Echo: "Why are you trying to save me?"
Bellamy: "Because, Echo, I'm afraid too. We are about to head to space, where we will be tested every minute of everyday for next 5 years. I'm not gonna lie to you. I still don't trust you... maybe I never will... But you're strong. We have a better chance of surviving if you're up there with us."
— Bellamy convincing Echo not to kill herself. [src]

Bellamy and Echo is the relationship between Bellamy Blake and Echo. They are portrayed by starring cast members, Bob Morley and Tasya Teles and debut in Coup de Grâce.

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They met in season 2 episode Coup de Grace. Echo immediately distrusted Bellamy and spat in his face because he was Sky People. But, when she saw that he killed Sgt. Lovejoy she eventually believed his story that he was there to help everyone escape Mount Weather.

In season 3, Ye Who Enter Here their mutual trust and respect was broken when Echo betrayed Bellamy and the Sky People to Queen Nia and Emerson.

They meet again in Season Four but Bellamy shows anger towards Echo, and Echo doesn't trust Bellamy. He stopped her from cheating during the Final Conclave, which cause her to get banished from Ice Nation by Roan.

Later in Praimfaya, Echo tried to kill herself but Bellamy was able to stop her and convince her not to and go to space with him. She decides to go to Go-Sci Ring with Bellamy and the others.

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In Coup de Grâce, Bellamy and Echo meet for the first time in the Harvest Chamber inside Mount Weather. Bellamy is thrashing around in his cage until Echo, who is in the cage next to his, tells him in Trigedasleng to be quiet because they take the strongest individuals first. Bellamy tells her that he doesn't understand what she is saying to him. Echo realizes Bellamy is a member of Skaikru, then spits on him. Sgt. Lovejoy and a doctor enter the chamber and plan to take Echo for a blood transfusion, but Bellamy begins to kick around, forcing them to choose him instead. After escaping the chamber with the help of Maya, Bellamy promises Echo that he will come back to rescue her.

In Blood Must Have Blood (Part 1), Bellamy keeps his promise to Echo and releases her from her cage along with the others in the chamber. He tells Echo that an army of their people will soon be marching on Mount Weather. Before Bellamy leaves, Echo thanks him.

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  • Bellamy saved Echo first, when Mountain Men tried to take Echo from her cage to take her to the Harvest Project, but Bellamy banged on his cage to make them think that he was stronger so they took him instead. Later, Echo saves Bellamy by stopping Sgt. Lovejoy when he tried to stab Bellamy by holding his hand while Bellamy choked him to death.
  • In the beginning of Season Four, it was also implied that Bellamy still blamed Echo for the death of Gina Martin, and as Bellamy was about to leave Polis, Echo presents the King's seal to Bellamy. She asks him if they will ever trust each other again, to which he replies, "I doubt it." It was implied that Bellamy is still upset at Echo and shows hatred towards her for betraying him in Season Three.
  • In Praimfaya, they are no longer enemies, they become allies and go to space together along with others.

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