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Clarke Griffin
Biographical Information

Prisoner 319
Clarke of the Sky People








Co-Leader of The 100
Med Student


Sky People

Family Information

Earth (current)
The Ark (former)


Abigail Griffin (mother)
Jake Griffin (father)

Significant Other

Finn Collins (former romantic interest, slept together)

Other Information
Significant Kills

300 Grounders at the Camp (indirectly)
Finn Collins
250 Grounders & Sky People in Tondc (indirectly)
Dante Wallace
~350 remaining inhabitants of Mount Weather(with Bellamy Blake)


Eliza Taylor
Ella Pitkin (child)
Karine Foviau (French voice)


One, Two, Three

First Appearance


Last Appearance

Blood Must Have Blood (Part 2)

I bear it, so they don't have to.
— Clarke to Bellamy, echoing Dante [src]

Clarke Griffin is a major character in the first, second, and third seasons. She is portrayed by starring cast member Eliza Taylor and debuts in the series premiere.

Clarke is part of the original 100 and was sent to juvenile lockup for treason. On The Ark, prior to being locked up, Clarke was a medical apprentice working under Abby. Once on Earth, she used these skills to serve as the primary medic for the Delinquents, saving both Jasper Jordan and Finn Collins from life-threatening injuries and helping the Delinquents when The Camp was infected with hemorrhagic fever.

After the deaths of Wells Jaha and Charlotte, Clarke becomes a co-leader of the Delinquents alongside Bellamy Blake. While in charge, Clarke is forced to make life-and-death decisions to help protect the Delinquents from both internal and external threats. After they are captured by Mount Weather, Clarke works hard to form alliances with the Grounders as she tries to free her people, even taking on a leadership role in Camp Jaha despite her mom being the Chancellor. After making the difficult choice with Bellamy to irradiate Mount Weather in order to save their people, Clarke sets off on her own in the second season finale.

Early Life


Young Clarke and Wells practice for the Unity Day Celebration.

In a video from Clarke's childhood, Clarke and her best friend, Wells Jaha, practice for the Unity Day Celebration. As Thelonious Jaha records their practice, Wells asks his father how the Ark stays in space. Clarke mentions that her dad told her it is the thrusters. Thelonious tells her that her father is correct.

A year before the Delinquents are sent to earth, Clarke overhears a conversation between her parents, Abigail Griffin and Jake Griffin, discussing a flaw in the Ark's life-support system and that it is failing. Later that day, Clarke plays chess with her best friend Wells Jaha. Clarke, distracted by the news, starts losing the game. Wells notices something is wrong with Clarke and questions her. Clarke swears him to secrecy and tells him about the flaw as well as her father’s plan to go public.

After coming home, Clarke overhears her father making a video to reveal the truth. She confronts him about the truth and yells at her father, calling him suicidal or dumb because he plans to break into the communications mainframe. Clarke insists on helping him but her father tells her no. Moments later, the door to their home opens and the Ark Guard arrest Jake for treason. Clarke hugs him and promises to warn the people. She struggles with the guards who hold her back as her father is taken away.

Clarke hugs her father one last time.

Clarke finds her father before his execution and is able to say one final goodbye before Jake is floated for his crime. Clarke watches as her father is sucked out of the airlock and cries in her mother’s arms. Clarke repeatedly apologizes, thinking her father’s death was her fault. Her mother insists it was not her fault. After her father is floated, Clarke is immediately arrested for treason and sent to solitary confinement in juvenile lockup.[1]

Throughout the Series


Clarke in her cell on the Ark.

In Pilot, Clarke draws a picture on the floor. Two guardsmen enter her room and order Prisoner 319 to face the wall. When Clarke sees the wristband, she protests and escapes her cell. Outside, Clarke’s mother Abigail Griffin appears and reassures Clarke that she is not being executed. Instead she is being sent to the ground. A guardsman shoots Clarke with a tranquilizer.

When Clarke awakes, she finds herself on a drop ship headed for Earth. Clarke discovers that Wells Jaha is also on the drop ship and learns that he got himself arrested. With a message from Chancellor Jaha, Clarke learns that their destination is a military base called Mount Weather. While she is strapped in, one of the Delinquents gets out of his chair and floats near Clarke introduces himself as Finn.

After the drop ship lands on Earth, Clarke’s excitement is short lived when she soon realizes that they were dropped on the wrong mountain and that there next meal lies after a radiation soaked forest. Clarke informs the rest of the 100, and Bellamy Blake suggests Clarke and Wells go instead while the rest wait for them to return with supplies. When Clarke notices Finn tried to take his wristband off, she scolds him telling him that the wristbands transmit vital signs to the Ark.


Finn, Clarke, Monty and Jasper watch as Octavia jumps into the river.

Clarke sets out for Mount Weather with: Finn, Jasper, Monty, and Octavia. Walking through a lush forest, Clarke informs them that The Ark is dying. Clarke admits she was arrested because she and her father planned on going public with the information. Nearing Mount Weather, the group finds a river where Octavia decides to go for a swim. Minutes later, Clarke and the others watch in horror as Octavia is attacked by a sea serpent. Clarke helps scare off the snake off by dropping a large rock into the water. After their run in with the sea serpent, they try to find another way across the river. The next morning, they find a strong vine that will allow them to swing over to the other side. When its Clarke’s turn to cross the river Jasper is struck by a spear. Clarke soon comes to the realization that they're not alone.

In Earth Skills, Clarke races back to camp with Octavia, Finn and, Monty to tell the other delinquents about Jasper and that there are other survivors. Just after she is finished talking Bellamy tells her that he will get her wristband off of her hands. Clarke next plans to go find Jasper with the others. Just when Wells is about to leave with her she says no to him but he insists on going. She says no to Monty and tells him to stay here and figure out The Ark's configuration. Finn Collins shows up and Clarke says that we should leave but he says that its too dangerous and I'm not and everyone else is no going. Clarke gets mad and leaves. When she gets outside Octavia wants to join her but she and Bellamy both say that she should stay and rest because of her leg. When Clarke is done talking to Octavia she turns to Bellamy because he has a gun.

Bellamy does not want to go but Clarke persuades him to come with Murphy. When they all are about to go Finn shows up. Clarke, being mad at Bellamy for telling her that he will take her wristband off, leaves with Finn leaving Wells, Murphy and, Bellamy to follow them. Clarke talks to Finn about not reaching Mount Weather and how they won't survive just when Finn finds a water resource. Finn insists Clarke to get in the water and she does. Clarke stares at rocks that has blood and soon realizes that Jasper was there. Clarke and Finn reach the others and they head out to find Jasper. Just when they do Clarke spots an animal and tells Bellamy to shoot it with his gun. Clarke and the others reach back with the animal to eat and with Jasper. Finn and Clarke lastly enjoy animal meat together.


Clarke tells Wells about the flaw in the system and her father's plan.

In Earth Kills, Clarke, Wells and Finn are out in the forest looking for a type of antiseptic seaweed to help with Jasper's condition. She finds some and pulls it out of the river, but acid fog closes upon them. She flees the fog with Wells and Finn, taking cover in a buried vehicle. They wait the fog out. While waiting, Clarke, Finn and Wells talk about fun. This leads to Clarke showing hostility toward Wells. She swigs some alcohol and calms down. The next day, Clarke, Wells and Finn leave the vehicle and return to camp. They were able to save Jasper's life, much to Clarke's happiness. Finn confronts her about the argument in the car the night before and as a result, Clarke decides to ask Wells if he betrayed her secret, realizing that the only other person that knew told the Chancellor.

In Murphy's Law, Clarke is seen with the others attempting to find Wells' murderer. She accuses Murphy of murdering Wells, but he says he didn't. As a result, Murphy is brutally beaten and hung, though he remains alive. Bellamy orders Clarke and Finn to flee with Charlotte and they discover a buried house. When they awaken the next day, Charlotte is gone and Clarke is worried. Her and Finn eventually find out that Bellamy has her. The three run away from the Delinquents rioting and stop at a cliff. Clarke, Finn and Bellamy are confronted by Murphy and his group. Charlotte eventually jumps off the cliff much to Clarke's disappointment and Murphy is banished as a result. It is because of Clarke that Murphy wasn't killed. Later that night, she and Finn have sex in the buried house.

In Twilight's Last Gleaming, Clarke and Finn are sitting in the grass, looking up at the sky and notice a pod falling to the surface. They believe it to be a shooting star, but it is later revealed to be Raven's pod. Clarke notices that Bellamy is gone and she heads to the crash site with Finn. They find Raven and Clarke watches Finn and her embrace each other. This makes Clarke angry. After realizing the radio is gone, Clarke tracks down Bellamy with Raven and Finn. Bellamy is told he didn't kill Chancellor Jaha and Clarke is shocked to realize that was why Bellamy went to Earth. As he withdraws his knife, he is calmed down and Clarke says Bellamy only does what he does for his sister, Octavia.

