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Clarke Griffin
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Co-Leader of The 100


The 100

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Earth (current)
the Ark (former)


Abigail Griffin (mother)
Jake Griffin (father)

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Eliza Taylor


One, Two

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We Are Grounders (Part 2)

Hey, you saved my life today. You may be a total ass half the time, but I need you. We all need you. None of us would've survived this place if it wasn't for you. You want forgiveness? Fine, I'll give it to you. You're forgiven, but you can't run, Bellamy. You have to come back with me. You have to face it.

— Clarke to an upset Bellamy, Day Trip.

Clarke Griffin is one of the female protagonists of The 100. She is the daughter of Doctor Abigail Griffin and Senior Environmental Engineer and Deputy Resource Officer Jake Griffin. She is the ex-best friend of Wells Jaha. She has stable friendships with Jasper Jordan, and Monty Green. She was caught up in a love triangle between Finn Collins and Raven Reyes, until she made the choice to distance herself from Finn. She has also become friends with Bellamy Blake and mentions that she trusts him. Clarke, alongside Bellamy, is the co-leader of the 100. Clarke also serves as the primary medic for the 100.

Because of her crime, Clarke is "expendable" and is chosen as one of the 100 Delinquents sent down to Earth to see if it is survivable.

While on Earth she has faced many challenges, such as; trying to get to Mount Weather, saving Jasper's life, the truth about her father’s death, problems in and outside of camp, and the struggle with accepting the person she has become.

The truth about her father's death causes a rift between Clarke and her mother. Clarke is angry with her mother for turning in her father. Clarke truly believes she will never be able to forgive her for killing him.

When Clarke learns that the 100 are in danger she is forced to make decisions she never wanted to make.

Early Life Edit

Clarke was a bright and cheerful young woman until her father discovered a flaw in the Ark’s system. Clarke overheard her mother and father discussing the flaw and learned that life support on the Ark was failing. Jake thought people had a right to know but the Council and Abigail disagreed because they were afraid it would cause a panic.

While playing chess with her best friend Wells, Clarke grew distracted by the news. When Wells questioned her, Clarke swore him to secrecy and told him about the flaw as well as her father’s plan to go public.

Later that day, Clarke learned that her father planned to go against the council’s wishes and go public. Clarke insisted on helping him but her father told her no. Moments later, Jake was arrested for treason. Clarke promised to warn the people and Jake begged Clarke not to as he was dragged away.

Jake was later shown heading to his execution by armed guards. Clarke found her father and was able to say one final goodbye before Jake was floated for his crimes much to the dismay of Clarke and Abigail. Clarke cried in her mother’s arms and repeatedly apologized thinking her father’s death was her fault.

Sometime later, Clarke was arrested for treason and sent to lockup.

Throughout the Series Edit

Physical Appearance Edit

1x10-Clarke outside

Clarke's outfit.

Clarke is a beautiful young woman with a pale complexion, round face, dimple chin, blue-green eyes, and medium length blonde hair. She often wears her hair pulled back. Her hair is first seen straight and throughout season one it grows naturally wavy. She has a slim build.

Clarke is often seen in thermal long sleeve shirts with crotchet cuffs, a dark blue or black jacket, dark jeans, and black boots. She is often shown in dark color such as; black, blue, gray, and tan. She is often covered in dirt and/or blood.

While in Mount Weather Clarke is shown wearing stark white clothing, a tank top and capris.

Personality Edit

Clarke is a headstrong, intelligent and bright girl. She is described as a natural born leader, especially by her mother; who speaks about Clarke having gotten her leadership qualities from her father. Despite all the unfairness in the world she lives in, Clarke fights for a fair chance for everyone; which was evident when she helped Wells Jaha, even though his father - Chancellor Jaha killed her own father. Clarke is not only smart and inquisitive, she is determined, stubborn and headstrong - her head is always screwed on the right way and she always knows the best types of decisions to make when it comes to disagreements. Clarke is also portrayed as artistic, one of her strengths which was seen as she drew along the walls of her cell.


Abigail Griffin Edit

Main article: Clarke and Abigail

Abby loves her daughter very much and is upset to see her get sent to Earth. However, Abby tried hard to keep track of Clarke while on the job. In Murphy's Law, Abby was going to leave with Raven, but was arrested and told Raven to go alone. In Twilight's Last Gleaming, Abby learns of the survival of some of the Delinquents and is happy, believing her daughter is still alive. Clarke soon finds out that her mother got her dad floated and pays her pays her back by taking off her wristband to show that she is dead.

