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  • Noctosphere


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  • Noctosphere


    So, I live in Quebec, Canada, and the only way I have to watch The 100 live is to pay 10$/month for a channel called PIX11

    If there is any way to watch it online, does anyone canj share it here please?


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  • The100game

    The 100. Game

    December 1, 2016 by The100game

    Hey everyone. If anyone is interested in being part of the 100: uprising which is a game based on the 100, please follow @the100_uprising on Instagram or message wanheda_blake_ on kik to join, or for further information.

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  • Thereselovesyou
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  • Bringbackthewikia

    On Octavia Blake

    October 1, 2016 by Bringbackthewikia

    Many of the comments/posts I have seen on Octavia have made me (and others I know of as well) feel very uncomfortable. I think it may be of interest to some people to consider the following: 

    Link 1

    Link 2

    Link 3

    Link 4

    Link 5

    Link 6

    Link 7

    Link 8

    Link 9

    Link 10

    Link 11

    Link 12

    Link 13

    (There's plenty more where those came from.)

    You don't have to agree with them, and they're not all completely objective, but they do bring up good points. Next time you condone all of Octavia's actions, think about what, exactly, you're condoning - that's all. 

    PS. If the comments section gets out of hand, I have no problem in disabling it.

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  • Bugthe


    September 4, 2016 by Bugthe


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  • Amethystkitten

    GIF Requests

    August 31, 2016 by Amethystkitten

    Hello, members of the 100 wiki!

    As said by the title this blog is for GIF requests. I can GIF any scene from any episode so there are no restrictions, but I'll let you know in the comment section if I'm unable to create your GIF. They won't have anything fancy, these are just straight GIFs, though I can add text if you'd like.

    • Please be patient with me, I have a life and making these takes some time. This means I'd prefer not to be asked how a request is going. Especially since I'll be going back to school next week, I won't have as much free time as I do right now.
    • As said, I can GIF any scene from any episode, however, I insist that you tell me from which episode the scene you would like is. Don't just ask for a GIF of Clarke and Bellamy t…

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  • Herbadra


    Le peuple du ciel de retour à Arkadia, qu'elle avait abandonné précipitamment dans la saison 3, s'affère à remettre en état le camp. La sécurité, le flux et approvisionnement des vivres et de matériels se réorganisent. Les réparations allant de la structure externe à la mise en fonctionnement de tous systèmes électroniques sont pris en charge. En tant que dernier chancelier, KANE assure l'intérim jusqu'aux lections, prévue dans un mois. L'ancien chancelier JAHA est mis en détention provisoire afin d'éclaircir les évènements survenus lors de la saison 3 et découvrir qu'elles sont ses responsabilités. L'officier BELLAMY a repris ses fonctions sous les ordres du Chancelier KANE, ansi que tous les membres des 100. La vie reprend so…

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  • MoonlitShadowsoftheHumanSoul

    As most of us know, in the novels, Bellamy is the son of the Chancellor and Melinda Blake (the show's equivalents are Jaha and Aurora Blake). In both mediums, Bellamy and Octavia are only half-siblings. Now, the show has never hinted at Bellamy and Jaha being related, but if done right, it could be a very good move to have it in S4.

    As of S3 finale, Bellamy is on a redemption arc, and Jaha will need a reason to be in the show. Doubtful, but still possible he could be in a leadership position, however, there's also the possibility of the rest of Arkadia disliking him because he brought A.L.I.E. to camp. In any case, Jaha isn't exactly a liked character by the audience. Bellamy has done a redemption arc before, so what could be done to give J…

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  • Jennadolores


    July 7, 2016 by Jennadolores

         Recently I heard of Troye Sivan..y'all must know him he is kinda famous and gay,not being a Debby Downer but being gay is kind of in and all the rage and honest to God i love it but I digress.