Bellamy agrees with Clarke and gets a search party created. The party consists of Jones, Connor and a few other Delinquents. Ultimately, Jones finds it and they all return to camp, working together to create some sort of sign of survival directed at the Ark. Clarke stands by Bellamy as they launch the rockets in the air. Clarke's mother Abby and Thelonius Jaha spot the rockets, much to their surprise.

In His Sister's Keeper, Clarke and Raven go on a run together. They head to the buried art store and look around for potential items that can create a radio transmission. While inside, Clarke shows Raven different toys and Raven eventually discovers a miniature statue of a two-headed deer. Raven uses an RC car battery and questions Clarke. The two return to camp and Raven is mad at Clarke. Raven asks if Clarke loves Finn and she says she hardly knows him. Later on, Finn is brought back to camp as he was stabbed by Lincoln's knife. Clarke prepares to tend his wounds.

In Contents Under Pressure, Clarke watches as Raven is able to successfully make a transmission that allows the delinquents to speak with the Ark. Abby talks to her daughter, Clarke and tells her to remove the knife. As Clarke slowly removes the knife, something strikes the dropship. The knife exits Finn's chest and Clarke is relieved. He eventually gets a fever and Clarke is unable to treat it. She climbs up to the room Lincoln is being held in and asks him which potion to use. When he refuses to answer, she cuts herself with his dagger and ultimately get the antidote. Clarke drinks some of it and then gives the remaining amount to Finn. Finn awakens, much to her happiness and Clarke hugs him.

In Day Trip, Clarke is seen tending to Finn, who is resting, when is called to a tent to speak with her mother. Clarke declines and leaves the tent. Not long after, she talks to Bellamy about going on a supply run and he questions her reasoning. Clarke says she would rather go with someone she dislikes and Bellamy gets his gear. They find an old nuclear war bunker and enter it. Once inside, they find guns and food. Bellamy teaches Clarke how to shoot and takes a lot of rations. Clarke questions him and he reveals that he planned on leaving when the people from the Ark came to Earth. Bellamy ends up eating a nut and begins to hallucinate, Clarke eventually checks on him since he exited the bunker.
1x08-That was amazing

Clarke firing a gun for the first time

When she finds him a delinquent named Dax is attempting to kill him. Clarke tries to attack him, but is knocked down. She tries shooting him, but misses. Bellamy picks up the bullet and stabs Dax in the neck, killing him. Clarke and Bellamy then rest under a tree and return to camp, arriving by morning. That morning, Clarke and Bellamy talk to Thelonious Jaha. She wishes for Bellamy's crimes to be erased and they are after he reveals that Commander Shumway wanted him, the chancellor, dead.

In Unity Day, Clarke attempts to broker peace with Anya, one of the Grounders, with the help of Finn and Lincoln. However, it doesn't go so well when Jasper, Raven, and Bellamy begin to shoot at the Grounders during the meeting.

In I Am Become Death Clarke investigates Murphy's return at camp. Bellamy thinks Murphy should be killed, whereas Clarke says that she believes in second chances. She later figures out that Murphy was sent by the Grounders to the camp to infect the Delinquents with a virus he was carrying. She helps treat the campers infected with the disease. Later, the temporary virus passes, but many campers were killed because of it. Clarke, however, makes a full recovery.

In The Calm Clarke and Finn are captured by Anya and her fellow Grounders on a hunting trip. They demand that Clarke and Finn save Tris' life. Anya threatens that Finn will be killed if Clarke fails to save Tris. Tris dies, Finn is taken away to be killed, Clarke kills a grounder, and runs off. She accidentally runs into a trip wire and is left dangling upside down.

In We Are Grounders (Part 1), Clarke is taken as a prisoner by the Grounders. However, Lincoln manages to help her escape and reunite her with Finn, who was saved by Lincoln, too. The three journey through the Reaper tunnels. Clarke tends to Lincoln's wound. Lincoln leads the Reapers away, giving Finn and Clarke time to escape. When outside of the tunnels, Finn confesses his love for Clarke, but she rejects him because he broke her heart. At the end, the two return safely to camp.
BellarkeCampWall 1x13

Clarke and Bellamy looking beyond the camp's wall

In We Are Grounders (Part 2), Clarke participates in the fight with the Grounders. Later on, she stops the other Delinquents from killing Anya, but takes her as a prisoner. The Mountain Men come with knockout gas that she breathes in. Once she wakes up, she finds herself in a white room. She sees Monty in another room across the hall. It is revealed by a plaque on the wall that she and Monty are in Mount Weather.

DanteClarke 2x01

Clarke and President Dante

In The 48, Clarke breaks free of her quarantine room in Mount Weather and threatens Maya with a piece of broken glass, demanding she takes her to see Monty. The frightened girl screams "you'll get me contaminated!" Clarke continues to threaten her as Maya leads her into a dining hall filled with many people eating. A woman looks over and sees Clarke holding the girl hostage and screams out in fear that there has been a containment breach, causing panic as everyone starts running away from Clarke. Clarke looks around at the chaos she's just caused and asks "where am I?" in confusion. Clarke is later introduced to Maya, the girl she threatened earlier, who says she won't press charges. Clarke is then taken to a bed in the medical ward. Dante Wallace says he knows she's the leader (like him) and also a painter (like him). He tells her they're not prisoners and has a wardrobe brought out for her to choose from and leaves her to get dressed. She picks up a shoe and snaps the heel off, concealing it up her sleeve as a weapon. When Dante takes her to the other 47 Delinquents in Mount Weather, he stops her and tells her to give him the heel and she does so. She then discovers from the Delinquents that Raven, Bellamy, and Finn aren't there.

Monty and Jasper are enjoying their food when Clarke comes in. She says it's weird that they gave them a map without any exits. She also refuses to eat their food. They dismiss her as being paranoid. Jasper goes to talk to Maya and Clarke also comes over and apologizes to Maya before leaving. Maya realizes that Clarke had stolen her access card and she and Jasper start to chase after Clarke. An alarm goes off and Clarke sees guards running towards her. She runs and makes her way through a restricted area, locking a door behind her and breaking the lock. She finds herself at a set of stairs leading up. Once she gets to the top, she finds a massive, sealed door. She figures out how to unlock the door and is about to pull the lever that will open the door when Jasper and Maya appear and beg her not to open it. If she does, then all the Mountain Men will die from radiation exposure. Maya even goes so far as to get a gun out and is prepared to kill Clarke if she opens the door. Jasper pleads with her, telling her that she saved lives when she pulled the lever that fired the rockets and to not make a mistake by pulling this lever now. Clarke allows herself to be taken into custody.

After Clarke is arrested, she is taken to Dante where he is busy painting the outside world. He tells her how he got to see the outside once when he was seven for five minutes. The Mountain Men saw the first of the Outsiders and thought the earth was survivable but 54 Mountain Men died within the week. He also tells her that they have found no survivors from either the drop ship or the Ark but he'll keep searching. He asks her to give herself time to grieve and that he doesn't want her to try leaving again. Later, in the Delinquents' dorm, she opens an envelope addressed to her with a painting set from Dante. They go out to the Mess Hall and Clarke allows herself to finally eat their food.

In Inclement Weather, Clarke sits on her bed drawing. Jasper approaches her and tries to make small talk. The elevator opens up and they notice that Miller has been released from quarantine. Clarke greets him and tells Miller she is happy he's alive. Minutes later, an alarm is sounded. Worried, Clarke goes to Maya and asks her what is wrong. Maya explains that a team came back but someones injured or dying. Clarke races to the medical level to try and see who the person is. When Clarke gets to the medical bay, she see that it isn't a Delinquent like she hoped. However, she sees a wound that she believes to be a gun shot wound. As Clarke is escorted out, another man comes into the room covered in burns. At breakfast, Clarke approaches Dante and asks to see the body of the man with the bullet hole. Dante agrees and takes her to the medical ward. While there, Clarke is shown the exist wound and an arrowhead. Unsatisfied Clarke speculates that the Mountain Men are lying that the man was shot by an arrow. Jasper declares that right now, Clarke is the only danger to the 100. Later that night, Clarke is left alone and opens up her stitches by cutting her wrist along a steel be frame. After being treated in the medical ward, Clarke discovers that the Mountain Men are draining Grounders of their blood. Clarke also finds Anya and other Grounders locked in cages.

