I think peace is overrated. It's the fighters that survive.
— Murphy to Luna [src]

Jonathan Murphy, commonly known as Murphy or John Murphy, is a major character in the third, fourth and fifth seasons. He initially appeared as a recurring character in the first and second seasons. He is portrayed by cast member Richard Harmon and debuts in the series premire.

Murphy is part of the original 100. Because of his crime, Murphy is considered "expendable" and is chosen as one of the 100 Delinquents sent down to Earth to see if it was survivable. Murphy serves as both an ally and antagonist for the Delinquents.

While on Earth, Murphy was Bellamy Blake's second-in-command until Clarke Griffin accuses him of murdering Wells Jaha, resulting in the Delinquents trying to hang him. He is banished from the Camp and captured and tortured by Grounders before escaping. He returns to the Camp unknowingly infected with hemorrhagic fever, spreading it to most of the Delinquents. He kills Connor and Myles for their participation in attempting to hang him. He also tries to hang Bellamy and badly wounds Raven Reyes by shooting her before he escapes from The Camp and is recaptured by Grounders.

In Season Two, Murphy is eventually reunited with the remaining Delinquents outside Mount Weather. He ends up going with Finn to Tondc in search of the missing Delinquents. As Finn massacres 18 villagers, Murphy tries to stop him unsuccessfully. He is later blamed for this as well and decides to join Thelonious Jaha on his journey to the City of Light. He and Jaha eventually reach an island and Jaha leaves an injured Murphy behind to chase after a drone. Murphy discovers a lighthouse bunker from before the nuclear apocalypse and makes himself at home before discovering the previous owner had committed suicide.

After being locked inside the bunker for 86 days, Murphy finds out the truth about A.L.I.E. and escapes from Jaha, along with Emori.

Early Life Edit

As a boy, Murphy grew up on the Ark with his mother and father, a time he recalls fondly. After Murphy fell ill with the flu, his father Alex stole medicine in his desperation to help his son. Captured following his crime, he was sentenced and floated, a fate Murphy's mother consequently blamed on him. Seeking solace from her pain, Murphy's mother began drinking heavily, a path that eventually led to her death. Her last words towards her son blamed him for the death of his father.

Following the death of both parents, the orphaned Murphy was arrested after setting fire to his father's arresting officer's quarters. He was awaiting his review at eighteen along with the other delinquents. However, before the time came, he was sent among the hundred delinquents down to earth to discover whether or not the planet was survivable.

Throughout the SeriesEdit

In Pilot, Murphy is with his friend John Mbege and a group of Delinquents. When he sees Wells Jaha forcibly grab Jasper Jordan Murphy intervenes. Murphy declares that Jasper is one of them while Wells and Clarke Griffin are not. Murphy continues to try and fight Wells. When Wells tries to fight back after being injured, Finn Collins steps in and tells Murphy to wait until it is a fair fight.

Later Murphy approaches Wells and reveals to Wells that his father begged for mercy before Wells' father floated him. Shortly after, Wells sees Murphy's message: "FIRST SON FIRST TO DYE" carved into the Dropship. Instead of having its desired effect, Wells tells Murphy he spelled "die" wrong. Soon after Bellamy Blake approaches Murphy and tells him if he plans to kill someone not to announce it. Bellamy convinces both Murphy and Mbege to remove their wristbands by hinting that they will help him run the place. Later that night, Murphy and Mbege help Bellamy ambush Wells and forcibly remove his wristband.


Murphy and another delinquent

In Earth Skills, Murphy's sadistic streak begins to show when he forcibly holds Delinquents' heads over a fire as he removes their wristbands in order to trick those on the Ark that they are dying from radiation. When Wells finds out, he tries to stop Murphy. Murphy and Wells begin fighting again. When Murphy pulls out a knife, Bellamy stops Murphy to give Wells a blade wanting a "fair fight." Eventually, Murphy is defeated by Wells and downed after trading blows. The fight is interrupted by Clarke and the others returning who tell them that Jasper was wounded and taken by Grounders.

Murphy accompanies Bellamy, Wells, Finn, and Clarke as they search for Jasper. While walking through the woods, Murphy asks Bellamy how they got into the rescuing business. Bellamy explains that he's here only for Clarke's wristband. Bellamy states he'll do anything to get it, even if he has to cut her hand off himself. This makes Murphy smile. The group eventually finds Jasper being used as live bait. When the group tries to help him, Clarke triggers a pitfall. Although delayed, Murphy helps pull her to safety. Murphy helps Finn cut Jasper down and bring him back to the Camp.

Later, Murphy assists Bellamy with the panther Wells shot and has the Delinquents trade their wristbands for food. When Finn tries to take the food without giving up his wristband, Murphy tries to stop him, however, Finn rebuffs Murphy by saying, "I thought there were no rules." Murphy lets Finn take the food. Soon after, Murphy watches on as Bellamy strings Atom up to a tree for the night as punishment for disobeying his orders.

