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Clarke Griffin
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Alive (Quarantined) Co-Leader of The 100


The 100

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Earth (current)
the Ark (former)


Abigail Griffin (mother)
Jake Griffin (father)

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Eliza Taylor


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We Are Grounders (Part 2)

Hey, you saved my life today. You may be a total ass half the time, but I need you. We all need you. None of us would've survived this place if it wasn't for you. You want forgiveness? Fine, I'll give it to you. You're forgiven, but you can't run, Bellamy. You have to come back with me. You have to face it.

— Clarke to an upset Bellamy. (Day Trip)

Clarke Griffin is a main character featured in The 100. She is one of the Delinquents sent to Earth to see if it could support human life. Clarke serves as the primary medic for the Delinquents. She is the daughter of Abigail Griffin and Jake Griffin.


Clarke is a headstrong, intelligent and bright girl. She is described as a natural born leader, especially by her mother; who speaks about Clarke having gotten her leadership qualities from her father. Despite all the unfairness in the world she lives in, Clarke fights for a fair chance for everyone; which was evident when she helped Wells Jaha, even though his father - Chancellor Jaha killed her own father. Clarke is not only smart and inquisitive, she is determined, stubborn and headstrong - her head is always screwed on the right way and she always knows the best types of decisions to make when it comes to disagreements. Clarke is also portrayed as artistic, one of her strengths which was seen as she drew along the walls of her cell.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Clarke has pale skin, blonde hair and blue eyes. She is seventeen years old and has a slim build. Her hair is either pulled back with a braid, or completely down.

The ShowEdit

Season One

When Clarke's father found a flaw in The Ark he thought people had a right to know but the Council and Clarke's mother Abby disagree because they were afraid it would cause a panic. They were going to inform the public anyways until Wells Jaha presumably turned them in and Clarke's father was executed and Clarke was thrown into jail.

Clarke was then seen drawing a picture on a room in The Ark until she was stopped by Officers. Clarke then goes out in a shock and she see's her mother Abby. Abby tells Clarke that she will go to Earth and everything will be fine. The Officers shoot her with a shot to put her to sleep. When she is woken up she finds herself on the Spaceship to Earth.

Clarke appears in a flashback, taking place a year prior to her landing on Earth. She is playing a game of chess with Wells, while Thelonius Jaha, Abby and Jake Griffin watch an old football game. Later on, Clarke is seen eating with Wells at school and she informs Wells of her father's discovery. Wells promises to keep Jake Griffin's discovery a secret and is originally believed to have told Chancellor Jaha about Jake's betrayal. However, it was Abby who caused her husband's death. Clarke watched as Jake, her father, was Floated.

Season One

Clarke is sent down to Earth with the other Delinquents for her safety. When Clarke arrives to Earth she soon realized that they were dropped on the wrong mountain and that there next meal lies after a radiation soaked forest. She, Octavia, Finn, Monty and Jasper set out to walk to mount weather to gather some food. When the other question why they were sent back to Earth Clarke informs them that The Ark is dying and she was arrested because she and her father were going to go public with the information that The Ark would be running out of oxygen. When they finally arrive at Mount Weather, just as she is about to cross the river Jasper is seemingly killed by a spear. Clarke soon comes to the realization that they're not alone.

Clarke returns with Octavia, Finn and, Monty to tell the other delinquents about Jasper and that there are other survivors. Just after she is finished talking Bellamy tells her that he will get her wristband off of her hands. Clarke next plans to go find Jasper with the others. Just when Wells is about to leave with her she says no to him but he insists on going. She says no to Monty and tells him to stay here and figure out The Ark's configuration. Finn Collins shows up and Clarke says that we should leave but he says that its too dangerous and I'm not and everyone else is no going. Clarke gets mad and leaves. When she gets outside Octavia wants to join her but she and Bellamy both say that she should stay and rest because of her leg. When Clarke is done talking to Octavia she turns to Bellamy because he has a gun.