ClarkeTunnels 2x03

Clarke in the mines

In Reapercussions, she first appears reuniting with Anya at Mount Weather where they store the grounders. Once the two break free, they find themselves trapped in a small room, where they fall through a pit and into a cave. Once there, they discover they are in a tunnel with Reapers, and that the two have to work together to escape. However when they hear reapers in the distance, they hide in a cart. Unfortunately for them, a reaper starts pushing the cart all the way over to a group of other reapers. When the reapers are distracted, Clarke tells Anya they have to move, however Anya feels compelled as she does not feel it is right to leave her people. Eventually Anya decides to snap the neck of her fellow grounder her, sparing them the trouble of dealing with the reapers. However when time goes on, Anya remembers their differences, and she abandons Clarke. Eventually Clarke is caught by two Mountain Men in the cave, where they are about to take her back to an unknown location. However Anya comes back for Clarke, and the two get the drop on them by removing their masks. Eventually, both Clarke and Anya are forced to jump off a dam in order to escape Mount Weather. However when the two dry up on shore, Anya reveals that she only saved her to take her prisoner back to her people.

In Many Happy Returns, Anya has taken Clarke captive and is bringing her back as a prisoner when they are discovered by the Mountain Men who shoot tranquilizers at them. Clarke and Anya take off with Clarke grabbing one of the tranquilizer darts that missed them. They make their way through the woods, however, the Mountain Men are easily catching up to them. Anya blames Clarke for being loud and smelling too much and slathers her in mud to try to cover her scent. As the Mountain Men continue following them, Anya keeps blaming Clarke. Clarke realizes that they are not really following them; they are tracking them. She tells Anya to look for a bump under her skin and Anya finds one in her forearm. Clarke asks Anya to untie her so she can remove it for her but Anya ignores her and tears out the tracking device with her teeth. They continue wandering through the woods when Clarke jabs Anya with the tranquilizer dart, telling her that she can find her way home from there and Anya is now her prisoner.

Clarke manages to drag Anya back to the drop ship and spots the faded and unrecognizable writing on the side of the drop ship with only her name clearly legible. Anya wakes up from the tranquilizer and the two engage in a bloody, brutal, long-lasting brawl until Clarke finally gets the upper hand. As she is about to kill Anya, she spots a glinting light far in the distance and sees a weather balloon high in the sky and realizes other Sky People are out there still. As Clarke and Anya approach Camp Jaha, Clarke tells Anya that their only chance against Mount Weather is if they fight together. Anya says the Commander was her Second and that she can get an audience. They part ways with Anya heading back to her people when a gunshot rings out and Anya falls over. Clarke runs to her side and tries to help Anya, however, Anya ends up dying.

Human Trials Promo Image Bellamy Clarke Octavia

Clarke, Bellamy, and Octavia

In Human Trials, a filthy and injured Clarke is dragged away from a dead Anya and carried into Camp Jaha by the Ark Guards. Abigail Griffin quickly recognizes through the mud and blood but Major Byrne tries to stop her from talking to the "prisoner." Abby tells her it is her daughter and they are reunited after Clarke had thought she was dead. Abby and Jackson then treat Clarke's injuries as Byrne questions her about Mount Weather. Clarke asks who else made it and Abby tells her that Finn and Bellamy and four others (Sterling, Murphy, Monroe, and Raven) made it.

Clarke wakes up after having been asleep for 10 hours and goes outside and sees Raven and they hug. Bellamy, Octavia, Monroe, and Mel arrive at Camp Jaha and Clarke runs to greet them, giving Bellamy and Octavia hugs. Bellamy tells her Finn is still out looking for her. Abby tells Clarke that Murphy and Finn are not a priority and they are not going after them. Bellamy is outraged that Abby would just abandon them now that she has Clarke back and offers to go on his own instead. She refuses to allow it and Jackson pulls Abby away to deal with an emergency in Medical. Bellamy and Clarke meet Raven at a section of the gate surrounding Camp Jaha. Octavia arrives and they gear up. Raven then has Wick shut down the electricity to that area of the fence and Bellamy, Octavia, and Clarke head out into the woods to go after Finn and Murphy.

Later that night in the woods, Bellamy is keeping watch over the campfire while Clarke and Octavia sleep. Clarke wakes up and they discuss her closing the drop ship door with him telling her that it had to be done. He then tells her how Finn has not been the same since Clarke disappeared and he let Finn go with Murphy and two guns. Clarke tells him she was sure it had to be done, too. They discuss getting the Delinquents out of Mount Weather and Octavia wakes up and makes them include Lincoln in their mission. Octavia leads Bellamy and Clarke to the Abraham Lincoln statue near Lincoln's village. She breaks down and begins to cry as she tells Bellamy about how the Reapers took Lincoln and she couldn't save him. They then hear machine gun fire and race off toward the village, arriving to see Finn massacring the people of Tondc. It is only when Finn spots Clarke that he stops shooting. As Clarke and Bellamy approach, Finn tells Clarke, "I found you."

In Fog of War, two days after the massacre at Lincoln's village, Clarke and Bellamy are sitting outside in the bar area of Camp Jaha. They are reviewing Clarke's map of the tunnels through Mount Weather and are discussing an action plan to get the Delinquents out. Finn and Murphy approach and Clarke admits she hasn't talked to Finn since they got back. Bellamy leaves to get drinks and Finn asks about the Mount Weather plan. Murphy tells Clarke they were cleared because the pardon the delinquents received for being sent to earth includes their time on the ground. Clarke still won't really talk to Finn so Finn leaves. Raven arrives and tells Murphy to leave before she reveals to Clarke that she figured out why they had not heard from any of the other Stations: Mount Weather has been jamming their signals. Major Byrne witnesses the conversation and tells Abigail Griffin. Later, while Raven is explaining to Clarke how Mount Weather has been jamming their signals and even crashed the Exodus drop ship that came down on Unity Day, Abby interrupts them and tries to stop them. Clarke and Raven convince Abby that they need to take down the radio tower on Mount Weather so they can find any other Ark survivors to help build their army. Abby tells Byrne to stay behind and guard the camp because Abby will be going with them to Mount Weather.

Clarke, Abby, Raven, and several other Sky People and Camp Jaha Guards are hiking to Mount Weather to take out the radio tower. Clarke and Abby discuss Finn's situation and how the Council cleared him. They then stop to survey Mount Weather and look for the radio tower. Abby realizes that Bellamy and Octavia have taken off on their own to find another way into Mount Weather. She sends Sgt. Scott and two other Ark Guards off to go find them. Finn volunteers to go after them, too, but Clarke stops him. Finn gets upset because of the way everyone is acting toward him since the massacre and storms off with Clarke following after. Acid Fog suddenly starts rolling toward them and Clarke and Finn take off for the bunker. When Clarke and Finn get to the bunker, Clarke sees Delano's corpse still sitting there. Finn covers it up. They discuss the awkwardness between them and Finn gives Clarke back her father's watch that had been around the dead Delano's neck. As the Acid Fog lifts, Clarke tells Finn that she doesn't know who he is any more and he says that he doesn't either. Once Clarke and Abby meet back up at Camp Jaha, Abby tells Clarke that they decided against blowing the radio tower because they're not sure if there are any Ark survivors but they are sure that there are 47 Sky People trapped in Mount Weather. Just then, Jaha approaches and tells them he has a message from the Commander: "leave or die. We have two days."

In Long Into an Abyss, with the threat of the Grounders attacking in retaliation for the massacre in Tondc, Abigail Griffin tells everyone at Camp Jaha that yes, the Grounders have threatened them but they haven't made any decisions yet. Jaha tells everyone to pack and be ready to leave if they need to. He will lead them across the Dead Zone and to The City of Light. Clarke interrupts and asks about the Delinquents still trapped in Mount Weather. Abby tells everyone that no decision has been made yet and they should all report to their station supervisors. As the meeting is breaking up, Bellamy grabs Clarke and tells her she needs to bring a Med kit and go with him to the drop ship.

When Clarke arrives at the drop ship, she sees Octavia and a chained-up Lincoln who had been turned into a Reaper by Cage. Clarke inspects Lincoln and discovers needle marks on his neck. Lincoln manages to break free and begins attacking everyone until Octavia is able to knock him out again. After Lincoln has been restrained again, Clarke tries to remove the bullet from his leg where Octavia had shot him. Octavia tries to give Lincoln some water and he thrashes at her, upsetting her. She goes outside to get more water but returns with Nyko, Lincoln's friend, instead. Lincoln begins seizing and Nyko kneels down with a vial to give to Lincoln. As he's holding the medicine over Lincoln's lips, he says, Yu gonplei ste odon ("Your fight is over"). Clarke recognizes the words from when Anya had said them and stops him from mercy-killing Lincoln. Nyko tells her that death is the only way just as Finn appears to warn them that everyone in Camp Jaha is about to leave. When Nyko sees Finn, he attacks him and strangles him for slaughtering his village. Clarke uses an Ark Guard's stun stick to knock Nyko off Finn just as Octavia realizes that Lincoln has stopped breathing. Nyko watches in awe as Clarke gives Lincoln chest compressions and gets him breathing again. Clarke realizes that the Grounders have been trying to bring Reapers back but have never been able to do so and she can use that to her advantage to stop the attack. Clarke goes down to the second level of the drop ship where Finn has been waiting alone. Finn tells her that even if Lincoln lives, he won't be the same. Clarke tells Finn that both he and Lincoln are saveable.