Jake Griffin Edit

Main article: Clarke and Jake

Clarke loves her father very much and was close to him as shown in the Earth Kills flashback. He informed her about the Ark dying and as a result to that, Jake is executed, being Floated. Clarke is emotionally scarred and devastated by her father's death, leading her to believe Wells turned Jake in and making herself hate Wells. It should also be noted, that while Clarke was imprisoned, she wore her father's watch.

Wells Jaha Edit

Main article: Clarke and Wells

Clarke and Wells were best friends many years prior to being sent to Earth. This is shown in a flashback in Earth Kills where their two families hung out and she and him did. One day, Clarke told Wells that her father discovered that the Ark is dying. He promised he wouldn't tell anybody, but Clarke didn't believe that as time progressed. As a result, Clarke's father was Floated and she quickly began to hate Wells, believing him to have told his father.

It is later revealed that it was Clarke's mother who exposed her father and that Wells loves her. She learns to forgive him after he admitted the truth. However, soon after Wells was killed by Charlotte and was buried the next day. The death of Wells made Clarke sad.

Finn Collins Edit

Main article: Clarke and Finn

Clarke and Finn quickly become friends and eventually love interests, as they travel to Mount Weather in search of supplies. Throughout the exploring in the Pilot, Finn continuously flirts with Clarke. In Earth Skills, Finn and Clarke search for evidence of Jasper's whereabouts together. Eventually they find him and bring him back to camp. In Earth Kills, Clarke, Finn and Wells look for medicine that can assist Jasper and eventually they are forced to take cover in a buried vehicle. Clarke and Finn bond and talk about having fun. Later on, Finn explains to Clarke that Wells loves her and that she should forgive him.

In Murphy's Law, Clarke and Finn keep Charlotte protected after she killed Wells and hide in a buried house. That same night, after Charlotte committed suicide, Clarke and Finn return to the buried house and have sex. In Twilight's Last Gleaming, Clarke and Finn sit under the stars and see a falling pod, believed to be a shooting star. She is later upset at Finn after Raven, Finn's girlfriend from the Ark arrives on Earth. 

Bellamy Blake Edit

Main article: Clarke and Bellamy

Clarke and Bellamy seem to have an neutral relationship, as she often frowns on some of his leadership decisions. However, sometimes they come to an agreement. In Murphy's Law, Clarke suggests to Bellamy to make rules for the camp and he does. In Twilight's Last Gleaming, Clarke is annoyed by Bellamy's act to find the radio that allows contact between Earth and the Ark. She tracks him down and confronts him, saying he does what he does for Octavia. He somewhat agrees with Clarke's words and decides to form a search party to find the radio he tossed in the river. During that night, after the rocket launcher is finished, Bellamy and Clarke stand beside each other, looking up at the sky. Despite the fact they disagree most of the time, they respect each other's opinions, and there may be a mutual love interest between the two.Clarke later on, reveals that she trusts Bellamy after both of them have taken the supplies that the ark gave to the 100. 

Other Relationships Edit

Appearances Edit

Season One
Episode Appearance Status
Pilot Appears
Earth Skills Appears
Earth Kills Appears
Murphy's Law Appears
Twilight's Last Gleaming Appears
His Sister's Keeper Appears
Contents Under Pressure Appears
Day Trip Appears
Unity Day Appears
I Am Become Death Appears
The Calm Appears
We Are Grounders (Part 1) Appears
We Are Grounders (Part 2) Appears

Quotes Edit

Notes and Trivia Edit

  • Eliza Taylor is left-handed.
    • This also makes Clarke left-handed.
  • Her surname was originally going to be Walters, but it was changed to Griffin.
  • In the very first episode Clarke mentions she still has 1 month before her 18th birthday.
  • Clarke is described as a natural born leader.
  • Clarke's eyes are blue, however they appear to be hazel in the right light.
  • She is the daughter of a Doctor and Senior Environmental Engineer.
    • This made her one of the "privileged" in the hierarchy the Ark created.
  • Clarke's prisoner number was "319".
  • Clarke was in solitary confinement for 11 months.
  • Clarke took her wristband off to punish her mother.
  • She was unknowingly in a love triangle between Finn Collins and Raven Reyes.
    • Although Clarke still feels something for Finn, she choose to distance herself from him for the sake of Raven.
  • Clarke is the first to kill another Delinquent.

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