Earth Kills 077 (Murphy and Bellamy)

Murphy and Bellamy

In Earth Kills, Murphy practices knife throwing with Bellamy until Atom and Jones return from searching for the missing Delinquents, Trina and Pascal. Murphy insists the two are probably in "pound town." Murphy starts teasing Atom with the reminder of what happened to him the night before for kissing Octavia. Bellamy tells the group to keep an eye out for Trina and Pascal while hunting, leaving Murphy to take care of the Camp. Acid Fog forces all the Delinquents at camp to take shelter in the drop ship. Jasper's dying moans keep everyone up most of the night so Murphy decides to finish him off but Octavia and Monty barricade the upper level, preventing him from killing Jasper. Once Bellamy and the others return to the camp the next day, Murphy gets Bellamy angry at him for calling Octavia psychotic.
Murphy's Law 069 (Clarke and Murphy)

Murphy and Clarke

In Murphy's Law, Murphy orders the other Delinquents around the Camp as they build a wall. When one of them, Connor stops and asks for water, he urinates on him. Later after Jasper and Octavia find a knife with initials "J.M." on it near the recently murdered Well's disembodied fingers, Clarke confronts Murphy and accuses him of killing Wells. The other Delinquents decide to "float" Murphy and beat him up and hang him with Bellamy giving the final kick of the bucket from under him. As Murphy is dying, Charlotte steps forward as the real murderer and Clarke grabs Bellamy's ax and cuts Murphy down.

Murphy demands that Charlotte be punished but Bellamy disagrees. Murphy knocks him down with a log and leads a group including John Mbege after Charlotte who escapes with the help of Finn and Clarke. The chase eventually leads to the side of a cliff where Murphy takes Clarke hostage in exchange for Charlotte. Charlotte kills herself by jumping off the cliff and Bellamy goes after Murphy, trying to beat him to death. Clarke stops him and convinces Bellamy to banish Murphy from The Camp instead. When the group is leaving, Finn leaves behind a weapon for Murphy to defend himself with.

In Twilight's Last Gleaming Finn mentions Murphy as a reason to keep quiet when Clarke suggests telling the other Delinquents about the buried bunker they found.

In I Am Become Death Murphy gets tangled in the tripwire outside of the Camp while supposedly running away from the Grounders and is found by Octavia, Connor, and Derek. He tells them he was captured and tortured by Grounders. Clarke confirms he was tortured by his nails being torn off and the cuts and wounds he received. When Bellamy finds out he's back he decides to kill him, but Clarke tells him he could have useful information on the Grounders. Murphy soon begins violently throwing up blood and it is revealed he is carrying a virus. Everyone in the camp starts falling ill and Clarke sends Octavia to Lincoln for a cure. Octavia informs everyone that the Grounders are coming to attack and the sickness is used to weaken the Delinquents.

Clarke falls ill and Murphy gives up his bed for her as he is already beginning to feel better. He assists Clarke and Octavia with helping the others who suffer from the sickness. When mostly everyone has recovered from the virus, Clarke manages to convince Bellamy to allow Murphy to stay. In the drop ship, Murphy checks on a sleeping Raven and smothers Connor with a wet rag while he sleeps, killing him in revenge for hanging him.

In The Calm Murphy is working in the Smokehouse with Octavia, when Delinquents|Del brings in more wood for the fire. Octavia warns Del that they have too much wood but he decides to ignore her warning. Murphy supports Octavia's claim but Del once again ignores them. After the Smokehouse burns down Murphy gets into a fight with Del that is quickly broken up by Bellamy.

In We Are Grounders (Part 1) While Myles is lying injured in the |dropship, Murphy sneaks in and quickly smothers him, killing him. Jasper enters and they both look toward the gun with Murphy grabbing it first. He shuts the dropship doors and uses Jasper as a hostage.

Bellamy exchanges himself for Jasper's release and Murphy has Bellamy tie his own noose. Murphy taunts Bellamy and eventually forces him to hang himself. Meanwhile, Raven is under the drop ship floor trying to open the door. When she makes a noise, Murphy fires through the floor, thinking it is Octavia. He wounds Raven but she manages to get the door open anyway and he flees to the upper level. As Bellamy tries to get through the hatch, Murphy uses the Delinquents' gunpowder to blast a hole through the wall and he escapes through the hole with one of Raven's walkie-talkies.

In We Are Grounders (Part 2) Murphy is tied to a tree, having been captured by the Grounders, who are using his radio to listen in on the other Delinquents. He is stabbed in the leg by Tristan for not telling them about the landmines. The Grounders leave Murphy with a guard to watch him while they attack the the Camp.