PromoLexaThroneClarke 2x07

Clarke meets Lexa for the first time

In Camp Jaha, everyone is preparing to evacuate when Clarke arrives and tells Abby that she knows how to stop the Grounder threat. In the distance, lights start to appear in the darkness of the night and everyone realizes the Grounder army has arrived. Abby then decides to head back to the drop ship to save Lincoln while Clarke goes to talk to the Commander. Clarke approaches the Grounder camp outside Camp Jaha and is stopped by Gustus who warns her he'll slit her throat at the slightest provocation. Clarke enters the Commander's tent and meets Commander Lexa who is seated on a throne with Indra on one side. Clarke tells Lexa about Mount Weather and about how she and Anya escaped together and presents Lexa with a braid from Anya's hair. Clarke lies that they can turn the Reapers back into Grounders because she has done it with Lincoln. Lexa demands for Clarke to prove it.

Clarke leads Lexa and her Guard through the carnage outside the drop ship while Abby is trying to get Lincoln breathing again. Abby finally gives up and says that Lincoln is gone but Octavia refuses to believe her and continues chest compressions. Clarke and everyone else enters the drop ship at that moment and they are at a standstill with everyone going for their weapons. Abby picks up the shock baton and holds it in front of her before using it as a defibrillator on Lincoln, shocking him twice before he starts breathing again, much to the Grounders' surprise and the Sky Peoples' relief. Later, back in Lexa's tent outside Camp Jaha, Lexa tells Clarke that she is willing to have a truce as soon as Finn dies.


Clarke saying goodbye to Finn one last time

In Spacewalker, Clarke arrives at Camp Jaha after speaking with Lexa, the Grounder Commander, who has ordered Finn's death for the massacre of Tondc before their truce with the Sky People can begin. Most of the Sky People want to give Finn up to the Grounders, especially because he wasted three months of oxygen on The Ark for the spacewalk that got him imprisoned. Clarke blames Murphy for what happened at Tondc even though Murphy had tried to stop Finn. He tells Clarke to blame herself since Finn was looking for her. Clarke visits with Lincoln who is recovering from being a Reaper. Abigail Griffin asks Lincoln how to negotiate with Lexa in order to save Finn but he says there is no way out of it and Finn must die. Octavia asks what would happen to him and Lincoln tells them that because Finn killed 18, he will suffer 18 deaths as a result. Clarke asks how he can say that about his friend and Lincoln tells Clarke that some of the dead Finn had massacred were Lincoln's friends, too.

Clarke finds Finn gathering supplies to leave. He tells her he is in love with her and he has done everything to keep her safe. He asks her to forgive him and Clarke asks him not to leave. They then hear the Grounders chanting loudly, Jus drein jus daun! ("Blood must have blood!"). Clarke and Finn leave Camp Jaha and are headed to the drop ship when they are attacked by a Grounder who knocks Clarke out. Finn pulls a gun on the Grounder and begs the Grounder to leave so Finn doesn't have to shoot him. Finn arrives at the drop ship, carrying an unconscious Clarke. Bellamy and Murphy take care of Clarke while Raven tries to comfort Finn. Clarke wakes up and Finn tells her he thought she was dead because of him. Clarke tells him he is not defined by the things he has done. Bellamy shouts a warning to them that the Grounders have arrived and they're surrounded. Raven wants to give up Murphy instead of Finn because Murphy was also at the village. Finn steps between Raven and Murphy and tells them they need to stay and defend the drop ship. He instructs Murphy to go upstairs and watch the back while he takes the lower level of the drop shop and Bellamy, Raven, and Clarke will take the front gate. Finn then climbs out the bottom of the drop ship and Clarke, Raven, and Bellamy watch the front gate as they witness Finn step out in front of them and surrender himself to the Grounders.

Back at Camp Jaha, Clarke, Raven, Bellamy, and the rest of the Sky People watch as the Grounders start setting up for Finn's execution. Abby says there is nothing to be done. Clarke, Raven, and Bellamy then meet up at Raven's Gate where Raven gives Clarke a knife so Clarke can kill Lexa because Raven owes Finn her life. Clarke approaches Lexa's tent and Indra stops her with a spear. Clarke presses against the spear, drawing blood. Lexa tells Indra to let Clarke through. Clarke begs Lexa to show how powerful she is by having mercy and that Finn killed those people for her. Lexa tells Clarke that Finn will die for her, then. Clarke asks if she can say goodbye and Lexa allows her to. Clarke walks over to Finn and hugs him, telling him she loves him and that he will be okay. He says, "thanks, Princess" and she steps away from him to reveal that she had killed him with the knife Raven gave her. Lexa tells her warriors that it is done and keeps them from attacking. Raven screams and crumples in hysterical grief while Bellamy catches her and holds onto her.

In Remember Me, Clarke is alone in Lexa's tent as she tries to scrub Finn's blood off her hands after having mercy-killed him. Abigail Griffin enters and hugs Clarke as she cries. Marcus Kane enters with Gustus behind him. Gustus tells Clarke the Commander is ready to talk. Lexa tells Clarke that Finn's body will be given to the people of Tondc since Clarke denied them their justice. Kane and Abby get into a disagreement with Indra over this but Clarke agrees to it. She says once it is done, they will then talk about getting all of their people, both Sky People and Grounders, out of Mount Weather. Clarke tells Abby that if the truce does not hold, then she killed Finn for nothing and walks away. Abby tells Kane that the Grounders are being led by a child and he tells her, "so are we." Clarke approaches Raven who is kneeling over Finn's body and tells Raven she is leaving with the Grounders and Raven needs to work on the radio. Raven tells Clarke she is coming, too and will bring the radio. Clarke then gestures to the Grounders to take Finn's body away. As they are doing so, Clarke sees Finn's eyes open and stare at her.

On the walk from Camp Jaha to Tondc, Clarke sees Finn standing in the woods off the side of the road. Bellamy asks if she is doing all right and tells her she did the right thing. Bellamy then tells her they are wasting time and what they really need is an inside man in Mount Weather. Clarke tells him she does not want him to go because she cannot lose him, too. While camping for the night, Clarke places her bedroll on the side of the Grounders. Bellamy tells her it is safer on their side but Clarke says they need to trust the Grounders. Bellamy places his stuff down on the Grounder side as well. After Clarke has fallen asleep, she is startled awake by the feel of Finn's of eyes watching her. She starts to turn around but doesn't. When they arrive at Tondc, everyone has to disarm before entering. Raven stubbornly forces Gustus to search her and disarm her. As they enter the village, Grounders shout at the Sky People, calling them murderers. One man stands in their way because he lost both his wife and child. Gustus fights the man and is about to kill him when Clarke begs Lexa to stop him so the Sky People will not get blamed. Lexa calls it off and announces to everyone that if anyone tries to stop the alliance, they will pay with their life.

During the funeral, Lexa gives an eulogy for the dead. She then passes the torch to Clarke who steps up and as she lights the pyre guided by Finn's hand, she says, Yu gonplei ste odon ("Your fight is over"), much to Indra's and Nyko's surprise. Lexa and Clarke then stand over the ashes of the funeral pyre as Lexa tells Clarke about Costia who was captured by the Ice Queen because she belonged to Lexa. They tortured her and cut off her head because they thought she might know Lexa's secrets. She got over the pain by recognizing that love is weakness. If Clarke does not do the same, then she puts the people she cares about in danger and the pain will never go away.

