby tries to defend herself, Clarke says she doesn't want to talk to her anymore and disconnects the radio.

In Day Trip, Clarke is communicating with Jaha over the radio about the Delinquent's status. Jaha then mentions that Clarke's mother would like to speak with her but Clarke declines saying that she'll be passing the radio to kids who actually want to speak to their parents.

In Unity Day, Clarke is devastated when she thinks that her mother was onboard the Exodus ship that crashed.

In I Am Become Death, Raven consoles Clarke about her mom and Clarke discovers she is crying blood and is infected with the biological weapon Murphy has brought into camp.

In The Calm, Clarke asks Bellamy if the Ark has communicated with them but Bellamy says there has only been radio silence. Clarke then comments that maybe her mom was lucky being on the Exodus ship because at least her death was quick.

In We Are Grounders (Part 1), Jaha explains to Abby, Kane, Sinclair and some other Arker's how he intends on getting them to the ground. He then turns to Abby and says, "What do you say, Abby, are you ready to see your daughter again?"

In We Are Grounders (Part 2), once landing on the ground Abby communicates with Jaha and tells him there's smoke in the distance. He tells her to find the rest of their people and in turn to go find Clarke.

In Human Trials, Clarke is being brought into Camp Jaha as a grounder prisoner before Abby reveals that she isn't a grounder and is [her] daughter. When Clarke awakens she is surprised her mother is chancellor and Abby explains Kane gave her the pin when he went to go make peace with the grounders and to get the rest of the kids back. Clarke reveals that it was Mount Weather who took them, not the grounders and wants to go after them but Abby refuses to let her leave. When Bellamy, Mel and Monroe return to camp revealing that Finn and Murphy are searching for her, Clarke is angry that her mother won't send out a search party for them but Abby responds that she can't lose [her] again. Clarke, however, disobeys her mother and leaves the camp with Bellamy to go find Finn Collins and John Murphy.

In Remember Me, Abby consoles Clarke over Finn's death and tells her that the pain will fade and what got her though was loving her. Clarke reacts angrily to this upon realizing her mother is referencing her father's death and claims what she did to Finn is nothing like what Abby did to Jake. She later admits that she and her mother are the same.

In Coup de Grâce, Clarke begins to truly usurp her mother's authority. Notably, she is the one the Grounders listen to and is considered the leader of the Sky People by both the Mountain Men and the Grounders. Abby is upset by this. Clarke later makes her authority over Abby even clearer when she says, "You may the chancellor, but I'm in charge."

In Rubicon, Abby is horrified when she discovers her daughter knew about the missile launched by Mount Weather before it hit and promises to keep her secret safe.

In Resurrection, Abby admits to Kane that she feels guilty about Clarke's actions since [Clarke] is her daughter then tells him that Clarke knew about the missile. She is horrified by her daughter's decisions before Kane tells her that Clarke's choice was similar to the choices they made on the Ark. Later, once she has been saved from the ruins she tells Clarke to remember that they're the good guys.

In Blood Must Have Blood (Part 2), Abby is captured by Mount Weather and her bone marrow is to be extracted. After Clarke kills Dante Wallace, Cage puts her mother on the operating table. Clarke, in the end, is forced to irradiate level 5 of Mount Weather killing everyone in order to save her. When they are reunited Clarke admits that she tried to be the good guy before Abby responds, "maybe there are no good guys."

In Wanheda (Part 1), it is revealed that Abby has been looking for Clarke for the three months she has been gone. However, when Kane offers to send out another search party Abby realizes "they wouldn't find [Clarke] until she's ready to be found."

In Ye Who Enter Here, Clarke and her mother are reunited. However, their time together is cut short when Clarke informs Abby that Lexa wants them to join the Coalition. Abby eventually agrees and the ceremony that brands Skaikru the thirteenth clan takes place at the summit. Once Ice Nation's threat is made clear, however, Clarke decides to stay behind with Lexa in Polis instead of returning to Arkadia with her mother.

In Hakeldama, Clarke is briefly reunited with her mother when Abby helps her and Octavia escape Arkadia.

In Perverse Instantiation (Part 1), Abby who has taken the chip tortures Clarke in exchange for the passcode for A.L.I.E 2.0. Clarke refuses to give it and Abby (under A.L.I.E.'s control) attempts to hang herself to get her daughter to talk.

In Perverse Instantiation (Part 2), Clarke uses the EMP to remove the chip from her mother. Abby is horrified over what she did to Clarke but Clarke tells her that's ok and "it wasn't [her]". Abby then helps Clarke connect to Ontari to filter her Nightblood into Clarke's system so she can take the flame. While she is in the City of Light, Abby protects her daughter even shooting a chipped grounder who tries to attack Clarke.

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  • Abby had betrayed Clarke's father by getting him killed, which causes Clarke to hate her.
  • Their relationship was on the rocks when Clarke knew about the missile and told no one but Lexa; Abby tells her that she crossed a line.
  • Abby knows Clarke loved Lexa and accepts this as she loves her daughter and wants her to be happy.
  • Clarke knows about Abby's relationship with Kane and she accepts it and is happy for her mom.
  • In Season Four, they got separated for next six years without Clarke having a goodbye with her mom on radio.

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