In The 48, Murphy enters the drop ship after the Grounder who had been guarding him is shot dead by an injured Raven Reyes. Since Murphy is the one that caused her gunshot wound, Raven tries shooting him with her assault rifle, but either the gun jams or there were no bullets left in the gun. When she starts to cough up blood, Murphy tries to help her by rolling her on her side, but Raven is very resistant about receiving help from Murphy. When she asks him why he is helping her, he says he does not want to die alone. As Kane, the Ark Guards, Bellamy, and Finn arrive at the drop ship, Murphy tries to talk down Bellamy, but he Bellamy attacks him anyway. Kane arrests Bellamy for assault and Murphy for murder. Kane tells them both that he is in charge now. They are taken away to Camp Jaha.

In Inclement Weather, the Ark Guards bring Murphy into the stockade at Camp Jaha and tie him up across from Bellamy. They are both interrogated by Kane, but this is quickly interrupted by gunshots outside and they are left alone. They soon hear Raven screaming as Abby performs surgery on her without anesthesia. Murphy comments that is how he sounded when the Grounders tortured him for three days. Eventually, Bellamy is freed by Finn, Monroe, and Sterling. Bellamy decides to take Murphy with them because he knows where the Grounder camp is at. As the group leaves Camp Jaha they are greeted by Abby and Sgt. Miller who give them guns to find the rest of the Delinquents.

MurphyRopeSnaps 2x04

Murphy saving Bellamy

In Reapercussions, Murphy, Finn, Bellamy, Monroe, and Sterling arrive at the Grounder camp where Murphy was kept prisoner and scope it out. When Finn sees a Grounder with one eye wearing Clarke's father's watch, they create a plan to ambush them. Murphy is given two rocks to knock together to attract the Grounder's attention. Bellamy sneaks up behind him and knocks the Grounder out. They take the Grounder back to Finn's bunker to interrogate him. After the Grounder draws them a map to the alleged location of the Delinquents, Murphy says there is now no point in keeping him alive but Bellamy disagrees. As they are arguing, Finn executes the Grounder and says they need to continue their mission.

In Many Happy Returns, Murphy and the others come across the wreckage of Factory Station. There is only one survivor, Mel, who is clinging to the side of a cliff. Finn suggests they leave her but Sterling climbs down anyway. The rope Sterling was on comes untied and Sterling plunges to his death with Murphy and Monroe looking on in shock. Bellamy tells everyone to make a new rope. Finn, Murphy, and Monroe hold onto a rope made of belt straps as Bellamy climbs down to save Mel. As they lift Bellamy and Mel up, however, the rope breaks and Murphy is the only one holding Bellamy and Mel up. They are ambushed by Grounders as Finn and Murphy struggle to hold onto the rope. Monroe starts shooting at the Grounders but is soon hit in the thigh with an arrow. A foghorn is heard and the Grounders scatter. They pull Bellamy and Mel to the top and Bellamy looks up to see that it was Octavia who had blown the fog horn and had saved them. Because of Monroe's and Mel's injuries, Bellamy and Octavia decide to take them back to Camp Jaha while Finn continues on to the village where the Delinquents are allegedly being kept. Bellamy allows Murphy to go with Finn and tosses him a gun. Murphy and Finn head off to save their friends.

In Human Trials, Murphy and Finn have arrived at the Grounder village where the Delinquents were supposed to be. They look through the scopes of their rifles and count 26-28 Grounders but no Delinquents. They decide to go in stealth-wise under the cover of darkness but Finn changes the plans and sets their food storage on fire to create a distraction. When they are discovered by the villagers, Finn takes one of them hostage until Nyko steps forward and tells them their leader is not there. They round all of the villagers up into a pen in the center of the village and hold them hostage. While Murphy keeps guard over the villagers, Finn searches for the missing Delinquents. Finn finds a pile of the Delinquents' belongings and confronts the villagers, pinning a woman to the ground with the gun to her head. Murphy tells Finn they are scavengers and their friends are not there and they should go. Finn refuses to believe it because the Grounder with one eye drew them the map. Nyko speaks up and tells them that Delano was cast out of their village and is a liar and thief. Murphy again pleads with Finn to leave. As it seems like they are about to leave, however, an old man panics and leaps out of the pen, fleeing in fear. Finn reacts quickly, shooting him dead and causing more panic among the villagers. Murphy desperately tries to calm him down, trying to grab hold of him and shouting at him to stop, but Finn won't let up. Finn eventually stops when Clarke and the others arrive. Murphy and the others stand and stare in disbelief at what Finn has done.

In Fog of War, two days after the massacre in Tondc, Murphy joins Clarke in the bar area of Camp Jaha. He tells Clarke they were pardoned by The Council. Clarke tells him that she still does not trust him.

In Spacewalker, at Camp Jaha, security has been increased and Major Byrne even gave Murphy a gun. Clarke and Bellamy approach and Finn offers to help with the perimeter security but Bellamy takes him inside. Clarke blames Murphy for what happened at Tondc even though Murphy had tried to stop Finn. He tells Clarke to blame herself since Finn was looking for her.