Later, at the alliance banquet, Kane brings forth some liquor to share. Clarke and Lexa both take a goblet but Gustus stops Lexa and takes a sip first before giving it back to her. As they toast and are about to take a sip, Gustus falls over from having been poisoned. The Sky People are searched and they find the poison on Raven. She claims it is not hers and that Gustus put it there when he searched her. Lexa commands for all of the Sky People to be locked up. Clarke asks Raven if she really had tried to poison Lexa and Raven punches Clarke in the face. Clarke sees Finn standing behind Raven and begins talking to him. Abby tells Clarke she knows how she feels and Clarke does not like the comparison between Finn's death and her dad's death but she realizes they are the same. Kane goes over to talk to Clarke and tells her that they need to figure out who would want Lexa dead. They come to the conclusion that the poisoner had to be someone who was trying to break the alliance. Nyko and Indra return and take Raven away. Indra tells them that Lexa is merciful and only wants Raven to die. The rest of them are free and they should run. Raven is then tied up outside to a pole where Lexa and Indra begin the "Death by a 1000 Cuts." Clarke remains seated in the alliance hall and sees Finn appear. He points to the goblet on the ground, making Clarke realize the poison was not in the bottle; it was in the cup. She runs outside and asks Nyko for the bottle and drinks from it, showing it was not poisoned. Bellamy realizes that it was Gustus who poisoned the cup because he was trying to protect Lexa from the alliance. Lexa commands Gustus to be tied up in Raven's place. That night, Raven gets the radio signal from Mount Weather and hears Jasper's message. Clarke tells Bellamy he was right and that they need an inside man. She tells him she was being weak and it is worth the risk for him to go. Clarke sees Finn again and tells him, "love is weakness," and he turns and walks away. Abby approaches Clarke to gives her ashes from the fire to say goodbye and Clarke tells Abby that she already said goodbye.

In Survival of the Fittest, Clarke is back in Tondc, planning with Lexa and her leaders a way to get both of their people out of Mount Weather. Quint gets argumentative with Clarke before storming off saying he can't be in an alliance with the Sky People. Lexa tells Clarke that waiting for Bellamy to get into Mount Weather is a prayer, not a plan. Clarke excuses herself for some fresh air and Major Byrne follows after. Clarke is wandering around outside when she spots Quint tracking her. He starts to taunt her and shoots arrows at her as she runs. Clarke pauses while running from Quint and sees Byrne whose arm has been ripped off. Byrne tells Clarke to save herself. Clarke begins running through the woods before she is again attacked by Quint. Lexa comes up and tells Clarke she can kill Quint when they hear a loud roar. Lexa says it's "Pauna" and slices Quint's leg while telling Clarke to run. The Pauna attacks Quint while Clarke, Lexa, and her guard look for a place to hide.


Clarke and Lexa defend themselves from Pauna

They quickly realize their hiding place is actually the feeding ground of the Pauna (a giant mutant gorilla) when she leaps over and attacks their guard. Clarke shoots at the Pauna but the bullets don't stop her and she chases after Clarke and Lexa, causing Lexa to injure herself. The Pauna grabs hold of Lexa but Clarke refuses to leave Lexa behind, saving her life even as they trap themselves into a room. Lexa tells Clarke that she is being weak by helping her escape the Pauna. Clarke tells Lexa that she needs her because she is smart. The Pauna finds them and begins beating against the door. Clarke has Lexa stand on one side of the door while they let the Pauna charge in and then race out the door, shutting it behind them and trapping the Pauna in the room. Later, Clarke awakens next to a campfire to find Lexa watching over her in the woods. The Pauna is still trapped and they are safe as long as the cage holds. This gives Clarke the idea of using all the caged Grounders trapped in Mount Weather as an army as long as Bellamy can get inside and release them.

PromoClarkeMap 2x11

Clarke finds out she is the target of an assassination attempt

In Coup de Grâce, in the woods, two Mountain Men are hidden from sight as they watch Clarke riding with Abby and several Grounders on their way from Tondc back to Camp Jaha. One of them has his sniper rifle trained on Clarke just as the group stops. Abby tries to get Clarke to drink some puddle water but Clarke refuses, telling her she needs to get back to the radio to see if Bellamy has contacted them yet. As they are mounting up, Carl Emerson, one of the Mountain Men, tells the other one he has a shot. Just then, the sniper is hit by an arrow and the bullet misses Clarke, hitting a Grounder behind her instead. Indra and Octavia have found the Mountain Men and Octavia fights Emerson, tearing his radiation suit. Indra tells her to "finish it" just as Clarke rides up and stops her, telling Octavia they want to keep him alive and to check for a patch kit for his suit. Octavia digs through Emerson's bag and finds a picture of Clarke and Lexa on horseback, the intended targets. Indra sends a rider to go warn Lexa of the attempted assassination.

Back at Camp Jaha, Abby is trying to help the Grounder who was shot by the Mountain Men. Jackson is helping Clarke with Emerson when Raven says she can hook up scrubbers to the airlock to make it safe to take off Emerson's protective outerwear. The Grounder ends up dying and Indra tells him, Yu gonplei ste odon ("Your fight is over") as she cuts a braid out of his hair. Clarke tells Abby to let her know when Emerson wakes up. After Emerson wakes up, Kane begins interrogating him but all Emerson will reply back is with his name and rank. Kane threatens to open the door to get Emerson to talk. Clarke tells Kane that torture doesn't work. Kane storms off and Abby puts Emerson under 24-hour guard.

Clarke joins Raven at the radio to see if Bellamy has checked in yet. Octavia enters and asks if there is any word from Bellamy and that Lincoln is still missing, too. Clarke tells her and Raven that Bellamy will get in. A PA announcement requests Clarke's presence at the airlock so Clarke leaves to deal with Emerson. Abby is waiting for Clarke and Kane and tells them that Jackson found genetic anomalies in Emerson's blood that could have only come from a Sky Person. Clarke wants to kill him but Abby tells Clarke she is not in charge. Clarke leaves and tells Raven that Mount Weather has already started bleeding the Delinquents and that it is over. Raven tells Clarke she is not allowed to give up and it is her job to come up with something. Just then, Bellamy's voice rings through on the radio, asking if anyone can hear him. Clarke picks up the radio and Bellamy tells her that the Delinquents have been locked up and that things are going to get ugly. He tells her that they need a plan that doesn't kill everyone because there are kids in there. Clarke tells Bellamy that he needs to turn off the Acid Fog and free the imprisoned Grounders. Bellamy asks Clarke to buy him some time so they won't discover him inside the mountain just yet.

Oct clar ind 2x11

Clarke, Octavia, and Indra free Emerson

Clarke brings Octavia, Indra, and several other Grounders with her to Emerson's airlock where Clarke makes the guard stand down and tells Emerson to get dressed. They take him outside and bring him to the gates where Kane and Abby try to stop her. Abby tells the Ark Guards to get the prisoner back inside but the Grounders behind Clarke step up threateningly. Clarke tells Abby, "you may be the Chancellor, but I'm in charge," and refuses to back down. Kane tells Abby that it's time they started trusting Clarke. Abby finally gives the order to stand down to the Ark Guards and Clarke makes her way through with Emerson. She tells Emerson to deliver a message to Mount Weather and that they have a secret Grounder army that the Acid Fog cannot hurt. With the tone generator they got off of Emerson, the Reapers can't hurt them either. Mount Weather has one last chance to let the Delinquents go and the Sky People will let them live. Clarke then releases air from Emerson's oxygen tank and tells him he has to make the eight-hour walk back to Mount Weather in six hours. Octavia asks how this will help Bellamy and Clarke tells her that it will make them look outside for this secret army instead of inside where they might find Bellamy and that Bellamy is the key to everything.

In Rubicon, at Camp Jaha, Clarke asks Raven if Bellamy has checked in yet. She is worried because he is late. Clarke sees that Raven has been working on plans for the dam and asks her how many tone generators have been created to stave off the Reapers. She gets upset when Raven tells her they only have two so far. Bellamy comes in over the radio and Clarke scolds him for being late. Bellamy tells Clarke about how the Delinquents are being taken away one at a time. Clarke tells Bellamy to find the missing Delinquents and leaves to tell Kane that she is no longer going to Tondc so he needs to go instead. Abby enters and Kane says that maybe the Chancellor should go to Tondc instead but Clarke says Abby is needed at Camp Jaha.

In Mount Weather, Bellamy is crawling through the air vents trying to find the missing Delinquents. He hears the sound of drilling and heads down a duct toward the noise and witnesses Dr. Tsing drilling into the now-dead Delinquent she had chosen earlier and extracting bone marrow to give to Emerson. Cage Wallace asks Emerson about Clarke and Emerson gives him the message that they're supposed to release the Delinquents. Cage then tells Emerson that it doesn't matter because tonight, he's going to drop a missile on Tondc where all of their leaders are meeting. Bellamy asks Clarke if she heard everything through his earpiece and she tells Raven she is leaving for Tondc. Bellamy asks after Octavia and Clarke lies that she is not in Tondc any more. Raven gives Clarke a hug goodbye.

