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3. Sezon bitti

Bir sezon finali bu kadar mu mükemmel olur. Lexa'yı görünce gözlerim doldu. A.L.I.E. silindi ya sonunda ona da çok sevindim sinir oluyordum.

4. Sezonda umarım bol Clexa görürüz. Clarke gıcık oluyodum azıcık artık en sevdiğim karakterlerden biri oldu.

Herkesin dönmesine çok sevindim. Neyse, 4. Sezonu heyecanla izlicem.

"Way we meet again.."
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I want to know what happend to wivk he dissapers after season 2 u hear abby metion him to raven 1 time in season 3 and thats it
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Who would Bellamy save? Clarke or Octavia

Who do you think Bellamy would save if both Clarke and Octavia were about to die and only one of their lives could be spared?
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Maya ölmeden önceki Jasper’ı delilerce özleyen tek ben olamam de mi?
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How should The 100 end?

  • Season 6
  • 100 Episodes (Season 7)
  • 100 Episodes (Season 7) and a Spin-Off/Prequel
  • More Than 100 Episodes
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Someone put on the "Two Sun Planet," page in the notes section, that the planet has three sons. This is incorrect, as the planet is located in a "Binary Star System."
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Has anyone heard the theory that Kane could be octavias and bellamys farther?

I read that somewhere like we never met the Blake’s father and only met the mother of Kane???

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Blarke or Becho???
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Who would you like to bring back on season 6 ?

And also write why that character. I'm curious :)
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I think we can all agree they have all grown so much since the pilot. Ups and downs. Finding out who they are this world. Relationships. Heartbreaks. They’ve been through it all. Can’t wait to see what this next season has in store! I’m hoping for some Monty & Harper flashbacks.

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Dizi gittikçe mükemmelleşiyor. Best dizim oldu.

Bellamy aşkm 😍
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Just made this. What do you think? Any suggestions for font and color as well?
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Oh my god! I'm so exicited to watch it on the tvshow. There's more than one photo, but the app can't put more, okay! Follow me on Instagram and see the other photos. @city_ofclarke
PS: I want to watch Clarke and Bell, not Echo with the wall (cuz Echo doesn't will be with Bell)! Hahahah
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Monty Green & Jasper Jordan

Such an underrated friendship! I feel like on a friendship level they were soulmates. Miss them so much! May we meet again..

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Two-Sun planet

I know at the end of the season five Monty finds a new planet with two sun. For me I'm calling the new planet Earth 2 I know that everyone killed the first Earth so lets hope that everyone can be nice with everyone . I can't wait to see what is waiting them on the new planet more people with animals or aliens
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