Later, Bellamy, Raven, and Murphy (by Raven's invitation) arrive at the drop ship and wait for Finn and Clarke. Finn arrives at the drop ship, carrying an unconscious Clarke. Bellamy and Murphy take care of Clarke while Raven tries to comfort Finn. Clarke wakes up and Finn tells her he thought she was dead because of him. Bellamy shouts a warning to them that the Grounders have arrived and they're surrounded. Raven wants to give up Murphy to the Grounders instead of Finn because Murphy was also at the village. Finn steps between Raven and Murphy and tells them they need to stay and defend the dropship. He instructs Murphy to go upstairs and watch the back while he takes the lower level of the drop shop and Bellamy, Raven, and Clarke will take the front gate. Finn steps out in front of them and surrenders himself to the Grounders.

In Survival of the Fittest, Indra arrives at Camp Jaha with her warriors to train with the Sky People. While Marcus Kane is giving a speech about how this is a chance for Grounders and Sky People to work together against the Mountain Men, Penn starts accusing Murphy in Trigedasleng for being at the massacre in Tondc and not doing anything. Murphy tells him he doesn't speak "Grounder" and the two get in each other's faces. Kane gives Murphy two days of work detail and tells him to apologize to Penn. Murphy refuses and Penn tells him he's going to burn like Finn. Murphy swings a punch and everyone starts fighting with Octavia and Kane trying to break it up while Jaha watches smugly. Later, Murphy is busy mopping floors when Jaha tells him he got him off work detail because he wants Murphy to take Jaha to Wells' grave at the dropship and hands Murphy a gun.

Jaha and Murphy are walking through the forest on their way back to the dropship and Jaha tells Murphy he remembers his father; he remembers everyone he floated. Murphy leads him to the graveyard. Jaha has a moment over his son's grave and asks Murphy how well he knew him. Murphy tells him the truth about how Charlotte killed Wells because she could not kill Jaha. Jaha tells Murphy they'll rest at the drop ship for a while. In the drop ship, Jaha tells Murphy that he deserves a second chance and that "good can come out of even the darkest acts." Jaha tells him how they are similar and are both outcasts by their own people. He tells Murphy about the City of Light and how he wants to find it and lead his people home. Later, Murphy awakens to find a group of people outside the drop ship. Jaha had invited them to come with him to find the City of Light and now Jaha wants Murphy to join them.

In Rubicon, Murphy is in the Dead Zone with Jaha and his followers as Jaha tries to find where he crashed down. They spot what looks to be an abandoned cart and go over to investigate it. A Grounder pops out and threatens them. Jaha offers to help her with her cart. The Grounder, Emori, tells a tale about how she and her brother were on the way to the City of Light when they were attacked and he was killed. Murphy offers Emori some water and she tells them she can get them to the City of Light if they pull her cart. She thanks Murphy for the water. Emori tells him she was kicked out of her clan and Murphy tells her he is there because he killed two people and tried to kill two more. Emori removes the glove covering her left hand and shows her deformity. Murphy calls it "bad ass."


Emori threatens to kill Murphy

Later, Murphy is helping Emori with her cart when a rider appears, aiming a rocket launcher at them. Emori takes Murphy hostage and tells them to put all their supplies on the cart or they will all die. Jaha tries to convince them to work together but Emori tells them to back away from the cart and get on their knees. She whispers something into Murphy's ear before she knocks him out. When Murphy awakens, he tells them that Emori had told him the City of Light was due north before she knocked him out. Jaha tells the rest of the group they have a choice to make. They can either continue on with him and Murphy to the north or they can return to Camp Jaha. Half of them turn back.

In Bodyguard of Lies, Jaha is leading Murphy and four others through the Dead Zone as they search for the City of Light. Harris is telling cheesy bar jokes about Grounders, Reapers, Mountain Men, and Arkers when he suddenly explodes, knocking everyone off their feet. Another person in their group scrambles away in terror and she quickly blows up, too. Jaha realizes they've walked into the middle of an unmarked mine field. They have to wait for a sandstorm to clear while they sit in the middle of the mine field. Once the sand stops blowing, they see all of the footprints are gone. Jaha spots a glow from the sunlight reflecting off something in the distance and they believe they are getting closer to the City of Light. Jaha slowly makes his way through the minefield using his cane to detect the mines. Murphy, Craig, and Richards follow behind in Jaha's footsteps as they slowly inch their way closer to the presumed City of Light. Richards gets impatient and takes off running toward it before Jaha tackles him inches away from stepping on another landmine, saving his life.

When they finally make it to the end of the minefield, they spot the sign warning of said mine field on the other end. They begin climbing the sand dunes, trying to get to the City of Light only to discover it is a giant solar panel farm. Murphy is disgusted that there is nothing there but Jaha refuses to believe that is it. Jaha contemplates why all of the solar panels are still fine when the rest of the world is broken. Murphy says he can fix that as he throws a rock at one of the solar panels, breaking some glass. A drone suddenly flies out and pauses in front of them before taking off across the shore of a sea where a boat is conveniently waiting for them. Jaha tells them they are going to follow the drone and all four of them get in the boat and start rowing after the drone.