       Im a 17 year old girl i am not saying its a phase but im stuck in that place where i dont want to be an outcast yet i abhor the mere thought of anything mainstream so I listen to songs that either scream fo acceptance,hating of societal norms or sommething else...i listen to All Time Low,P!ATD(gollly Brendon is so damn fine),Skillet,Nirvana,My Chemical Romance basically anything but pop and rap.

    So on a good Friday evening,on Wattpad(best app ever,after Tumlblr) a girl with a very peculiar username tells me I should listen to him and i thought …

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  • Dr. Legendary

    For a few months, I've slowly been working on a map that documents the locations of the stuff from The 100. The distances shown on the map are based on stuff seen onscreen, worked out using other onscreen stuff, and real-world approximations between locations (Washington-Baltimore, Baltimore to NYC, Washington to Atlantic coast).

    If you have anything else for me to add to this map, tell me the measurements and I'll add it on.

    Stuff I want to add are the Blockade of Arkadia (don't know distance from Arkadia), Farm Station Survivor Camp (don't know where it was in Azgeda), Floukru Oil Rig (don't know how far offshore it is) and the other clans (don't know where they are).

    Let me know what you think...

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  • Sammycay16

    the finale wtf!!!

    May 30, 2016 by Sammycay16

    is anyone else annoyed with the finale or is it just me?

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  • Alexandra th100

    May we meet again - Lexa (before she dies) 

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  • AforAlison

    Hi Wikia-Users,

    Here are two more clips from the upcoming episode!

    The first one involves a flashback to the Ark which explains why Pike is teaching the 100 how to survive.

    The second is Clarke, Octavia, Bellamy & Jasper hitting the roadblock mentioned in the summary.


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  • AforAlison

    Welcome Wikia-Users,

    Firstly, as we know, ALIE's mission is to populate the City of Light. What will she achieve in doing this? I know that it has been mentioned that the more minds connected, the more ALIE gets powerful, but in what way? 

    Secondly, how does the City of Light actually work? I hope Raven can provide more information because she basically sweeped over that and told us that ALIE 2.0 is the only thing that can stop ALIE.

    Thirdly, what will happen once ALIE has filled the City of Light...will she 'disconnect' everyone's minds from their physical body, killing them. If so, this could fufill her objective, which would be to help the human population.

    Lastly, the more I think about it, the more I feel ALIE's mission is endless. Since …

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  • Noctosphere

    Why Lincoln died?

    April 26, 2016 by Noctosphere

    My guess, producers want to come back with an Octaper, or Jastavia relationship, like at the beginning of season 1

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  • Sinfullysarcastic




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  • Noctosphere

    Who really is Luna?

    April 22, 2016 by Noctosphere


    So yeah, my theory, here it is...

    I haer Lexa might return with all the City of Light thing.

    So my guess, Luna will receives the Flamme.

    Mayve Luna and Lexa are twins, right?

    I mean, Lexa couldn't kill Luna during the Conclave

    Also, like many twins in our world, their name looks alike.

    both names have 4 letters, both name begin with a L, both name ends with a A.

    How about you, would that make sense?

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  • Princess Diva


    April 22, 2016 by Princess Diva

    Read comments below.

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  • Princess Diva
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  • Princess Diva


    April 15, 2016 by Princess Diva

    Read comments.

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  • Roseleslie

    Please stop pretending the show will be like game of thrones by doing too many major deaths and rape and violence . and tbh the 100 will never ever be like game of thrones . and I'm saying that as someone who really hated season 5 but really Game of thrones is 1238678362 times better than the 100 .

    I know Game of thrones is also full of deaths and violence and the first episode alone contain rape and throwing a child from the window but the difference her that Game of thrones was introduced as a dark drama about political conspiracies + the show is aimed to adults and is obviously +18 . But the 100 was introduced to us as a sci-fic which is aimed to almost teenagers and under 15y kids . Dear Jason is that ok for your kids to watch a teenage…

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  • Night Heda

    Top 5 fighters

    April 12, 2016 by Night Heda

    1. Lexa.

    Do I even need to elaborate?