Bellamy does not want to go but Clarke persuades him to come with Murphy. When they all are about to go Finn shows up. Clarke being mad at Bellamy for telling her that he will take her wristband off, leaves with Finn leaving Wells, Murphy and, Bellamy to follow them. Clarke talks to Finn about not reaching Mount Weather and how they won't survive just when Finn finds a water resource. Finn insists Clarke to get in the water and she does. Clarke stares at rocks that has blood and soon realizes that Jasper was there. Clarke and Finn reach the others and they head out to find Jasper. Just when they do Clarke spots an animal and tells Bellamy to shoot it with his gun. Clarke and the others reach back with the animal to eat and with Jasper. Finn and Clarke lastly enjoy animal meat together.

Clarke, Wells and Finn are out in the forest looking for a type of antiseptic seaweed that can help with Jasper's condition. She finds some and pulls it out of the river, but acid fog closes upon them. She flees the fog with Wells and Finn, taking cover in a buried vehicle. They wait the fog out. While waiting, Clarke, Finn and Wells talk about fun. This leads to Clarke showing hostility toward Wells. She swigs some alcohol and calms down. The next day, Clarke, Wells and Finn leave the vehicle and return to camp. They were able to save Jasper's life, much to Clarke's happiness. Finn confronts her about the arguement in the car the night before and as a result, Clarke decides to ask Wells if he betrayed her secret, realising that the only other person that knew told the Chancellor.

Clarke is seen with the others attempting to find Wells' murderer. She accuses that Murphy murdered Wells, but he says he didn't. As a result, Murphy is brutally beaten and hung, though he remains alive. Bellamy orders Clarke and Finn to flee with Charlotte and they discover a buried house. When they awaken the next day, Charlotte is gone and Clarke is worried. Her and Finn eventually find out that Bellamy has her. The three run away from the Delinquents rioting and stop at a cliff. Clarke, Finn and Bellamy are confronted by Murphy and his group. Charlotte eventually jumps off the cliff much to Clarke's disappointment and Murphy is banished as a result. It is because of Clarke that Murphy wasn't killed. Later that night, her and Finn have sex in the buried house.

Clarke and Finn are sitting in the grass, looking up at the sky and notice a pod falling to the surface. They believe it to be a shooting star, but it is later revealed to be Raven's pod. Clarke notices that Bellamy is gone and she heads to the crash site with Finn. They find Raven and Clarke watches Finn and her embrace each other. This makes Clarke angry. After realizing the radio is gone, Clarke tracks down Bellamy with Raven and Finn. Bellamy is told he didn't kill Chancellor Jaha and Clarke is shocked to realize that was why Bellamy went to Earth. As he withdraws his knife, he is calmed down and Clarke says Bellamy only does what he does for his sister, Octavia.

Bellamy agrees with Clarke and gets a search party created. The party consists of Jones, Connor and a few other Delinquents. Ultimately, Jones finds it and they all return to camp, working together to create some sort of sign of survival directed at the Ark. Clarke stands by Bellamy as they launch the rockets in the air. Clarke's mother Abby and Thelonius Jaha spot the rockets, much to their surprise.

Clarke and Raven go on a run together. They head to the buried art store and look around for potential items that can create a radio transmission. While inside, Clarke shows Raven different toys and Raven eventually discovers a miniature statue of a two-headed deer. Raven uses an RC car battery and questions Clarke. The two return to camp and Raven is mad at Clarke. Raven asks if Clarke loves Finn and she says she hardly knows him. Later on, Finn is brought back to camp as he was stabbed by Lincoln's knife. Clarke prepares to tend his wounds.

Clarke watches as Raven is able to successfully make a transmission that allows the delinquents to speak with the Ark. Abby talks to her daughter, Clarke and tells her to remove the knife. As Clarke slowly removes the knife, something strikes the dropship. The knife exits Finn's chest and Clarke is relieved. He eventually gets a fever and Clarke is unable to treat it. She climbs up to the room Lincoln is being held in and asks him which potion to use. When he refuses to answer, she cuts herself with his dagger and ultimately get the antidote. Clarke drinks some of it and then gives the remaining amount to Finn. Finn awakens, much to her happiness and Clarke hugs him.