In Blood Must Have Blood (Part 2), Jaha, Murphy, Craig, and Richards are rowing across a sea in search of the City of Light. Craig stops rowing in frustration that they're not even sure where they're going. Richards suddenly spots land in the distance and they cheer. Their boat is suddenly knocked by something beneath the water, tossing Richards into the water. As Murphy tries to help him, a creature grabs Richards and drags him underneath the water, injuring Murphy in the process. Craig starts to freak out as Jaha yells at him to row. Murphy tells Jaha he can row just as Jaha tosses Craig into the water to the sea creature and the sea creature swallows him whole. Jaha tells Murphy he did it because Murphy can row.

Jaha and Murphy have finally reached the shore. Jaha offers Murphy help and Murphy tells him he doesn't want anything from him because of what Jaha did to Craig. Murphy tells him he's a survivor and is done following Jaha. A drone appears and Murphy tells Jaha to go chase the drone. Jaha promises to come back for Murphy before taking off after the drone. Murphy awakens the next morning to see a lighthouse. He walks up to it and uncovers a solar panel causing music starts playing within the lighthouse and Murphy goes to investigate, finding his way inside what appears to be a fully stocked bunker. He helps himself to some MREs and liquor, enjoying his "promised land." He finds a TV and pushes play. A home movie shot on 5/10/2052 in the same bunker appears onscreen. Murphy watches as the man explains how he lost control and how "she" got the launch codes. He apologizes before shooting himself dead.

In Wanheda (Part 1), The bunker that Murphy had previously found in the City of Light becomes a prison when the doors lock. He tries opening the doors through many different methods, including ramming heavy objects into them but they remain sealed. He watches numerous A.L.I.E. videos and dumps alcohol on his head as his mental health starts to deteriorate. On day 86, when he's on his last box of food, he makes a video to Jaha in which he remarks that if Jaha sees the video, it means he's not dead. He then screams "Screw you!" at the top of his lungs before dropping the camera. He holds the gun he had found on the floor previously to his throat, preparing to shoot but decides not to go through with it.

Eventually, the bunker doors are reopened and Murphy exits the bunker. When he is outside he sees A.L.I.E.'s mansion in the distance and runs to it. Once inside the mansion, Jaha welcomes him. Murphy angrily swings a punch at Jaha but is too weak and misses, and then falls to the ground. Jaha carries him away. Murphy wakes up in a chair and he's freshly groomed with a new set of clothes to wear. There is an apple and glass of water sitting on the small table in front of him. He drinks the water and then gets up, and notices Jaha kneeling and meditating. Murphy tries to speak to him but A.L.I.E. appears and tells him that Jaha is in the "City of Light" and can't hear him. Jaha quickly awakens and gets into an argument with Murphy. Murphy tries to make Jaha understand that A.L.I.E. was the one who ended the world and throws his apple at her in frustration, however, since she is a hologram the apple just passes through her. Murphy ends up leaving the two alone.

At night, Murphy stands near a boat, just like the one he came to shore on three months ago. Jaha tries talking to Murphy and offers him the small stone-like object he held while meditating. Jaha says the object will take him to the "City of Light" but Murphy declines his offer. Jaha then says that in the City of Light, there is no hate, pain, or envy, to which Murphy retorts that they are the ABC's of him. Emori pulls up in a boat and docks it. The two seem happy to see each other. Jaha sees this and asks Murphy if he has changed his mind, and he says that he might. Murphy climbs aboard Emori's boat, asking her who she stole it from.

In Wanheda (Part 2), Murphy calls out to Jaha, breaking through his mind journey to the City of Light and he opens his eyes, seated at the front of the boat that has arrived on-shore. Emori tries to unload the case containing A.L.I.E. and Gideon grabs it from her, taking it with him off the boat. Emori tells them they're going around the Dead Zone this time as they start walking.

Emori's brother, Otan, asks Jaha if he has really been to the City of Light. Jaha takes Otan off on a walk while Gideon sits and thinks his way into the City of Light. Emori tells Murphy that she and her brother were recruited by a female who comes to them in drones. They collect technology for her and bring it to Gideon on the island. Emori decides to go after the case while Gideon is sitting there in oblivion while he visits the City of Light. She tells Murphy they have other buyers and as she is about to take it, Gideon catches her and holds her by the throat. Murphy tries to get Gideon to put Emori down but no matter what he does, Gideon is unmoved, saying, "there is no pain in the City of Light." Emori stabs him in the neck, killing him. She grabs the case and takes off back to the boat. Murphy follows after.