    2. King Roan

    Roan managed to disarm Lexa and land multiple hits on her as well. He defeated and captured the legendary Wanheda.

    3. Ontari

    Not much is known about Ontari, but she managed to slaughter all of the Nightblood children single-handedly, surprise Wanheda, and Roan respects her strength greatly. She has been shown to have impressive perception when she realized that Wanheda was going to poison the Ice Queen, Nia, with the Queen herself not even realizing it. 

    4. Wanheda

    Wanheda has been championed with the title "Commander of Death" with the skill to back it up. Despite being surprised and captured by Roan, she also managed to do the same to him by overwhelming and subduing him and even almost drownin…

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  • KurvaShpee

    Hello everyone!

    I have only recently joined The 100 fandom. Obviously, I am a big fan of the show but just like with any other TV show I liked, I stayed away from the community. The passion that die hard fans have is not always a good thing so I always chose to stay away from it all. But The 100 became very dear to me. I fell in love with all the characters and to put it simply I was curious what other people have to say about my beloved characters from the show.

    So I joined the community with the third season well underway and straigh away, I have noticed the wide spread hate towards Bellamy and his actions. Now I would be the last one to admit that I am not angry at him. In fact I am furious with him. But do I hate him? No way. I very much…

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  • Phloxyboo

    dear diary (4/4/2016)

    April 4, 2016 by Phloxyboo

    day 4 of not studying for practical exams that start on 4/6/2016.

    not a single textbok has been opened, but many shows and video games have been perused. my room is also now clean.

    procrastonation is a beautiful yet terrifying thing.

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  • Roseleslie

    most of the 100 fans keep on saying that Jason is traating POC badly but let's talk about his treatment for a 100% white / blondie character and actress (Eliza Taylor)

    Clarke in season 3 barely has a storyline . At least Bellamy even tho he is totally awful and OOC but he has a story . But Clarke No she has zero story . literally all she did in Season 3a was being Lexa's pit / love toy . She turned into a minor Character in Lexas story and she is also OOC more annoyingly than Bellamy and Revan . She said she owe nothing to her people . she spending her time drawing Lexa when her people dealing with bullsh!ts with Pike and his new politics . When she caught Emerson she even didn't mention that she had to save her people but she just being wh…

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  • Janus100


    March 20, 2016 by Janus100

    I'm not here to defend either side. I'm here to defend the right to respectful speech.

    Obviously, people disagree. Neither side has been nice to the other side. Both sides have been harassed and bullied on this Wikia. That's not to say that everyone is being mean, but neither side can claim to be innocent here.

    One side has been told they're homophobic, racist, prejudiced, trolls, jerks, insensitive, etc. The other side has been told they have no right to be upset, are being too sensitive / freaking out, had their feeling be mocked/ignored/diminished, etc. Both sides have called the other ignorant, told others to go educate themselves, been told to shut up, etc. None of this has endeared one side to the other or brought about any solution. B…

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  • Skyzy

    Minorities Deserve Better

    March 18, 2016 by Skyzy

    I finally wrote something official, Everyone! I got tired of reading article after article about the LGBTQ backlash yet everyone seemed to be forgetting a good chunk of the fandom's outrage: the mistreatment of other minorities.

    Please check it out: 'The 100' Fandom: Minorities Deserve Better

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  • Arctictigers

    Bellamy Blake

    March 17, 2016 by Arctictigers


    Let's talk about Bellamy Blake, shall we?

    Bellamy has been my ultimate favourite character from the moment he stepped on screen. Bob Morley is making wonders, portraying this character. Season one and two Bellamy have amazed me and Bob made me fall in love with him more than you could imagine. However, ever since season three started, something isn't right about the character. Something is going terribly wrong with the character of Bellamy Blake...