Clarke is tending to Finn, who is resting, but is called to a tent to speak with her mother. Clarke declines and leaves the tent. Not long after, she talks to Bellamy about going on a supply run and he questions her reasoning. Clarke says she would rather go with someone she dislikes and Bellamy gets his gear. They find an old nuclear war bunker and enter it. Once inside, they find guns and food. Bellamy teaches Clarke how to shoot and takes a lot of rations. Clarke questions him and he reveals that he planned on leaving when the people from the Ark came to Earth. Bellamy ends up eating a nut and begins to hallucinate, Clarke eventually checks on him since he exited the bunker.

When she finds him, a delinquent named Dax is attempting to kill him. Clarke tries to attack him, but is knocked down. She tried shooting him, but misses. Bellamy picks up the bullet and stabs Dax in the neck ,killing him. Clarke and Bellamy then rest under a tree and return to camp, arriving by morning. That morning, Clarke and Bellamy talk to Thelonious Jaha. She wishes for Bellamy's crimes to be erased and they are after he reveals that Commander Shumway wanted him, the chancellor, dead.

Clarke attempts to broker peace with Anya, one of the Grounders, with the help of Finn and Lincoln. However, it doesn't go so well when Jasper, Raven, and Bellamy begin to shoot at the Grounders during the meeting.

Clarke investigates Murphy's return at camp. Bellamy thinks Murphy should be killed, whereas Clarke says that she believes in second chances. She later figures out that Murphy was sent by the Grounders to the camp to infect the Delinquents with a virus he was carrying. She helps treat the campers infected with the disease. Later, the temporary virus passes, but many campers were killed because of it. Clarke, however, makes a full recovery.

Clarke and Finn are captured by Anya and her fellow Grounders on a hunting trip. They demand that Clarke and Finn save Tris' life. Anya threatens that Finn will be killed if Clarke fails to save Tris. Tris dies, Finn is taken away to be killed, Clarke kills a grounder, and runs off. She accidentally runs into a trip wire and is left dangling upside down.

Clarke is taken as a prisoner by the Grounders. However, Lincoln manages to help her escape and reunite her with Finn, who was saved by Lincoln, too. The three journey through the Reaper tunnels. Clarke tends to Lincoln's wound. Lincoln leads the Reapers away, giving Finn and Clarke time to escape. When outside of the tunnels, Finn confesses his love for Clarke, but she rejects him because he broke her heart. At the end, the two return safely to camp.

Clarke participates in the fight with the Grounders. Later on, she stops the other Delinquents from killing Anya, but takes her as a prisoner. The Mountain Men come with knockout gas that she breathes in. Once she wakes up, she finds herself in a white room. She sees Monty in another room across the hall. It is revealed by a plaque on the wall that she and Monty are in Mount Weather.


Abby GriffinEdit

Abby loves her daughter very much and is upset to see her get sent to Earth. However, Abby tried hard to keep track of Clarke while on the job. In Murphy's Law, Abby was going to leave with Raven, but was arrested and told Raven to go alone. In Twilight's Last Gleaming, Abby learns of the survival of some of the Delinquents and is happy, believing her daughter is still alive. Clarke soon finds out that her mother got her dad floated and pays her pays her back by taking off her wristband to show that she is dead.

Jake GriffinEdit

Clarke loves her father very much and was close to him as shown in the Earth Kills flashback. He informed her about the Ark dying and as a result to that, Jake is executed, being Floated. Clarke is emotionally scarred and devastated by her father's death, leading her to believe Wells turned Jake in and making herself hate Wells. It should also be noted, that while Clarke was imprisoned, she wore her father's watch.

Wells JahaEdit

"He's a pretty straight-up guy... and he loves you."
—Finn to Clarke about Wells' feelings for her.[src]

Clarke and Wells were best friends many years prior to being sent to Earth. This is shown in a flashback in Earth Kills where their two families hung out and she and him did. One day, Clarke told Wells that her father discovered that the Ark is dying. He promised he wouldn't tell anybody, but Clarke didn't believe that as time progressed. As a result, Clarke's father was Floated and she quickly began to hate Wells, believing him to have told his father.