Emori and Murphy are at the boat, waiting for Otan to arrive. Murphy tries to open the case and Emori tells him she will split whatever is in there with him. Murphy comments how all she had to do was kill a guy and she thanks him for saving her life, kissing him on the cheek. She pries open the case with her knife, revealing technology with the infinity symbol, which is the same logo stamped on the chip Jaha gave to Murphy. Murphy realizes the case is housing A.L.I.E. and Jaha had brought her with them. Otan shows up and demands the case from Murphy, taking Emori hostage. Jaha arrives as Emori asks what is going on. Murphy says that Otan "ate the damned chip" that Jaha gave him and threatens to drop the case into the water unless they let Emori go. Jaha starts proselytizing about the City of Light to Murphy and Murphy goes to drop the case in the water. Jaha and Otan give up and release Emori. Murphy throws the case far from them and into the water, leaving them running after it while he and Emori take off in the boat.

In Hakeldama, Murphy is seen apparently badly wounded lying in the forest. A traveling merchant notices Murphy and proceeds to loot his body but he is stopped and knocked out by Emori. Murphy then reveals that he is perfectly fine and that his playing dead was just a ploy for him and Emori to prey on passers-by. The pair proceeds to steal from the merchant's cart and exchange a kiss showing that they have now entered into a romantic relationship.

Later, back at the duo's cave hideout, Emori tells Murphy that she wants to go find her brother. Murphy is reluctant to put themselves in danger and tells Emori that; "It's not a survivor's move". Emori is angry at this and responds that she will go find her brother herself.

As Murphy is preparing for another looting act by smearing a dead animal's blood on his face, Emori reappears and says that she will try to convince him to go with her to get back Otan. Just then they hear people approaching and Murphy foolishly takes his position on the trade route without first scouting out who the people are. Unfortunately, it turns out to be a small group of warriors who had been patrolling the woods looking for the thieves and they quickly apprehend the careless Murphy. At first, it seems that the patrol might kill Murphy there and then after he refuses to tell them where his partner is but one of the grounders discovers the infinity token that Jaha gave him in his pack, saying it is the sacred symbol and they decide to keep him alive for questioning. As Murphy is led away by the Coalition troops Emori watches helplessly from the woods.

Personality Edit

Murphy seems uptight but is a strong person who gets into fights quickly. He tends to try and use force rather than thinking something all the way through. On several occasions others have had to hold Murphy back, suggesting that he has a quick temper. He appears to follow Bellamy Blake's orders, but defies Bellamy when he thinks he can get away with it. Murphy holds a grudge for a long time. He often displays aggressive behavior throughout the series, later on for more reasonable reasons despite remaining easily irritable.

Despite his violence, Murphy states he had a good childhood, until the death of his father. He is shown to have a kinder side, caring for the delinquents when they fall sick with hemorrhagic fever and helping Raven when she was on her near deathbed, saying it is because he does not want to be alone when he himself dies.

Throughout Season Two, Murphy goes through a significant personality change. He actively tries to contribute to the rescuing of Clarke and the others and saves Bellamy's life when he climbed down the cliff to rescue Mel. Eventually, he is able to re-earn Bellamy's trust and is given a gun and permission to go alone with Finn in search of Clarke and the other missing delinquents. During Finn's massacre; Murphy yells at Finn to stop over and over again, showing that he did not think what Finn was doing was right. Sickened of feeling as if he does not fit in with the rest of the Ark survivors, he agrees to travel to the City of Light with Jaha. When they encounter Emori in the Dead Zone, he offers her some of his water. He also tells her that her mutated hand looks "badass" instead of insulting her, displaying a more sympathetic and empathetic nature. Later, when Jaha sacrifices Craig, another Sky Person to save himself and Murphy. Murphy is shocked and sickened by Jaha's actions and tells Jaha to leave him behind.

In Season Four, Murphy's personality changes a lot. He is still a bit aggressive but shows a softer side. Murphy steals medicine for Adria when Raven refuses to give it, just like his father did for him on the Ark. He feels guilty for shooting Raven's leg and her resulting disability. He apologizes to her and tries to make amends. While Murphy remains a survivalist, he now loves Emori. He will do whatever is necessary for him and Emori to survive together.

In Season Five, Murphy has been kicked out by Emori for not helping the others return to the ground, appearing to have reverted back to his old ways.  After having an argument with Monty in which he is called "useless," Murphy volunteers to stay with Raven on Eligius IV, only to later learn there is no way off the ship and back to the ground, leaving him stranded, and clearly angry.

Physical Appearance Edit

Murphy is of slim build and medium height, with brown hair that hangs just above his ears, dark blue eyes, and a prominent nose.

In Season 5, after a six year jump, Murphy's hair was cut short and spiked up. Like Bellamy, Murphy also has a jawline beard.

