You're Family. You'll work it out.
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Bellamy and Monty is the relationship between Bellamy Blake and Monty Green. They are portrayed by starring cast members Bob Morley and Christopher Larkin.

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They don't have much interaction throughout Season One. They have a few conversations and Bellamy appears to be worried, when Monty doesn't answer his walkie in The Calm.

In Season Two, Bellamy is eager to free the Delinquents from Mount Weather, Monty being one of them. After Bellamy successfully sneaks into Mount Weather, the two are seen having brief conversations and Bellamy convinces Monty to keep going after he doubts himself because an innocent Mount Weather resident died on his watch.

In Blood Must Have Blood (Part 2), the two and Clarke try to save the Sky People from the Mountain Men. Monty then hacks into the control system so that they can irradiate level 5 if the Mountain Men refuse to free their people.

In Season Three, Monty and Bellamy are working with Charles Pike. Bellamy is also shown to be worried about Monty after he finds out from his mother that his father died. They both lie to Monty's mother in Terms and Conditions, in order to save Harper and Miller.

During Stealing Fire, they try to convince Harper and Miller they're on the resistances side and want in on Harper and Miller's plan to help Kane, Lincoln and Sinclair escape.

In Fallen, Bellamy convinces Monty to not give up on his mother despite the fact that she sold him out to Pike.

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