    Now you must understand that my adoration for Bellamy Blake didn't start because I found him handsome. Some might think: "Ah she's a girl, he's a boy, she only likes him for his good looks." To be completely honest, and I really do cringe every time I adm…

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  • ILoveRichardHarmon

    I not happy with him in this season , he have become a jerk in this season. Why the hell he pick pike over his friends and sister. Because pike hate the grounder I like new flash grounder are people too. But different way

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  • Sparkstoaflame

    The Blog Post

    March 13, 2016 by Sparkstoaflame

    I don't even know what to call it by this point, but clearly, this needed to be written.

    Allow me to direct you to this thread here. I'm going to be kind and say that this season was kind of a train wreck. The only pleasure I personally got out of watching it (and I know there are many others who didn't even like those) were the Polis scenes. Which also started to decline in quality after "Watch the Thrones". Which, coincidentally, ranks with my least favorite episode of the season after "Hakeldama". (The only reason I'm not including The Episode That Shall Not Be Named is because it was actually a pretty decent episode up until, like...the 32 minute mark...R.I.P. ._.)

    I want you to stop reading this and watch this video.

    If you are actively haras…

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  • Epicklutcher94

    10.  Octavia : Otavia is numer 10 because she is the first of the Sky people to fully assimilate into the grounder community. 

    9. Jackson : Abby's second hand is an amazing doctor and a fun character to se. however i am saddened to see him turn to A.L.I.E 

    8. John Murphy : my personal least favorite character because of his brutal nature ,but i recognize his importance to the plot and his future role.

    7. Sinclair : the head Engineer second to jaha. He is a genius and a problem solver. He save the remaining Ark residents by bringing them to earth 

    6. Indra : the trainer to Octavia and a general badass 

    5. Lincoln : the first grounder we meet and the most friendly. He is a recovering addict and an amazing fighter. 

    4. Bellamy : The good/bad guy. H…

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  • Panorama500

    I know, it has been a hard few days for Lexa, Clexa, and any 100 fans, I understand that. But I have been reading a few blog posts and scrolling through tumblr, twitter, etc... And I found some disturbing posts. I found one blog about, a step by step process of how they would get "justice" at Jason Rothenberg. One step that really disturbed me was "Direct all your angry tweets at Jason, and ONLY at Jason". This is the link. 

    I loved Lexa, not only was a kickass commander, a firm character (and smoking hot), in the few minutes following after her being shot, I was, very sad, and thought that this couldnt be the end. But some fans have just taken it WAY to far, like sending Death threats to J rothenberg, Like…

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  • Skyzy

    Thirteen Review

    March 6, 2016 by Skyzy

    I was debating whether or not to do a review on this episode (or any future episodes) but after reading all the JR Apologist reviews online, I feel as if it's my duty to present the other side of the Lexa death equation and say that it was not right, it was not necessary, and it was not well-done at all.

    • ALIE - Becca - Polaris - ALIE 2.0 - Nightblood - Commander connection. I/we (the wikia) already figured it out over the last few weeks but I still loved it and am still really enjoying this plot.
      • How did Becca pass on her "Nightblood"? By injecting random people? How does it "appear" in people like Lexa, Aden, and Ontari? Genetically passed on? How does this work?
      • I love Erica Cerra. I loved her on Eureka and I love her on The 100 as both AL…

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  • MoonlitShadowsoftheHumanSoul

    I can't be the only fan who's disappointed in S3. The Grounder politics is okay, but the Pike and CoL arcs just feel rushed. Not to mention characters are acting very out of character, and everything just seems more boring than in previous seasons. Thoughts?

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  • Skyzy

    What Would It Take?

    March 2, 2016 by Skyzy

    I came for the sci-fi, post-apocalyptic dystopia (my favorite genre) and stayed for the amazing character development (now gone in favor of cliched tropes, recycled plots, and fan-baiting), the thought-provoking plot (ruined under meaningless conflict), the moral ambiguity (which is now clearly defined by the POC villains and saintly white women), and the philosophical debate (also gone because without the foundation of logic and reasoning which this season is severely lacking, you can't philosophize about anyone's motivations).