Relationships Edit

Bellamy Blake Edit

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"We hanged him. We banished him. And now we're gonna kill him. Get the hell out of my way."
- Bellamy to Finn about Murphy[src]

In spite of Murphy's abrasive personality, Bellamy befriends him soon after they arrive on Earth. Although Murphy seems keen on doing as he pleases, he holds a certain respect towards Bellamy and briefly takes a right-hand-man kind of stance around him. Their relationship sours, however, when Murphy is falsely accused of killing Wells; the fallout eventually results in Charlotte's death and Murphy's banishment from the group. When he returns, Bellamy is reluctant to let him stay, but ultimately gives him a second chance. Murphy, however, betrays him and tries to kill him, causing their relationship to be even more strained.

When Bellamy encounters Murphy again after Murphy tried to hang him, Bellamy begins beating Murphy up but is stopped by Marcus Kane. They are both arrested and locked in the stockade together at Camp Jaha. Bellamy gives Murphy another chance when he takes Murphy with him to hunt for the missing Delinquents and Murphy proves himself to Bellamy and saves his life at one point. Bellamy appears to trust him once again, so much that he even gave him a gun. Bellamy even goes so far as to protect Murphy when Raven wants to exchange his life with Finn's for the Tondc massacre.

Jaha Edit

"You want to stop being treated like a criminal, you have to stop thinking that that's all you are. Take this leap of faith with me, John Murphy, and let me show you there's so much more for you than this."
- Thelonious Jaha[src]

John initially had hated Thelonious since he lived on The Ark as he was the one who floated his father for stealing medicine for him. His hatred for him was projected onto Thelonious's son, Wells, whom he hated just for being his son. When they finally interact in Survival of the Fittest, Murphy is hesitant to speak with him.

Eventually, when Jaha asks him to go to the City of Light with him. Murphy thinks little of it but feels out of place at Camp Jaha so he travels with him in search of it. While on the journey they become closer until Jaha throws out a member of the group in order to save himself. Murphy eventually tells Jaha to leave him behind and they are separated in the Second Season finale.

Raven Reyes Edit

"I don't want to die alone."
- Murphy, after Raven asks him why he is helping her[src]

Murphy shot Raven at the end of Season One, resulting in her inability to ever walk properly again. In the first episode of Season Two, he tells Raven his tragic back-story after she asks him how a kid that claims to be loved by his parents became a psychopath. He helps her when she starts coughing up blood and when she asks why he tells her that he doesn't want to die alone.

Murphy shows Raven genuine kindness, remorse, and heartache. In Spacewalker, Raven asks Murphy to help her protect Finn from the Grounders and he happily complies. She betrays Murphy, however, by offering to give him up in Finn's place knowing full-well what kind of torture he will experience. Murphy calls her a "sick bitch" and tells her to go to hell.

Finn Collins Edit

"Finn, don't do this. Let's walk out of here while we still can, ok? Finn, please."
- Murphy begging Finn not to shoot the Grounders[src]

Although they did not interact much initially, Finn and Murphy were thrown together in Inclement Weather when Bellamy brought Murphy along with them to track down Clarke and the rest of the missing Delinquents. When Finn was going to execute Grounders in Human Trials, Murphy tried to get him to stop and leave. When he failed to get Finn to stop, he was shocked by what Finn did. Later, when they were trying to help Finn escape and Raven wanted to give up Murphy instead, Finn stepped in and refused to allow Raven to do so. Murphy agrees to help defend the dropship with them.

Wells Jaha Edit

"Look at this, everybody: the Chancellor of Earth!"
- Murphy, regarding Wells being on Earth, sarcastically.[src]

Murphy and Wells dislike one another. In Pilot, Murphy and John Mbege attack Wells after rudely speaking about his father. Finn saves Wells and later that night Murphy, Bellamy, and Mbege remove Wells' wristband forcefully. In Murphy's Law, Murphy is accused of murdering Wells and as a result is beaten and hanged.

Emori Edit

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"Thank you for saving my life."
- Emori to Murphy[src]

While traveling in the Dead Zone, Jaha's group is surprised by Emori who jumps out at them. After calming, Jaha says to give her water, Murphy is the first to get some out. Caspian tries to stop him but Murphy threatens him and hands over the water. After giving her name, Emori gives the water can back saying thanks to Murphy who says it's no problem and smiles a little as she walks away. As they walk, Murphy and Emori share their stories and neither is scared or repulsed at the other. Emori's hand is disfigured which Murphy says is "badass". They both smile as she walks away. Later she pulls a knife on him to force the group to surrender, as she puts him on his knees, she whispers something in his ear and says "Good luck, John" (using his first name, the first person to do it beside Jaha) then knocks him out. As he wakes up, Murphy tells Jaha that Emori said "Due North" and heads that way against Caspian's objections.

In Season Three, once Murphy is released from his 3-month containment, he goes to the beach where he is reunited with Emori who looks delighted to see him. They both follow Jaha through his journey. During their trip, they flirt a lot. Later, after Murphy helps to save her, Emori kisses his cheek and thanks him. When Jaha's man has Emori by the throat, Murphy threatens to "drown the bitch in the red dress" if he does not release her so the man releases her. Murphy and Emori escape on the boat. Later, they are seen doing a tag-team robbery where they flirt again and this time Emori kisses him on the lips.