Clarke rides into Tondc and is greeted by Octavia. She tells Octavia to take her to Lexa and Octavia asks what is wrong. In the woods outside Tondc, a Mountain Man (Whitman) reports back to Mount Weather that Clarke has arrived. Clarke and Lexa go someplace private and Clarke tells Lexa about the missile headed for Tondc. Lexa tells Clarke that they can't tell anyone about the missile because then Mount Weather will know they were warned ahead of time. Clarke wants to warn everyone but Lexa tells her that if she really did, then she would have done so before telling Lexa about the missile. Lexa and Clarke then leave. As they are sneaking out of Tondc, Clarke hesitates and tells Lexa they should find the spotter. She suddenly sees her mom in Tondc and goes back for her. Clarke gets Abby to leave with her while Kane and Indra realize Clarke and Lexa have gone missing. The missile lands on Tondc causing a massive explosion that knocks Clarke and Abby off their feet. Clarke's ears are ringing as she checks on her mom, telling her they have to go. Abby realizes that Clarke knew about the missile ahead of time and can't believe that Clarke would let it happen. She begs Clarke to tell her it was Lexa and it wasn't Clarke who did it, telling her she crossed a line but her secret is safe. Abby leaves in disgust and sadness and heads back into Tondc.

In Resurrection, Clarke witnesses the aftermath of the bombing in Tondc. A horse races past her, its mane and tail on fire. A woman stumbles out, holding her own amputated arm. Lexa grabs Clarke and shakes her to attention, telling her, "victory stands on the back of sacrifice." Clarke states that she wants all of the Mountain Men dead. Clarke tells Lexa that the spotter is the one who is shooting at the survivors and that she's going to find him and kill him. They begin hiking around Tondc as they look for the sniper, Whitman. Lexa keeps trying to convince Clarke that she did the right thing. They hear a noise ahead of them and run into Lincoln who is also going after the sniper.


Clarke and Lexa look for the sniper

Lincoln is shocked to see both Clarke and Lexa are safe and not in Tondc. He goes with them as they search for the sniper. They start looking for Whitman on higher ground but he spots them first and fires at them. Clarke draws his fire while Lincoln sneaks up on him and attacks Whitman. The sniper uses a tone generator to incapacitate him and holds Lincoln hostage with a knife while pointing a gun at Clarke. Lincoln tells Clarke to let Whitman kill him and then shoot Whitman because her people need her. Clarke replies, "You are my people," and kills the sniper in one shot through Lincoln's shoulder.

Lincoln returns with Clarke and Lexa and reunites with Octavia. Lexa starts to give a speech about making the Mountain fall and avenging the dead when Abby interrupts and tells them there are still others who need saving and to get back to work. Clarke walks up to Octavia and Octavia tells her she's glad she's not dead to which Clarke replies, "you, too." Clarke then tells Abby she needs to go back to Camp Jaha with the wounded but Clarke will be marching on Mount Weather because the sniper wasn't wearing a hazmat suit which means they're killing the Delinquents. Abby asks her to not forget that they are the good guys. Clarke and Lexa then leave for Mount Weather with Octavia, Lincoln, Indra, and the rest of their army.

PromoOctaviaClarke 2x14

Octavia confronts Clarke about Tondc

In Bodyguard of Lies, in the Grounder camp outside Mount Weather, Clarke is stressing over the battle plans and Lexa tells her she should rest because she is wasting her energy. Clarke worries over whether or not Bellamy will be successful and Lexa tells her that's what it means to be a leader. Lexa tells her she was born to be a leader, just like her. Later outside, Clarke approaches Octavia across from a campfire. Octavia confronts Clarke about the bombing of Tondc and asks Clarke to tell her she didn't know it was coming. Clarke tells her she did it to save Bellamy and Octavia tells her that Bellamy would have never agreed to it and would have found another way. Clarke tells Octavia she cannot tell anyone and Octavia says she knows; the alliance would break. They are then interrupted by Lexa and Ryder, one of her warriors. Ryder tells Octavia to go relieve the southernmost guard position. Octavia tells them Indra expects her to be on a scouting mission with Lincoln. Ryder tells her that Indra will join her there shortly and Octavia walks off. Clarke tells Lexa that Octavia won't say anything and Lexa says she can't be sure of that. After Clarke leaves, Lexa tells Ryder to kill Octavia.

Clarke spots Indra seated near a fire and asks her why she is not on watch with Octavia. Indra tells her she doesn't stand watch and Clarke then asks where Octavia is. Indra tells her that she is with Lincoln, scouting as planned. Clarke then heads off to find Octavia and spots Ryder with an arrow aimed at Octavia. Clarke points her gun at his head and tells him to stand down and come with her and she leads him away from Octavia. Clarke brings Ryder back to Lexa and tells her that Octavia is not a problem. Lexa tells Ryder to stand down and sends him away. Clarke tells Lexa she can't kill anyone she doesn't trust. Lexa says yes, she can. She calls Octavia a threat and Clarke tells her that Octavia wouldn't ever endanger her brother's life. She then tells Lexa that she's a liar and really does have feelings, about Gustus, about Costia, and about the people who burned in Tondc. Lexa tells Clarke that she didn't let her burn. Clarke asks for Lexa to trust her that Octavia is not a threat and then warns Lexa that if she does anything to Octavia, Clarke will tell everyone about the missile.
PromoLexaClarke 2x14

Clarke and Lexa see the flare

Later, Lexa summons Clarke to her tent to tell her that Octavia has nothing to fear from Lexa because Lexa trusts Clarke. Lexa tells her that their ways may be harsh but it is how they survive. Clarke asks if maybe they deserve more out of life than just surviving and Lexa kisses Clarke. Clarke returns the kiss before breaking away, telling Lexa that she is not ready to be with anyone. The Grounders then raise the alert that a flare has been spotted and they prepare for battle. Lexa tells them to sound the horn and announces they are going to war.

As the Grounder Army marches on Mount Weather, Octavia is with Indra and the other Grounders when Clarke walks up and tries to assign Octavia to the Rear Guard where she'll be safe. Octavia tells her she does not take orders from Clarke; she takes them from Indra. She then breaks off their friendship. Indra tells Clarke Lexa is looking for her and Clarke takes off. Indra and Octavia then discuss the Tondc bombing and Indra tells Octavia that Lexa and Clarke didn't do anything; it was the Mountain Men. They then sound the battle cry as they continue their march.

In Blood Must Have Blood (Part 1), Clarke and Lexa are in their Command Post tent with their military leaders when Monroe and Sgt. Miller arrive and Sgt. Miller gives her a package of hydrazine from Raven. Abby is not there because she stayed behind to help the wounded from the bombing in Tondc. Lexa and Clarke then begin to discuss the action plan and Clarke makes it clear that it is supposed to be a rescue mission and that they do not want to wipe out the Mountain Men. Clarke explains how there are four teams: one at the dam (Raven and Wick), one in the mines (Indra and Octavia), one inside the mountain (Bellamy and the caged Grounders), and Clarke's team who will take the front door. Clarke has found out from Maya Vie that the main door has a flaw if the power goes out. Raven and Wick will take out the power coming from the dam, causing a one-minute delay before the backup generator kicks in. This gives them one minute to blow the lock on the door. The reason they don't also want to blow the backup generator is because it would leave the Mountain Men without power for too long, killing them all. Clarke then admits that they've lost contact with Bellamy after he blew up the Acid Fog machine. She goes on to tell them that once they get the door open, they will be under heavy fire from Mount Weather and that's what they want. While they're distracting the Mount Weather Guards, Indra and Octavia will be getting the Grounders and Delinquents out the back door and through the Reaper tunnels. Lexa then gives an encouraging speech, ending in the chant of Jus drein, jus daun ("Blood must have blood") and all of the Grounders chant after her.

At Mount Weather's front door, Monroe drills a hole into it so Sgt. Miller can insert the hydrazine bomb to blow the lock. Lincoln follows him to provide protection in case any of the Mountain Men try taking any shots. Sgt. Miller's hands start to shake as he tries to insert the bomb and Lincoln tells him to do it for his son. Sgt. Miller replies that the Mountain has taken enough from both of them and steadily inserts the bomb. Clarke and Lexa then wait for the power to go out. Lexa invites Clarke to their Capitol, Polis, telling her it will make her change the way she thinks about the Grounders. Clarke tells Lexa that she already has. They soon hear gunfire coming from the dam and get ready to blow the door.

In Mount Weather, the power goes out all over the place and Cage Wallace tells Emerson over radio to start the clock for one minute. Emerson tells Cage he's not letting them get near the door. When the light over the door goes off, Sgt. Miller tells Clarke they have one minute to blow the lock. Clarke and Lexa hold the trigger and press the button together but nothing happens. Clarke realizes that Mount Weather is jamming the trigger signal and says she has to get closer. As she starts to approach the door, gunfire rains down from above and Lincoln grabs her to safety. Emerson and his men shoot at them from the ridge above the door, preventing them from getting close to the door. A group of Grounders create a shield to take Sgt. Miller to the door so he can trigger it manually. They are all shot down before they can make it. They only have a few seconds left when Lincoln comes up with the idea to use a flaming arrow to trigger the bomb on the door. He makes the shot with only a second to spare and the lock is blown. Lexa tells Lincoln to remain with Clarke while she takes a group up the ridge to take down Emerson's contingent so they can work on getting the door open. After the shooting has stopped. Monroe notices that Sgt. Miller is still alive underneath the Grounder shields and helps him. Lincoln then commands the other Grounders to start hooking lines onto the door so they can pull it open. As the door creaks open, Clarke gives the command to attack just as Lexa interrupts, telling them all to stand down.