    Lincoln isn't even dead yet and this show would have already lost me as a viewer if it wasn't for this wikia. Them killing off Lincoln is just one more massive misstep in a season of wrong turns and unbelievable con…

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  • NewellMichael 1989


    March 1, 2016 by NewellMichael 1989

    I think Lincoin kill the guy in the 13th ship 

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  • Skyzy

    Bitter Harvest Review

    February 28, 2016 by Skyzy

    This episode was better than the last two weeks and was more along the lines of the first three episodes of Season Three. Still not enough for this show to redeem itself (and at this point, Bellamy reflects exactly where this season is: irredeemable). This episode also breezed over yet another important scene that occurred off-screen (the cease-fire agreement between Lexa and Pike). I am now the only person of everyone I know who is still even watching this show and at this point, it's solely because of this wikia.

    • Octavia all day long. She gets her own discussion point.
    • Emerson was a welcome breath of fresh air in the stale Polis storyline.
      • Emerson has always been one of my favorites and he killed it this episode.
      • A question for the Crime and …

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  • TinistaGabriela


    February 24, 2016 by TinistaGabriela

    Hi! I'm new to the Wiki. I love watching The 100. Here are some facts about myself.

    1. My name is Gabriela.

    2. I'm 17.

    3. I'm from Portugal.

    4. I'm a huge fangirl.

    5. My favorite characters from The 100 are Clarke, Bellamy and Octavia.

    6. I've started to read The 100 books.

    I guess that's about it. Message my wall if you want to know more.

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  • MRR1

    From what we have seen, it does not look like the City of Light has alot of people if any. Does this mean the city of light is a place you go to for a brief time if you take that chip and meditate, or is it more like heaven? The way Jaha described it, made me think it was a place like heaven, only you can visit there before you die. Although if that were the case, wouldnt there be more people there? Did Jaha ever say people live in the city of light forever? 

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  • TheOmegaWerewolf

    I don't blog often but this is just something I thought was important enough to be addressed. Originally, I was going to just post it in a comment but it ran a bit long so I decided to create a whole new blog post for it.

    Does anyone even pay attention to what the other characters say about Lexa? You learn a lot about Lexa through their perspectives. It's interesting because while you learn about Lexa through her actions, other characters' perspectives teach you a lot as well.

    Titus recognized a major difference in her that set her aside from all the previous Commanders. Indra told everyone in 'Remember Me' that Lexa was merciful for only requesting Raven's life instead of everyone's after the poisoning. Lincoln knew Lexa was merciful and po…

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  • Skyzy

    Hakeldama Review

    February 19, 2016 by Skyzy

    I'm trying. I'm really, really trying. My street cred is being ruined; two of my friends texted me last night telling me they couldn't watch this train wreck of a show anymore. This episode was better than last week's at least? I'm keeping this short to refrain from screaming because I feel like a disgruntled employee who has just been given the middle finger by the corporate bigwigs as they maniacally laugh with cigars dangling out of their mouths, drinking their 100-year-old scotch. (My spidey-senses are telling me that white, male privilege is once again benefiting in some way from this disaster.)

    • The summit was only two days ago? So that means they returned from Polis and immediately held the election that night? WTF!
    • With this timeline…

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  • Cv12

    I have been watching The 100 from the very beginning and I think it is one of the most amazing T.V. shows that have come out in the last couple of years. I really liked how Clarke started out as someone who nobody really listened to on the ground because of who her parents are, but then because of her medical knowledge and will to do whatever it took to keep her people alive they started taking her more seriously and she became a leader alongside Bellamy.  I do kind of feel bad for her though because as a healer all she wants to do is help people and keep the peace between her people and the Grounders, but because of the stupid actions of others she is forced to take it upon herself to make the hard descions like to kill Finn to make him p…

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  • Ebony2k16

    So I've been thinking which the shippers go nuts that something really cool that they should do in the show is somehow create a BroTP between Lexa and Bellamy.