Ontari Edit

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"Stop talking, worm."
- Ontari to Murphy[src]

Ontari and Murphy have a complicated sexual and abusive relationship. Upon meeting for the first time, Ontari verbally and physically abuses Murphy. Despite the abuse, they both flirt with each other. Ontari doesn't mind being naked in front of Murphy and Murphy doesn't bother to look away. In Fallen, Murphy proposes to be Ontari's "fake flamekeeper" to her "fake commander". Reluctant at first, Ontari accepts his advice. Later that episode, Ontari chains Murphy while she undresses in front of him. She then proposes for them to have sex to which Murphy refuses, telling her about Emori. Ontari asks him if Emori would kill him for cheating on her and threatens his life. Murphy ends up giving in while murmuring: "The things I do to survive".


Season One
Episode Appearance Status
Pilot Appears
Earth Skills Appears
Earth Kills Appears
Murphy's Law Appears
Twilight's Last Gleaming Mentioned
His Sister's Keeper Absent
Contents Under Pressure Absent
Day Trip Absent
Unity Day Absent
I Am Become Death Appears
The Calm Appears
We Are Grounders (Part 1) Appears
We Are Grounders (Part 2) Appears
Season Two
Episode Appearance Status
The 48 Appears
Inclement Weather Appears
Reapercussions Appears
Many Happy Returns Appears
Human Trials Appears
Fog of War Appears
Long Into an Abyss Absent
Spacewalker Appears
Remember Me Absent
Survival of the Fittest Appears
Coup de Grâce Absent
Rubicon Appears
Resurrection Absent
Bodyguard of Lies Appears
Blood Must Have Blood (Part 1) Absent
Blood Must Have Blood (Part 2) Appears
Season Three
Episode Appearance Status
Wanheda (Part 1)Appears
Wanheda (Part 2)Appears
Ye Who Enter HereCredit Only
Watch the ThronesCredit Only
Bitter HarvestAppears
Terms and ConditionsCredit Only
Stealing FireAppears
NevermoreCredit Only
Join or DieAppears
Red Sky at MorningAppears
Perverse Instantiation (Part 1)Appears
Perverse Instantiation (Part 2)Appears
Season Four
Episode Appearance Status
Heavy Lies the CrownCredit Only
The Four HorsemenAppears
A Lie GuardedAppears
The Tinder BoxCredit Only
We Will RiseAppears
Gimme ShelterAppears
God ComplexAppears
Die All, Die MerrilyCredit Only
The Other SideAppears
The ChosenAppears
Season Five
Episode Appearance Status
Red QueenCredit Only
Sleeping GiantsAppears
Pandora's BoxAppears
Shifting SandsAppears
Exit WoundsAppears
Acceptable LossesMentioned
How We Get to PeaceAppears
Sic Semper TyrannisAppears
The Warriors WillCredit Only
The Dark YearAbsent
Damocles (Part 1)Absent
Damocles (Part 2)Absent

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  • John Murphy may be descended from The Grounder Karl Murphy.
  • John Murphy is the third of sky people to have a sentimental relationship with a Grounder
  • His full name is Jonathan Murphy.[1]
  • Murphy was originally called "John #1" to differentiate him from "John #2" (John Mbege).[2] Murphy and Mbege share the same initials.
  • John lost both of his parents after he caught the flu. His father attempted to steal medicine for him but unknowingly stole the wrong type. Afterwards, John watched his father get floated for the theft. His mother developed a drinking habit, and John found her dead in her own vomit.[3][4]
    • Richard Harmon thinks that Murphy's father died when he was 10 years old, his mother died 1-2 years later, and he got arrested at 13.[5]
  • Murphy publicly announced his hated of Wells Jaha and his father. When Wells was murdered, he was accused and hung.[6]
  • He shot Raven Reyes, causing her nerve damage to her right leg. Despite this, Raven did not tell Abby Griffin that Murphy shot her. Instead, claiming it was someone else.[7]
  • Murphy is the only living member of the 100 who has never been inside Mount Weather.[8]
  • Murphy wanted to kill himself in "Wanheda (Part 1)" but could not get himself to fire the gun.
  • He is smarter than he lets on – he survived several attempts on his life and found out the details of the AI before anyone else. He knows how to survive: he teamed up with Finn,[9][10][11] complimented Ontari's actions as "smart", and kept Ontari's secret in order to keep his life.[12][13][14]
  • Murphy has similar traits to Roger from Lord of the Flies. They embrace the anarchism and lack of authority, most violent members of the group, sadistic, and were originally friendly with the leaders.
  • The actor who plays John Murphy, Richard Harmon is brother to Jessica Harmon who plays Niylah.

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