It is later revealed that it was Clarke's mother who exposed her father and that Wells loves her. She learns to forgive him after he admitted the truth. However, soon after Wells was killed by Charlotte and was buried the next day. The death of Wells made Clarke sad.

Finn CollinsEdit

Main article: Clarke and Finn
"Not the way that you love Clarke."
— Raven to Finn about Clarke.[src]

Clarke and Finn quickly become friends and eventually love interests, as they travel to Mount Weather in search of supplies. Throughout the exploring in the Pilot, Finn continuously flirts with Clarke. In Earth Skills, Finn and Clarke search for evidence of Jasper's whereabouts together. Eventually they find him and bring him back to camp. In Earth Kills, Clarke, Finn and Wells look for medicine that can assist Jasper and eventually they are forced to take cover in a buried vehicle. Clarke and Finn bond and talk about having fun. Later on, Finn explains to Clarke that Wells loves her and that she should forgive him.

In Murphy's Law, Clarke and Finn keep Charlotte protected after she killed Wells and hide in a buried house. That same night, after Charlotte committed suicide, Clarke and Finn return to the buried house and have sex. In Twilight's Last Gleaming, Clarke and Finn sit under the stars and see a falling pod, believed to be a shooting star. She is later upset at Finn after Raven, Finn's girlfriend from the Ark arrives on Earth. 

Bellamy BlakeEdit

Main article: Clarke and Bellamy
"When you sent us down here, you sent us to die, but miraculously, most of us are still alive. In large part, that is because of him, because of Bellamy. He's one of us, and he deserves to be pardoned of his crimes just like the rest of us."
— Clarke to Thelonius Jaha regarding Bellamy's crimes.[src]

Clarke and Bellamy seem to have an neutral relationship, as she often frowns on some of his leadership decisions. However, sometimes they come to an agreement. In Murphy's Law, Clarke suggests to Bellamy to make rules for the camp and he does. In Twilight's Last Gleaming, Clarke is annoyed by Bellamy's act to find the radio that allows contact between Earth and the Ark. She tracks him down and confronts him, saying he does what he does for Octavia. He somewhat agrees with Clarke's words and decides to form a search party to find the radio he tossed in the river. During that night, after the rocket launcher is finished, Bellamy and Clarke stand beside each other, looking up at the sky. Despite the fact they disagree most of the time, they respect each other's opinions, and there may be a mutual love interest between the two.Clarke later on, reveals that she trusts Bellamy after both of them have taken the supplies that the ark gave to the 100. 


Clarke and Jasper have a stable friendship, as shown in Earth Skills  when Clarke searches for him, and in Earth Kills, when Clarke heals him.


Raven and Clarke seem to agree on many things but there is usually some slight tension between them, due to the fact that Clarke slept with Finn , Raven's boyfriend, before Raven arrived on Earth. Clarke is quite uncomfortable with Raven, although they seem to bond over their mutual love/affection towards Finn after he was stabbed. Raven first meets Clarke in Twilight's Last Gleaming. Raven breaks up with Finn in I Am Become Death because Finn seemed to care more about Clarke.


Season One
Episode Appearance Status
Pilot Appears
Earth Skills Appears
Earth Kills Appears
Murphy's Law Appears
Twilight's Last Gleaming Appears
His Sister's Keeper Appears
Contents Under Pressure Appears
Day Trip Appears
Unity Day Appears
I Am Become Death Appears
The Calm Appears
We Are Grounders (Part 1) Appears
We Are Grounders (Part 2) Appears


  • Clarke is left-handed.
  • Clarke is the first person to kill another Delinquent as seen in Earth Kills where she stabs a knife through Atom's neck out of mercy after he was trapped in the poisonous fog.
  • Clarke took her wristband off to punish her mother.
  • Her surname was originally going to be Walters, but it was changed to Griffin.

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