    The two are pretty similar once you think about it. Both lost loved ones to the Ice Nation (Lexa lost Costia and Bellamy lost Gina) They both do anything for their people (Bellamy says everything he does is for them and Lexa puts her people first) They both have a leadership position of some kind with their people, ext.

    I just really want to see how shippers would react. They spend so much time villanizing the person "blocking" their ship that if the two people in the separate ships got along, it would be cool. 

    But not only to sit back and watch the shippers run around conf…

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  • Asnow89
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  • Thewritersdiary

    I am here to discuss the train wreck that has become Bellamy Blake. There has been a lot of hate flying around on Twitter and Tumblr, Youtube, and even a bit on the Wikia about his character, Pike, and basically just the whole Arkadia plotline in general. I can totally see where these people are coming from - in fact, I am still very pissed off. This whole storyline is giving me whiplash, and not in the good, classical The 100 "holy shit, that just happened" sense. More like in the "I'm going to kill the writers" sense. When I first finished "Watch the Thrones" I was outraged, and I think I have every right to be.

    What they have done with Bellamy Blake is so incredibly frustrating, I had to put a tremendous amount of restraint on myself not t…

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  • Panorama500

    These are some of the responses i have been getting.

    "If it doesnt appear in two or more episodes it should count"

    "We put all of the clans under Grounders (Earth)"

    This is my argument:

    Grounders (Earth) are collectively the Grounders, the people who survived the nucelar war. But the different clans are little societies, they should have their own pages. It was already confirmed we will get to know Broadleaf clan more and more throghout the season, and if we have 12 pages of information on one page, fans seeking info will get confused. The way this wiki organizes things, you guys are restricting info, like "if it doesnt appear in two episodes then we shouldnt add it" but that makes NO sense, shouldnt everything in the 100 universe be added, do…

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  • Janus100


    February 14, 2016 by Janus100

    "Watch the Thrones" has made me question the entire Grounder governing structure.

    We know from "Survival of the Fittest", that Grounders believe that a dead Commander's spirit picks the next Commander. Clarke called it reincarnation. We're told in "Watch the Thrones" that the first Commander was a Nightblood. So, it can be inferred, that Commanders having to be Nightbloods is part of their reincarnation belief. But the commander can be of any clan – we know this because children of all clans are sent to the Polis and because Ontari of Ice Nation could vie to be the next Commander.

    In "Watch the Thrones", we learn that a Commander can be removed by death or by a unanimous vote of no confidence. Since we know the next Commander is selected by …

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  • AckermanTheGod

    I'm probably going to edit this later, like when the episode actually comes up, but currently, I have something to say about Bellamy. He really made a huge switch in the past four episodes. In the whole series, actually. Seriously, it bothers me how quickly I managed to turn between my favorite and least favorite characters. At the beginning of this season I hated Lexa with a passion and loved Bellamy. Now after Watch the Thrones, I strongly dislike Bellamy and love Lexa.

    So, is "300" Bellamy's favorite number or something? He enjoys reading about all that Greek mythology, maybe he started reading something else. Like the original Battle of Thermopylae. He must've read about the 300 Spartans. Remember in season 1 when he threw away the radi…

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  • Skyzy

    Watch the Thrones Review

    February 12, 2016 by Skyzy

    I'm going to do this in reverse and start with the Lowlights because I was not a fan of this episode at all and would like to end the review on a positive note. I'm left with that horrible, anxious feeling I had after watching Octavia beat up Bellamy in the Season 3 trailer back in December, only this time it's worse because all that dread of what might possibly happen seems to be frighteningly coming true.

    • Hannah, I liked you when you were first introduced! I had hopes you might replace Abby as a likable female adult on this show. Guess not.
    • Everything Bellamy. He gets his own discussion point and it's a long one.
    • It was sad to see Harper and Monroe walking away from Lincoln because they're (currently) still trusting Bellamy even when he's a ge…

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