PromoClarkeLincoln 2x15

Clarke and Lincoln

Lexa arrives from the ridge, towing Emerson along just as through the open door, harvested Grounders start stumbling out. Clarke asks if that means they surrendered and Emerson says, "not quite." Clarke asks Lexa what she did and Lexa tells her she saved her people but Clarke's people were not part of the deal. Emerson then heads back inside Mount Weather as Echo and the last of the Grounders are released. Lincoln asks Clarke what is going on and Clarke tells him what Lexa did. Lexa tells Lincoln the deal is done and orders the retreat to be sounded. Lincoln refuses to retreat and Lexa has him restrained. She then turns to Clarke and says, "may we meet again," before leaving with her army. Sgt. Miller, Monroe, and the rest of the Sky People tell Clarke it's time to go back to Camp Jaha to get reinforcements but Clarke refuses to leave, saying, "it can't be over," as she stands alone in front of the main door.

In Blood Must Have Blood (Part 2), down in the mines underneath Mount Weather, Octavia is waiting by herself for Bellamy to open the intake door. An alarm sounds and a body is dropped down a chute into a mining cart. Octavia sees Fox, dead from bone marrow drilling. Clarke comes running up, telling Octavia that Lexa and the Grounder army has left. Octavia and Clarke then get in a fight because Clarke is desperate to get into Mount Weather and will bring unwanted attention on them. Suddenly, the door opens and Bellamy appears with Monty, Jasper, and Maya and everybody hugs. Clarke asks Bellamy if he has a plan and he tells her no, but they can speak to Dante Wallace. Maya's oxygen tank beeps, warning her she is running low on oxygen. They split up with Bellamy, Clarke, and Monty going after Dante and Octavia going with Jasper and Maya to get her to Level 5 before she runs out of oxygen. In Dante's room in Mount Weather Quarantine, Clarke, Bellamy, and Monty come to him for help. Dante tells them that there is no one in the Command Center watching because everyone is trapped on Level 5. Clarke explains how they did everything they could to keep the Mountain Men safe and he needs to help them. Dante refuses to help but they take him with them anyway to the Command Center. Monty breaks them into the Command Center as Dante tells Clarke that he is not with his people because it is his responsibility to "bear it so they don't have to." Bellamy realizes that it was Dante who set up the alliance with Lexa.

Once in the Command Center, Bellamy sees Raven strapped to the table in the dorm room while Clarke spots Emerson in the Mess Hall. She calls him over the radio and tells him to give the radio to Cage Wallace. Clarke tells Cage she has his father and tells him she'll kill Dante if he doesn't let her people go. Dante tells Cage to "stay the course" and Clarke raises up her gun and aims it at Dante. Cage tells his dad he will take care of their people and Clarke shoots Dante dead. Clarke then tells Cage she will not stop until her people are free and will irradiate Level 5 if he does not let them go. Cage orders Emerson to go to the Command Center and kill them. Bellamy asks Monty to deactivate Emerson's key card as they watch Cage head toward the dorm. Clarke tells Monty to get it set up so they can irradiate Level 5 if they have to. In the dorm, Cage orders Raven to be removed from the table and has Abby put on instead. Kane tells them no one has to die because the Sky People can donate it. Cage tells him that it will never happen and they cannot all survive as they begin drilling into Abby. Bellamy warns Clarke there is no going back if they do this. Bellamy then sees Octavia and Maya get discovered by the Mount Weather Guards just as Emerson arrives outside the Command Center. Octavia and Maya are soon chased into the Mess Hall and are quickly surrounded by Mount Weather guards. Monty finishes the settings to irradiate Level 5 as Emerson gets ready to blow the door to the Command Center. Jasper is walking over to kill Cage while Abby is unconscious on the table. Bellamy watches as Octavia and Maya get caught in the Mess Hall. Clarke reaches for the lever and Bellamy places his hand on top of hers, saying, "together," and they pull the lever. The Mount Weather residents begin to succumb to the radiation. Emerson realizes what they have done and takes off running. Clarke, Bellamy, and Monty then walk through the Mess Hall and past all of the deceased residents of Mount Weather. Jasper is cradling a dead Maya and asks them what they did. He asks Monty how he could have let this happen. Clarke is reunited with her mother in the dorm and tells her she tried to be the good guy. Abby tells her, "maybe there are no good guys."

Bellamy and Clarke (Blood Must Have Blood, Part 2)

Clarke says goodbye to Bellamy

The next day, the Sky People return to Camp Jaha. Bellamy watches at the gate as Monty gives Clarke a hug before entering Camp Jaha. Clarke tells Bellamy to have a drink for her and Bellamy realizes she is leaving. He tells her, "if you need forgiveness, I'll give you that. You're forgiven." She tells him, "I bear it so they don't have to," before hugging him and kissing him on the cheek in goodbye, telling him, "may we meet again." As Bellamy turns back to Camp Jaha, he replies, "may we meet again."

Physical Appearance

Clarke is a beautiful young woman with pale complexion, blue eyes, a round face, dimple chin, and blonde hair. Her hair is often pulled back in a half-up/half-down style throughout season one. Clarke is 5'4" (1.65 m) and has a medium to slim physique. Clarke is also shown to wear earrings. Generally, Clarke is covered in dirt and/or blood and she very rarely smiles.

She usually wears thermal long sleeve shirts with crotchet cuffs combined with a jacket, dark jeans, and boots. She is often shown in dark colors such as; black, gray, navy blue, dark green and tan.

While in Mount Weather Quarantine, Clarke was seen in stark white clothing, a tank top and capris. After being released from quarantine, she was seen in pastel colored clothing, a pale pink singlet, a light blue jacket and light blue capris.


Clarke is headstrong, determined, dependable, and intelligent. As a natural born leader who is capable of inspiring all around her, Clarke will contemplate and ask questions before acting. However, she has been shown to make impulsive decisions. She is also fair, selfless, caring, and loyal to a fault. Even after his death, Clarke shows a high level of devotion and admiration towards her father. She is quick to call people out on their behavior. She has a natural maternal instinct, as shown when she comforts Charlotte and later protects her. While she certainly has a good head on her shoulders, she is quick to accuse, and has displayed poor judgment which resulted in Charlotte’s death.

Despite the harsh world she lives in, Clarke is fiercely determined to save everyone’s lives, even if they do not deserve to be saved; which is evident when she helps John Murphy, who once tried to kill her and is partially responsible for Charlotte’s death. Finn believes her desire to save everyone comes from the fact that she could not save her father. Clarke has a strong moral compass; even to the point of stopping Miller and other Delinquents from killing Anya, their enemy.

Unlike Bellamy Blake, her co-leader, Clarke is idealistic and sees no reason for torture, cruelty, or violence of any kind. She does not wish for violence or war and tries to avoid fighting. However, she will betray her beliefs to protect those she loves and cares for; which is seen when she gives Bellamy the go-ahead to torture Lincoln to save Finn. She also agrees with Bellamy on bringing guns into camp for protection, even if she does not like the thought.

Clarke tries to make the best decisions for the camp, which often leads to her undermining Bellamy’s authority and rule. Clarke has a surprisingly keen mind for warfare and strategy, a trait that takes Bellamy, Finn, and Raven completely by surprise.

Clarke is described as a natural born leader, especially by her mother; who mentions Clarke got her leadership qualities from her father. Clarke’s father once mentions she gets her stubbornness from her mother. She has often shown maturity and wisdom beyond her age. Though Clarke can be rather blunt and closed off, she does have a vulnerable side, which she only shows around those she loves and cares for. Like her mother, she is a healer and puts her skills to good use.

Clarke is also portrayed as artistic, one of her strengths which was seen as she drew along the walls of her cell.


Abigail Griffin

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"Earth, Clarke. You get to go to Earth."
- Abigail to Clarke[src]

Abigail Griffin, the mother.

Clarke is Abigail Griffin's daughter. Although the two are not close they both love one another. Before Clarke is sent down to Earth, Abigail tells her to be safe and that she loves her. After, Abigail watches over Clarke's vitals.

While on Earth, Clarke learns the truth about her father's death. This causes a rift between Clarke and her mother. To punish her mother for her father's death, she takes her wristband off, letting Abigail believe her to be dead. When Raven Reyes makes contact with the Ark, Clarke confronts her mother and tells her she knows the truth. Abigail tries to apologizes explain his death was never supposed to happen. Clarke truly believes she will never be able to forgive her mother for turning in her father.

