Bellamy: "You made her strong."
Lincoln: "She was already strong.
— Discussing Octavia [src]

Bellamy and Lincoln is the relationship between Bellamy Blake and Lincoln. They are portrayed by starring cast members Bob Morley and Ricky Whittle and meet in the sixth episode of Season One.

They start off as enemies and Bellamy even tortures Lincoln at one point for information on the Grounders. Because of Lincoln's romantic relationship with Bellamy's sister, Octavia, Bellamy grows to accept Lincoln as an ally and even saves Lincoln's life after he turns into a Reaper.

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Bellamy and Lincoln first meet in Season One's His Sister's Keeper when Lincoln stabs Finn. Bellamy captures Lincoln and brings him back to his camp and tortures him in Contents Under Pressure for more information on the Grounders. Bellamy also suspects that Lincoln has taken a liking to Octavia after seeing sketches of her in his journal. In Unity Day, Bellamy discovers the extent of Octavia's and Lincoln's relationship when he sees them embracing and then when Lincoln saves her life. Eventually in We Are Grounders (Part 2), Bellamy sees Lincoln as an ally and allows him to take Octavia to safety in order to save her from her arrow wound.

In the second season, Bellamy commiserates with Octavia when she tells him how she lost Lincoln. Bellamy then helps Octavia capture a Reaper Lincoln in Fog of War and they bring him back to the drop ship so Clarke Griffin can try saving Lincoln (Long Into an Abyss). Later, in Survival of the Fittest, Lincoln agrees to take Bellamy to infiltrate Mount Weather. But, Lincoln is unsure of his ability to resist the Reaper drug. The two men make it to Mount Weather but their plan fails when Lincoln is unable to resist the Reaper drug, which leads to Bellamy's capture. Lincoln finds out from Octavia in Rubicon that in spite of him deserting her brother, Bellamy still successfully made it into Mount Weather.

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