Hey, dance with me.
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Bree was a recurring character in the first and fourth seasons. She was portrayed by Alyson Bath and debuted in Twilight's Last Gleaming.

Bree was one of the 100 juvenile delinquents sent to Earth in the "Pilot". Though she did not appear on screen, she survived the battle against the Woods Clan at the end of Season One and was one of the 48 delinquents captured by the Mountain Men. She survived the conflicts against the Mountain Men in Season Two and against A.L.I.E. in Season Three.

Her first appearance since the first season was in God Complex where she was shown partying in Arkadia. In DNR, she chose to stay at Arkadia instead of going to Becca's Crypt. She died in The Other Side, when she followed Jasper's example and committed suicide by overdosing on drugs at the end of the world party.

Early LifeEdit

Bree was born on the Ark. At some point before turning 18, she committed a crime for which she was imprisoned. She was sent down to Earth with 99 other juvenile delinquents to see if the ground was sustainable for life.

Throughout the SeriesEdit

In Twilight's Last Gleaming, Bree is in bed with Bellamy and Roma when they are awakened during the night by a sonic boom and accompanying exclamations of surprise from delinquents outside their tent. Bree follows Roma and Bellamy outside to join a crowd as they watch a drop-pod from the Ark entering the atmosphere and coming down to the ground.

After Bellamy leaves to find the dropship, Bree heads back into their tent with Roma and goes back to bed. Clarke and Finn enter the tent while Roma is getting dressed and ask where Bellamy has gone. Roma, angry at the intrusion, informs Clarke that Bellamy left a while ago. After Clarke and Finn rush off to find Bellamy, Bree draws her blankets over herself, eager to sleep in.

In God Complex, Bree is in attendance at the "end of the world" party in Arkadia and is seen dancing to the music with Riley. Seeing Bellamy is alone and not joining in on the "celebration", Bree approaches him and asks him to dance with her. When Bellamy replies that he doesn't dance, Bree flirtatiously tells him that she doesn't mean dancing. Bellamy accepts the invitation and goes to drink at the bar with Bree and other partygoers.

In DNR, she chose stay behind at Arkadia instead of going to Becca's Crypt. Bree can be seen dancing and talking with Hayes

In The Other Side, she is present when Riley dies because he accidentally overdosed with the jobi tea. Bree, Harper and other sky people listen to Jasper talking about how peacefully Riley died and they decide to kill themselves that same night. She later dies from a drug overdose along with everyone in Arkadia who decided to stay behind except for Monty and Harper who decided to go to the bunker and survive.


Bree is shown to be a party animal with a diva attitude.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Bree has a slim build and long blonde hair.


Season One
Episode Appearance Status
Pilot Absent
Earth Skills Absent
Earth Kills Absent
Murphy's Law Absent
Twilight's Last Gleaming Appears
His Sister's Keeper Absent
Contents Under Pressure Absent
Day Trip Absent
Unity Day Absent
I Am Become Death Absent
The Calm Absent
We Are Grounders (Part 1) Absent
We Are Grounders (Part 2) Absent
Season Four
Episode Appearance Status
Heavy Lies the CrownAbsent
The Four HorsemenAbsent
A Lie GuardedAbsent
The Tinder BoxAbsent
We Will RiseAbsent
Gimme ShelterAbsent
God ComplexAppears
Die All, Die MerrilyAbsent
The Other SideAppears
The ChosenAbsent

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • At 52, Bree has the second longest series lifespan of a deceased character, second only to Jasper, who has a lifespan covering 56 episodes.


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