When Clarke believes her mother to be dead, she is devastated. When they are reunited Clarke is happy to see her but their relationship is strained due to Clarke wanting to save her friends. Abby often disagrees with the decisions Clarke makes in regards to the people.

Bellamy Blake

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"Ready to be a badass Clarke?"
- Bellamy to Clarke.[src]

Bellamy Blake, the co-leader.

The relationship between Clarke Griffin and Bellamy Blake starts out antagonistic towards each other. In the beginning, Bellamy shows a great amount of animosity towards Clarke and considers her to be "privileged". Bellamy looked down on Clarke because of her upbringing on the Ark. Meanwhile, Clarke often disagrees with the decisions Bellamy makes.

As season one goes on, however, their relationship develops into a partnership. Their partnership grows into a friendship filled with mutual respect and trust. They are both shown to care if the other lives or dies.

Bellamy and Clarke have been known to clash on many different occasions. This often leads them to be on the opposite sides of an argument. The two have also been known to contradict one another. One such occasion is when Bellamy makes a speech about staying at camp and fighting the Grounders. Minutes later, Clarke makes a contradicting speech about surviving to fight another day and that they should leave camp.

Clarke shows great concern for Bellamy during the fight with the Grounders. She refuses to close the door until Bellamy is back. When Clarke is forced to leave both Bellamy and Finn Collins outside to die, she is shown to be remorseful as she closes the Dropship door.

Finn Collins

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"I love you, too."
- Clarke to Finn[src]

First Love

Clarke and Finn Collins start off as friends. They eventually become romantically involved. Although Finn is in love with her, Clarke has refused to be romantically linked to Finn.

Finn accompanies Clarke on the journey to Mount Weather. While on the trip Finn learns that the Ark is dying and tells Clarke they need to warn the people. Later the two bond in the bioluminescent forest.

When Clarke searches for evidence of Jasper's whereabouts, Finn does not accompany her, at first. When he calls it a suicide mission, Clarke calls him a joke and leaves. Later he appears and joins the rescue party.

Clarke, Finn, and Wells look for medicine that can assist Jasper and eventually they are forced to take cover in a buried vehicle when an acidic fog appears. Clarke and Finn bond and talk about having fun. Later on, Finn explains to Clarke that Wells loves her and that she should forgive him. Finn is also quick to realize that it might not have been Wells who turned in Clarke's father. He asks Clarke this, leading her to realize that it wasn't Wells.

When things go wrong in camp, Clarke and Finn keep Charlotte protected after John Murphy seeks revenge for being accused of a crime he didn't commit. Finn leads the two to an underground bunker that he had found. That same night, Finn learns that all of the wristbands have been fried and loses hope that they will not contact the Ark. As a result he runs off to the underground bunker. Clarke follows after him and tries to calm him down. The two end up having sex.

Later that night, Clarke and Finn sit under the stars and see a falling pod, believing it to be a shooting star. Clarke is devastated after Raven Reyes, appears and is revealed to be Finn's girlfriend from the Ark.

Throughout the rest of Season One, Clarke tries to distance herself from Finn for Raven. However, they still have romantic feelings for each other. Finn holds Clarke's hand on the bridge before the peace meeting takes place. Finn also catches Clarke when she falls, due to her sickness, with knowledge that he may catch the virus Clarke has. Sometime after Raven and Finn break up, Finn confesses his love for Clarke, however, she rejects him because he broke her heart. In the final battle with the Grounders, Clarke is shown to very upset and regretful when she leaves Finn outside the Dropship to die.

When Clarke and Finn are reunited later in Season Two, Clarke discovers that Finn has massacred an entire village of Grounders trying to find her, and she backs away in horror once she sees what happened. Clarke tells Finn that he is savable, although, he has trouble believing it. Finn later shows remorse for his actions and when the Grounders want to kill Finn, Clarke defends him by trying to hide him at the Dropship to keep him safe. When Clarke says that Finn can't run off because the Grounders will find him and kill him, Finn says he deserves that for what he did. He then confesses his love for Clarke again and she begs him to stay. Later on, after they are both attacked and almost killed by a Grounder, Clarke assures Finn that the things they have done to survive do not define who they are, but Finn believes that this is who they are now. Finn later gives himself up to the Grounders at the Dropship to save his people from being slaughtered by the Grounders. Later that night, Clarke tries to convince Lexa to show mercy to Finn and let him go, but Lexa won't do it. Clarke also tries to get Lexa to kill her in place of Finn, but she won't let Clarke take his place. Clarke asks permission to say goodbye and Lexa accepts. Clarke runs to Finn and kisses him and tells him that she loves him. Finn says that he is scared but Clarke reassures him that he will be okay. He whispers "Thanks, Princess" in Clarke's ear and his head drops to her shoulder. Once Clarke pulls away, the knife Raven gave to her to kill Lexa is covered in blood, and Clarke's hand is covered in blood. Clarke had killed Finn, and he told her "Thanks, Princess" to thank her for killing him quickly, stopping the torturous death the Grounders wanted to give him.

Wells Jaha

"How can you ever forgive me?"
- Clarke to Wells.[src]

Wells Jaha, the best friend.

Clarke and Wells Jaha were best friends. They were best friends prior to being sent to Earth. It is shown that their families were close.

One day, Clarke told Wells that her father discovered that the Ark is dying. He promised he would not tell anybody. Later that night, Clarke's father was floated and she developed a hatred for Wells, believing him to have told his father.

Before Wells' death, the truth about Clarke's father's death is revealed. Clarke and Wells never got the chance to fix their friendship, as he was murdered the next morning.

Jake Griffin

"You get your stubbornness from your mother. That's what I love about both of you."
- Jake to Clarke[src]

Jake Griffin, the father.

Clarke is Jake Griffin's daughter. They were very close while he was alive. Even after his death, Clarke speaks highly of her father and shows great devotion to him. Jake's death left her devastated and emotionally scarred. As a memento Clarke continued to wear her father's watch.

Clarke overhears a conversation between her mother and her father and learns the Ark is failing. Clarke learns her father plans to tell the citizens of the Ark. Clarke offered to help with her father's plan but he refused her because he didn't want to involve her. When Jake was arrested and later floated Clarke blamed herself for his death. She believed she killed him by telling Wells Jaha of Jake's plans.

Clarke later learns, however, that his death was not her or Wells' fault. Clarke refuses to forgive her mother for the part she played in Jake's death.


Season One
Episode Appearance Status
Pilot Appears
Earth Skills Appears
Earth Kills Appears
Murphy's Law Appears
Twilight's Last Gleaming Appears
His Sister's Keeper Appears
Contents Under Pressure Appears
Day Trip Appears
Unity Day Appears
I Am Become Death Appears
The Calm Appears
We Are Grounders (Part 1) Appears
We Are Grounders (Part 2) Appears
Season Two
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The 48 Appears
Inclement Weather Appears
Reapercussions Appears
Many Happy Returns Appears
Human Trials Appears
Fog of War Appears
Long Into an Abyss Appears
Spacewalker Appears
Remember Me Appears
Survival of the Fittest Appears
Coup de Grâce Appears
Rubicon Appears
Resurrection Appears
Bodyguard of Lies Appears
Blood Must Have Blood (Part 1) Appears
Blood Must Have Blood (Part 2) Appears


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Notes and Trivia

  • In a phone interview, Kass Morgan confirmed the meaning behind the following character's names.
    • Clarke Griffin - Arthur C. Clarke, was a British science fiction writer, science writer and futurist. [3]
  • Eliza Taylor is left-handed, making Clarke left-handed.
  • Her surname was originally going to be Walters, but it was changed to Griffin.
  • In the Pilot Clarke stated she still had 1 month before her 18th birthday. At the end of Season One the 100 have been on Earth 29 days. At the end of Season Two 52 days have passed making her 18.
  • She is the daughter of a Doctor and Senior Environmental Engineer. This made her one of the "privileged" on the hierarchy created by the Ark.
  • Clarke's prisoner number while on the Ark was "319". Clarke was in solitary confinement for 11 months. In the Mount Weather quarantine zone, her room number was 302-5.
  • Kane included Clarke in Jake Griffin's treason charges.
  • Unknowingly in a love triangle between Finn Collins and Raven Reyes, Clarke chose to distance herself from Finn for Raven's sake.
  •  Clarke was the first person to kill another person. She mercy killed Atom in Earth Kills. Clarke was one of four Sky People to kill a Delinquent, the others being CharlotteBellamy, and Murphy.
  • Clarke is the third LGBT character to be revealed on The 100, after Lexa and Costia.



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  3. Kass Morgan

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