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Clarke: Previously on "The 100"...

Raven: Based on the new data, I'd say we have two months of survivability.

Clarke: How many of us will the ship sustain?

Raven: No more than a hundred. We just have to decide who gets to live here.

Clarke: Arkadia is just Plan "B." It doesn't help the Grounders. I'm not stopping until we have a solution that saves everyone.

Bellamy: If I'm on that list, you're on that list. Write it down, or I will.

Clarke: Bellamy, I can't.

Bellamy: Now we put it away and hope we never have to use it.

Clarke: Nyko, what happened to them?

Nyko: Sickness.

Raven: We didn't treat her.

Abby: Her body's rejecting the radiation on its own. There's only one variable that separates Luna from the others.

Clarke: Nightblood.

(Arkadia. Jaha is lying on a raft.)

Jasper: Ha! He's awake! Hey, Jaha, it looks like you got floated.

Clarke: So Jaha says we need police here and here.

[Hooting and applause]

Jaha: Heh. Keeping yourself busy, Mr. Jordan.

Jasper: Oh, I'm living it up, every last day.

Jaha: Do I want to know how you managed to do this without waking me up?

Jasper: Oh, probably not, but the effects are harmless, I promise, kind of.

Clarke: All right. We've had our fun. Let's get back to work.

(Monty approaches Clarke.)

Monty: What's with the "we're all gonna die" face? I mean...

Clarke: I know what you mean. Bellamy should be back by now.

Monty: Hunting parties go radio-silent. It's nothing new. What else?

Clarke: I just feel useless. I'm stuck here in case anyone needs a cut bandaged, supervising the backup plan when I should be going to the island to make Nightblood.

Monty: Clarke, you're not a geneticist.

Clarke: Neither is my mom.

Monty: Yeah. Well, they have Raven. Genetic code, computer code. They'll figure it out.

Clarke: Monty, I'm serious.

Monty: So am I. If Jaha's right and Becca created Nightblood there, they'll find her records, and all they have to do is reverse-engineer it from Luna. Everyone lives.

Clarke: If they can get it done before the radiation gets here.

Monty: I guess we better finish the ship. Riley, how's it coming?

Riley: We're on schedule here. We should have the radiation patch up before dark.

Monty: See? One less thing to worry about.

(Thunder is heard overhead and rain begins falling.)

Harper: Black rain.

Clarke: All right. Everyone inside, just like we practiced. Go.

Man: Black rain! Sound the alarm! This is not a drill!

(The alarm is sounded.)

Man: Move, move, move!

(The Arkadians run into the ship.)

Monty: Jasper! Come on!

Clarke: Jasper, what are you doing?

Jasper: Can't live your life in fear.

Clarke: Run!

(The rain begins falling and Jasper sticks out his tongue to catch it.)

Harper: Monty, you can't. You can't.

Monty: Jasper! Let me go. No!

(Jasper fake gags.)

Harper: Clarke, what do we do?

Jasper: The sky is... falling. The sky is falling. Whoo!

Clarke: What is wrong with you?

Jasper: It's just rain, not radioactive ash.

Monty: Dude, not cool.

Jasper: Come on. It's a joke. Don't be like that, guys. Guys! When did everyone around here lose their sense of humor?

(Opening credits.)

(Polis. Kane is radioing Abby who is on Emori's boat preparing to depart for Becca's Lab.)

Kane: Abby, if you're right, then Luna's the miracle we need. I wish I were with you.

Abby, on radio: Me, too, but you have to be there. Once we create this Nightblood serum, we're gonna have to distribute it very quickly, and we need peace for that.

Kane: I have to go. Stay safe, Abby. Be in touch when you find the lab.

Abby: I will. You stay safe, too.

(On the boat, Abby holds the radio to her heart.)

(Octavia enters.)

Kane: Have a seat.

Octavia: What did I do now?

(She takes the seat across from Kane.)

Kane: Rumors of the Flame's destruction are spreading. People on the street openly call for the king's head. Your choices have consequences.

Octavia: Would you rather I killed Indra's daughter?

Kane: I'd rather you didn't kill.

Octavia: Our mission is to keep Roan on the throne, to buy time for the others to find a way to save us from the radiation. I'm doing that.

Kane: By decapitating an innocent boy.

Octavia: Everyone's guilty of something.

Kane: There's a darkness in you, Octavia. I know you're still mourning.

(Octavia stands up to leave.)

Kane: Sit down.

(Octavia sits back down.)

Kane: You didn't have to kill that boy. You didn't have to kill Ambassador Rafel. You didn't have to kill Pike.

Octavia: Pike got what he deserved.

Kane: Justice and vengeance are not the same thing.

Octavia: To me, they are.

Kane: Your decision-making has grown increasingly questionable, and I can't have my people going rogue.

Octavia: "Rogue." I'm a warrior.

Kane: No. A warrior knows when not to kill. Lincoln taught you that. You seem to have forgotten. You're right that we have a job to do here, and right now, you're making it more difficult.

Grounder: Chancellor Kane, the king would like to see you.

Kane: You're no longer part of my security detail. I had Helios saddled for you. The ride home will do you good.

Octavia: I'm not going anywhere before I talk to Indra.

Kane: Suit yourself. She'll be here soon enough. After you.

(Abby, Jackson, Murphy, Emori, Raven, Miller, Nyko, and Luna arrive on ALIE's Island.)

Murphy: Where are the boats?

Emori: Without A.L.I.E., there's no reason to be here.

Abby: According to Thelonious' map, the lab is in the middle of the island, 5 miles straight ahead.

Jackson: You ok for that hike?

Raven: Try to keep up with me.

Murphy: Never thought I'd be here again.

Raven: Ah, you shouldn't have come. You're not fooling anyone, Murphy. You're still a dick.

Nyko: You're doing the right things.

Luna: They didn't give me a choice.

Nyko: These are good people, Luna. I trust them. And you trust me.

Miller: Luna, Nyko, time to move.

Luna: They think my blood will save them, Nyko.

Nyko: Save all of us.

Luna: What do you think would happen if I said they couldn't have it?

Miller: I said, let's go.

(The group reaches a line on the island.)

Abby: What's wrong?

Emori: A.L.I.E.'s rules... no frikdreina past this line. I've never crossed it.

Jackson: Frikdreina?

Emori: Mutants.

Murphy: I never met a line I wouldn't cross.

(Murphy steps over the line and offers his hand to Emori. She takes it and crosses the line.)

Abby: All right, everyone. Let's go. We have a long walk ahead of us.

Guard: Let's move. No time.

Miller: What is that?

Murphy: Drone?

Emori: We should run.

Raven: Why? What's the penalty for crossing the line?

(The drone begins shooting at them killing a guard.)

All: Run! Run!

Murphy: I thought you said A.L.I.E. was down.

Raven: She is. It's probably automated.


Raven: I can't keep up. I got you. Cover Luna. Cover Luna!

Murphy: Get down. Emori, are you ok?

Nyko: Luna, watch it.

(Nyko defends Luna from the bullets but is shot and killed.)

Abby: Nyko, no!

Jackson: You can't help him.

Abby: Nyko. Nyko!

Jackson: It's too late.

Luna: No. Nyko.

Miller: Luna, take cover!

Luna: Nyko. No! No!

(Miller shoots the drone out of the sky.)

Murphy: Well, that took you 10 shots. A.L.I.E.'s got dozens of drones. Who do you think's gonna run out of bullets first, huh?

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